WIN! Aliens Vs Predator Hunter Edition On PS3

Our week-long Aliens Vs Predator giveaway continues today with the PS3 Hunter Edition up for grabs. And we find out who won yesterday's PC draw.

UPDATE: Friday's draw is now closed.

Thanks to Sega we have SIX copies of Aliens Vs Predator, the new first-person shooter from Rebellion launching today, to give away. From now until the weekend we'll be giving away one copy per day across PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

They're not just any old copies though, they're the Hunter Edition. That's the very limited edition that includes: * The game * Steelbook case * Four bonus multiplayer maps * A replica mouldable facehugger * A Weyland sleeve badge * A 3D lenticular card

That's right, I said replica mouldable facehugger.

To enter today's draw for the PS3 edition you're going to have to write an Aliens Vs Predator themed haiku. Just make sure it’s three lines of five, seven and five syllables.

You've got until midnight tonight to leave your haiku in the comments below. No multiple entries are allowed. However, you may of course enter tomorrow's draw.

And the winner of Thursday's PC draw is Dean Henderson and his insight into the mundane aspect of a space marine's existence:

There once was a marine who was filled with gloom. "Hey" I asked. "Are you that space guy from Doom?" "For christs sake no I'm not. I get that question quite a lot." He then left whilst pushing his broom.

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    Scurry from my egg
    Sensing, Searching for my prey
    I will f**k your face


    Loader moves slowly
    Get away from her you bitch!
    Ripley you da shit

    The movies were crap
    Poor acting and story
    This game is the bomb.

      DAMN.... second line only has six syllables.... miscounted LOL

        Psst... did you read the comp rules?

        ""No multiple entries are allowed.""


    Entered on day last
    Quite amusing limmerick
    Annoyed that I lost


      Well i thought my Michael Bevan lookalike space marine that hit a predator for a six was quite funny :(

    Aliens attack
    Predator is on the hunt
    Marines in the shit

    Aliens sneaking,
    Invisible Predators.
    Truly, man is screwed.

    AvP just continues the time honoured tradiion of man in videogames sucking against other species.

    What do I want most...
    Ripley in her underwear?
    Or the Face-hugger?

    End of battle where
    Alien fights Predator
    How about a hug?

    Win a Facehugger
    Replica and Mouldable
    Me play with alot

    silent cloaked hunter
    it bleeds so we can kill it
    don't get in it's way

    Something about Dutch,
    Game Over Man, and mostly.
    Kotaku Haiku'ed!

    Predators wear heads
    Aliens burst out guts
    Humans will get raped

    Chilling in his chest
    waiting for the perfect time
    to wreck his hot date

    In the dark I wait.
    Outside Atkinson's estate.
    Wish for one debate.

      apparently u're more dangerous than bikies LOL

        If witty reply
        had been in form of haiku
        you should have won comp :)

    Chained, abused by all,
    Hunted for them to grow up,
    I just want children.

    Generic marine
    Fate already determined
    Onward without fear

    Face hug my heart strings
    And I will love you ‘til death
    I’m your Alien

    slicing heads from necks
    blowing holes in peoples chests
    shit wheres my net gun

    The Alien stalks,
    The Predator observes us,
    Ain't got time to bleed.

    I'm no ABBA fan but I might have been if they had sung songs inspired by Giger...

    you, alien queen
    old and sour you can't dance
    kill the tambourine

    Aliens are tramps,
    They impregnate everyone,
    You said you loved me.

    Kotaku is great
    The writers are super cute
    Now give me the prize

    How I laugh as I
    Set my explosives no one
    Will say I’m ugly

    Disc in PlayStation
    Meatbag alone in the dark
    Life imitates art

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