WIN! Aliens Vs Predator Hunter Edition On Xbox 360

Our week-long Aliens Vs Predator giveaway continues today with an Xbox 360 Hunter Edition up for grabs. And we find out who won yesterday's PS3 draw.

UPDATE: Wednesday's draw is now closed.

Thanks to Sega we have SIX copies of Aliens Vs Predator, the new first-person shooter from Rebellion launching tomorrow, to give away. From now until the weekend we'll be giving away one copy per day across PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

They're not just any old copies though, they're the Hunter Edition. That's the very limited edition that includes: * The game * Steelbook case * Four bonus multiplayer maps * A replica mouldable facehugger * A Weyland sleeve badge * A 3D lenticular card

That's right, I said replica mouldable facehugger.

To enter today's draw for the 360 edition you're going to have to write an Aliens Vs Predator themed haiku. Just make sure it's three lines of five, seven and five syllables.

You've got until midnight tonight to leave your haiku in the comments below. No multiple entries are allowed. However, you may of course enter tomorrow's draw.

And the winner of Tuesday's PS3 draw is YoWombat, whose limerick was suitably bawdy:

There once was a predator named Clyde Who couldn't make love to his bride He thought he could stop her But she got to the chopper A better ride than Clyde had supplied

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    Humans, Aliens.
    They are trophies for my pride.
    I am predator.

    The hunter species
    Have killed half of my crew. I'm
    mostly fucked. Mostly.

      I like this guys

        I laughed out loud to it, but It sort of breaks the rules of the Haiku I think.

    I will suck your life.
    I will stalk, stab, kill, destroy.
    Who would not cry, weep?

    Aliens, Sharp Tails
    Predators, Gnarly Faces
    Human has no hope

    Hunter look away
    Easy kill, but what's that sound?
    Five man conga line

    Humans... feed me.
    Perhaps I'll impregnate on your face.
    That will sure show you.

    You must birth for me there!
    Yes, to hear you whail!
    Behold, my double jaw.

    The rule for today:
    Feed on some, sex with some.
    New friend tomorrow.

    In deep space no sound
    chest burst somewhere
    will find new friend in morning.

    Grace personified.
    I cling to the walls,
    I am chamelion like that.

    Blur of motion, then --
    silence, you, lifeless.
    What is your point?

    The mighty hunter
    Returns with gifts of new friends --
    for my queen who lays eggs.

    You're always huinting.
    Well, let's see you survive
    your rebirth in me.

    My home is the darkness.
    You cannot see me if I
    can just hide my head.

    Terrible battle.
    I fought for hours. Come and see!
    What's a 'Predator?'

    Small brave carnivores
    Kill friend and eat our eggs,
    Fear our big queen

    I want to be close
    to you. Can I fit my mouthhead
    inside your skull?

    Wanna go outside.
    Strong predator outside!
    Let me back inside!

    Oh no! Big One
    has been trapped by predator!
    Alien to the rescue!

    Humans are so strange.
    Mine lies still in bed, then screams;
    My claws are not that sharp.

      ummm what?

    Dukes is right bout job.
    Pushing too many pencils,
    has made me a slob!

    Space. Silence. No Air.
    Acid. Blood. Claw Mangled Flesh.
    Death is drawing near.

    EDIT: Oops, messed his name up.

    Dutch is right bout job.
    Pushing too many pencils,
    has made me a slob!

    Hicks grabs his shotgun...
    "I like to keep this handy...
    For close encounters..."

    I hate aliens.
    Acidic ugly bastards.
    Predator is best.

    Predator, steel claws
    Alien, acid blood burns
    Marines, tough as nails

    Man it's dark in here
    Acid’s dripping from above
    Was that just a hiss

    Battle of species
    Alien vs Predator
    Marine is fucked

    High tech Predators
    prey on Aliens for sport,
    for trophies, for fun.

    Predator knows death.
    Constantly stalking its prey.
    None survive. Will you?

    Weyland Yutani
    Building Better worlds for the
    hunt. Game over man.

    Machine that goes *PING*
    Once made me laugh heartily
    Now bowels are voided

    Gonna crawl those walls,
    Polish some sweet skulls and spines,
    Marine? Gets eaten

    Flinching at shadows,
    which creature stalks my backside?
    Cursed red rings strike!

    Blips on the radar
    Reading multiple hostiles
    Time to change my pants

    you know what i fear?
    drawings hunting my friends down
    damn garry gigax

      i meant Gygax, sorry...

      Not that it matters i'm pretty sure "alien confucious" will win lol

        Pretty sure you mean HR Giger. He was the one who designed the original Alien and other parts of the films, as well working on Species, Poltergeist II, and a number of other films, as well as doing his own fantastically messed up art and artwork for a number of bands.

        Gary Gygax is the one who created Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Lejendary Adventure, and a number of releases for the d20 roleplaying system.

        Both brilliant men, just in very different ways. Sadly, the most drastic difference between them is that Gygax, unfortunately, died in 2008 at age 69.

    Run during the day
    They mostly come out at night
    And again, mostly

    Way to marine's heart,
    Alien Confucious say,
    Through chest cavity.

      ^ this for the win, thats awesome.

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