What's The Last Thing A Splicer Sees?


    they ruined the little sister as everyone else does :C

    Sure, take some photos in an aquarium... but at least get someone the right age to dress up as the little sister.

    I don't know what it is with adults wanting to dress up as children, but it's just wrong. It's creepy, yeah, but not cute innocent childlike creepy, more like Buffalo Bill creepy.

    Bottom left corner...

      ... Bottom left corner - now that's creepy...

      thats scarier than anything in bioshock!

    Little Sister is not little D:

    Lol crazy asian splicer at the bottom.


    Brilliant, I love it!

    As for those insisting that it should be a little girl: Sure it would be more authentic but that doesn't in any way detract from this shot. Your insistence that it MUST be a little girl to be any good is a tad creepy.

    Hahahaha oh cosplay can come off so pathetically.

    However, the old lady splicer in the background is fantastic.

    Nicholas: it doesn't have to be a child, atleast someone who fits the right height range + and someone who actually looks young enough to be one
    I've yet to see a little sister done correctly

      While I admit it would look better as a child/someone who looks young enough, those who would look young enough are rare, and how many 10-12 yr old girls do you know that play bioshock? The answer SHOULD be none

        i've seen a man who's gotten his daughter to dress up as a little sister and adult women who look young are not that rare really.

        umm.........im 12......................and im OBSESSED with the game....................its my favorite game of all time

    Little sisters love their job!
    Would love to see more of a smile

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