What's The Difference Between These PS3 And Wii Game Screens?

It may not be as obvious as you'd think. Capcom is releasing Sengoku Basara 3 (Devil Kings in the West) on the Wii and the PS3 this summer in Japan. The game map screens for both platforms look identical.

This is not a dig at the PS3's graphic capabilities - not in the least. The PS3 has more horsepower than the Nintendo Wii. Rather, this perhaps shows for better or worse how dedicated Capcom is to giving all gamers the same experience. Don't expect the in-game graphics to look exactly the same, however.

Click through the gallery below to see which is which. Can't tell? Look at the buttons near the bottom of each map screen. The "X" and the "O" indicate the PS3 version, while the "A" and the "B" indicate the Wii version.

カプコン、PS3/Wii「戦国BASARA3」。英雄たちの物語を追体験できる「戦国ドラマ絵巻」 [Game Watch via はちま起稿]


    Perhaps they got Square Enix to do their screenshots?

    There's a really easy to see if they are exact clones without using software. Line up to two images side-by-side and go cross-eyed until they overlap. You'll immediately spot even the slightest differences (it's a handy technique for spot-the-differences newspaper puzzles). In the case above, the entire bar showing the controls is the only difference.

    To be fair, the choice of screenshot isn't exactly divisive. The images could be entirely sprite based (not a great test of horsepower) and at this size the resolution doesn't figure.

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