What's On Good Game TV Tonight?

The new season of Good Game continues tonight with episode number two. Let's hear from Hex about what you can expect to see later this evening.

Or earlier, if you watch it online.

Take it away, Hex:

Games! We review them!

* Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? This episode of Good Game looks at Dante’s Inferno, a grotesque action-adventure that sends you deep into the bowels of Hell – to hack your way through hordes of demons (with plenty of puzzles mixed in) that will leave you with a serious case of déjà vu.

* Can you fail at brushing your teeth? You can in Heavy Rain. We check out this thoroughly adult, interactive movie-like epic in a quest to hunt down the ‘Origami Killer’.

We also take a look at the history of the PC gaming configuration staple – WASD - in Backwards Compatible...

Plus Good Game visits Game Jam Sydney, where a group of budding game devs are sent into lockdown at the Powerhouse Museum to create a game in less than 48 hours. Crazy.

Catch Good Game Monday nights on ABC2 @ 8:30pm – and now also Good Game: Spawn Point (especially for younger gamers) on Saturday nights on ABC3 @ 7:25pm.

Watch any episode at www.abc.net.au/goodgame or if you miss them, watch higher quality versions on ABC’s iView service.

Enjoy the show!


    Damn it, I need a set top box. :(

      We got ours 2 eyars ago for $30. Seriosuly, get one, it's worth it!!

      you can watch it on the good game ABC site

      just type Good Game into google

        Or follow the link in the post.

      Just watch them on the interwebs.

      well if your a gamer you must have a console, so get a PlayTV for your PS3 awesome!

      If you can't watch Good Game, don't have a set top box or PlayTV, why can't you just go through the ABC channel on the PS3?

    "Games! We review them!"

    Why wasn't I notified of this?

    I hope they really delve back in time with the history of WASD. One of the very first games to use a non-arrow key setup for movement was Ultima Underworld in '92/'93 I believe, followed by System Shock in '94. Outlaws, the Lucasarts FPS, had true WASD as default in '97.

    The old WASD config
    I remember when I fist encountered it and I thought they were crazy. Imagine using those keys when you have actual arrow keys just the other side of the board I thought??

    I also said the Internet was stupid and especially Internet gaming would never take off??

      That and the Earth was flat...?

      Haha, no I remember being confused by it at first, now whenever I sit at a keyboard the fingers on my left hand just automatically gravitate to WASD regardless of whether I'm playing a game or not... it was the same with dual analogue FPS controls as well, now nothing feels more natural.

    Also available as a video podcast on iTunes :)

    Can YOU read between the lines?

    Movin' right along in search of good times and good news,
    With good friends, you can't lose,
    This could become a habit.
    Opportunity knocked once, let's reach out and grab it,
    Together we'll nab it.
    We'll hitch-hike, bus, or yellow cab it.

    Movin' right along, foot-loose and fancy free.
    Gettin' there is half the fun; come share it with me.
    Movin' right along (doog-a-doon, doog-a-doon)
    We'll learn to share the load.
    We don't need a map to keep this show on the road.

    Movin' right along we found a life on the highway,
    And your way is my way, so trust my navigation.
    California here we come, that pie-in-the-sky land.
    Palm trees and warm sand, though sadly we just left Rhode Island.

    Movin' right along, hey, L.A., where've you gone?
    Send someone to fetch us, we're in Saskatchewan.
    Movin' right along (doog-a-doon, doog-a-doon)
    You take it, you know best.
    Hey, I've never seen the sun come up in the West.

    Movin' right along, we're truly birds of a feather,
    We're in this together, and you know where you're goin'.
    Movie stars with flashy cars and life with the top down.
    We're stormin' the big town.
    Yeah! Storm is right, should it be snowin'?

    Movin' right along, do I see signs of men?
    Yeah, "welcome" on the same post that says "come back again."
    Movin' right along, foot-loose and fancy free.
    You're ready for the big time, is it ready for me?

    Movin' right along
    Movin' right along

    Mmmhm, I resent Hex as much as the rest of humanity, but I like the fact that the show seems like it's for a more adult audience now... they showed the nipples that shit babies, the dude in the showers' ass (I reckon they would have put in his schlong, but that would be hard to do in a video game), and the boobs. I thought Spawn Point was just a grab for more ratings, but I can kind of see it improving the late night version... not because I like nipple-babies... but because they can talk a bit more candidly about mature rated games when they're not catering for kids as well.

      how could anyone resent hex she is flawless

        Hmmmm, I think it's a mixture of the vacant face and the way she talks just like she's reading from a cue card. Oh, and the fact that she stole the job from someone who actually knew things about games, and now the show feels like it's made more cool in a channel 7 kind of way... yeah, no, you're right, it's pretty difficult to resent her...

    Hrmm. To download, or iView it. I think the show is a bit of a keeper, otherwise free on iView is good ;)

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