WIN! Bioshock 2 Game and Prize Pack (PS3)

WIN! Bioshock 2 Game and Prize Pack (PS3)

Bioshock 2 is out today. We can only guess at how many people “aren’t feeling well” today… All this week we have games and prize packs to giveaway. 2 x 360, 2 x PS3, 1 x PC. Playstation 3 owners, today it’s your turn.

Bioshock 2 places you back in the undersea dystopia of Rapture, 10 years after the events of the original game. Only this time you’re a Big Daddy. Actually, you’re THE Big Daddy. The first. But there’s a new regime in the house, and even tougher forces at play under the sea. Get ready to grab all the Adam you can.

Thanks to 2K Games we have five prize packs to give away, one each day this week. Each Bioshock 2 prize pack contains a copy of the game, a Bioshock 2 hoodie, a big Bioshock 2 artbook, a Little Sister figurine, a Bioshock 2 pen, a Bioshock 2 keyring, a plasmid badge, and a vinyl copy of the soundtrack. Total value runs to $274.65 per pack.

All you have to do is tell us in the comments what your version of Utopia would look like. What extreme regime would you introduce? Where would you build it? How quickly do you expect it will devolve into chaos? And today, after making it VERY hard for myself to judge yesterday, I want the answer in three versus… in your choice of limerick or haiku — the rise, the success, the fall. Most entertaining concept wins the pack.

You must also include a valid email address or use Facebook Connect so we can contact you if you win. Entries close midnight EDT and the winner will be announced tomorrow when the new draw opens.

Monday’s Xbox 360 prize pack winner is Shane. So simple, yet terribly effective.

Good luck!

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  • My version of Utopia? That’s easy. An entire city built entirely around Gaming. Has fastest internet in the world, free to all residents. Upon becoming a citizen, you may choose 5 free game consoles. If you wish to buy more, there only $1 each or answer a gaming question correctly. All this is made possible because of a collaboration of all the worlds gamers coming together and pouring all their money onto building this Utopia. There will be themed parts of the city for some popular games. Such as a Rapture aquarium and a Final Fantasy Museum.

    This is my Utopia.

  • In utopia
    All would think my jokes funny
    Merriment galore

    At the pinnacle
    I sit on my throne of joy
    As laughter gets forced

    And then it will end
    One too many “no pants” joke
    Death by rubber chook

  • Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the gamers
    Living for today…

    Imagine there’s no fanboys
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no flame wars too
    Imagine all the gamers
    Living life in peace…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

    Imagine no RROD
    I wonder if you can
    No need for spawn camping or leet speak
    A brotherhood of man (and women)
    Imagine all the gamers
    Sharing all the world…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will live as one

  • rules of my utopia

    people can move freely from nation to nation, politics has been removed by the introduction of a giant red button in the middle of every lounge in every house in the world, and for those away from home there are ‘red rooms’ that you have to go to at 7pm every evening.

    multi choice questions are randomly set so that decisions are made, laws are legalised and rules are governed. All continues as intended by the great mind (some big computer in a mountain, think superman 3)

    Until one day when the randomised questionator asks ‘do you believe in choice?’ everyone answers yes, and the big computer knows that they have no choice and by answering yes they are lying and not answering correctly (as the computer has the answers it wants before asking them, you see).

    The computer is not happy with this answer and sets off the self destruct by pressing it’s own REALLY BIG red button, this detonates the secret mountain hide out which destroys all other red buttons and the global consciousness is dead, greed and poiltics return,utopia is dead, long live utopia.

  • There once was a place called Utopia.
    That promised to cure people’s myopia.
    The inhabitants cried “My eyes my eyes!”
    This was the promise of Utopia.

    The inhabitants wanted more.
    And as their eyes cleared
    The Big Daddy’s reared!
    The inhabitants went insane for war.

    The drills went raaAAAOOWW!!
    The eyes glowed bright
    and the plasmids fired light.
    …..this was the downfall of Utopia.

  • There exists a place beyond the black stump
    The leadership of Rudd, Conroy and Atkinson the chump.

    The censorship of freewill and communication will ensure
    The citizens to live peacefully and a life so pure

    Into the dark ages this utopia will fall
    “You don’t need R18+ games at all”
    “The internet shall be filtered and speed halved for all”

    But I still call this black stump home.

  • I’d have to go with a floating city in the clouds, that runs entirely on renewable energy and collects water from the clouds it passes through, everything is made out of carbon fibre (so it’s ultra light & ultra strong) as for an extreme regime… I have no idea but there would be an R18+ rating for games

  • There rise of my a utopian vision
    Requires the networks to give in
    No reality TV
    Would just be peachy for me
    Now if I only had the money for acquisition

    The success of my utopian vision
    Requires the peoples’ admiration
    For if they did not
    There would be a riot
    And there would be devastation

    The Fall of my utopian vision
    Arose out of litigation
    For lawyers did not see
    That a world without reality TV
    Was mankind’s great salvation

  • Sorry for the double-post
    just to clarify further, in lymeric form it would go
    a,a,b,b,a – a,a,b,b,a – a,a,b,b,a.

  • A place was made where
    Science was to become the
    Way to improve man

    A way to make brains
    Immortal was made ideal
    Cyborgs we became

    Our utopia falls
    We feel soulless and scared so
    Kill ourselves we must

  • There once was an Utopian land,
    Promising blue seas and white sand.
    Come stay forever!
    Not wanting ever
    To leave this wonderful dreamland.

    People came from far and wide,
    For when they arrived they’d decide;
    From the old life do I resign?
    Sign on the dotted line
    Here, smell this rag soaked in chloride.

    An Utopia it turned out not to be,
    For everything had a huge fee.
    I’m going home
    Hand me the phone
    I’ll get my money back, they’ll see!

  • Hidden away south
    A small slice of paradise
    We lived our life free

    The golden sands touch
    The golden drink in my hand
    And golden rays above

    But mandatory
    Internet filtering came
    And ruined it all

  • This is a continuation of my entry from yesterday (I wish I knew how to link to it):

    My pillow fort fell
    But the dream has never died
    Utopia lives!

    New fort, more pillows
    Stockpile of pizza and beer
    But sanctions return

    They are not needed
    Fort has fatal design flaw
    I can’t see TV

  • Garrick had a dream of a land
    Where all would happy and grand
    He made this come true
    With only virtue
    He vowed it would never be bland

    His utopia became a success
    Filled with sunshine and gloriousness
    Twas the envy of all
    So say they all
    Until one day there was darkness

    There was nothing but screaming and yelling
    Untill Garricks voice came booming
    Everyone needs fight
    As there will be no light
    Until only the victor is standing

  • They asked me to describe my Utopia,
    Monday’s competition was however an Xbox cornucopia.
    Today I thought would be my day,
    As I dreamed of my Utopia and what I might say.
    I hope Shane’s time in Rapture does not lead to myopia.

    John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ came to mind.
    Swap a few lyrics, a winner designed!
    A few gamers traits,
    Some of my own pet hates.
    Surely Seamus would not be unkind.

    With the comments moderated,
    A fool of myself I created.
    I rushed through the terms and conditions,
    I had failed due to my predispositions.
    My entry was totally unrelated.

  • The rise/success/fall of a one-man utopia:

    Such pretty colours
    Through polarised glass – nuke-lit dawn
    Burns away humans

    Crackling gramophone
    Echoes through still stone hallways
    Privacy at last!

    Dust and howling winds
    Shambling mutants scour the streets
    Safer underground?

    And to salve possible suspicions of misanthropy, here’s a one-off look at a happy society:

    Claw through the hatches
    Squirm through ducts, pick off stragglers
    The Queen is hungry…

  • There once was a dystopian society,
    ruled with ban-hammer and sobriety,
    it began with a man,
    who probably like WHAM,
    an Attorney General causing gamer anxiety.

    With a crazy, paranoid rant,
    he claimed Fornarino a liberal plant,
    the people revolt,
    and I win by default,
    and now we all play games by surgical implant.

    Now 4 years on, as Attorney General I game,
    no time for legal affairs during my reign,
    the people grow tired
    and I’ll probably get fired
    but by then i’d have escaped to Spain.

  • Hidden away south
    A small slice of paradise
    We lived our life free

    The golden sands touch
    The golden drink in my hand
    And golden rays above

    But mandatory
    Internet filtering came
    And ruined it all

  • Oh I have a dream
    To live on the Lost island
    If you can find it…

    We will live in peace
    In New Dharmaville; Watch out!
    Frozen Donkey Wheel

    Time-travel shifts us
    Chaos ensues; Think you’re safe?
    Remember, smoke kills

  • A world where all we have to do is eat pills and run away from ghosts. With the occasional time where we turn and eat them instead.

  • There once was an utopian island in the pacific.
    With experiments that created something horrific.
    The island was hit by a tropical storm.
    Chaos ensued, things escaped, fences were torn.
    A failed park with the creatures of Jurassic.

  • …Join my deep sea city,
    Where slaves choose and men obey,
    Oh! Would you kindly….

    There was a secret city of slaves,
    Who wanted to make free men obey,
    Where three is never too many
    No even if it were twenty,
    So they built it under the waves.

    What if all the slaves have lied?
    What if all the men have died?
    We’re both Gods and Kings
    Who see angels with wings,
    Open them up to see what’s inside.

    And when they became old slaves with beards,
    The men all said ‘It is just as we have feared! –
    10 years have passed,
    We’re free at last,
    The difference between us has disappeared!’

    The title is a Haiku; the body is made up of 3 Limericks demonstrating the rise, success and fall of a city similar to rapture going through a role reversal. – What would the utopian society for slaves on rapture look like?

    The first verse – The Rise.
    I have used a lot of the symbolism from Bioshock and put them in a different light. What if this was a city of slaves who took free men as their workers? They created an undersea city to call their home. They challenged and rebelled against all views held by ‘man’ – “three is too many”, “a man chooses, slaves obey”, “no gods, no kings, only men”.

    The second verse – The Success
    At the peak of this society there becomes confusion about who is still a slave and who is a free man? – As they get used to this ‘freedom’. Are they still slaves? Or are they now men?. This is shown by nods to Bioshock lines quotes “Hurry, Mr. Bubbles! I can see angels dancing” and “no gods, no kings, only men”.

    The Third Verse – The Fall – “My youth, my rose! I want it back”
    The society has fallen by through its own beginnings. What it once stood for has been lost in the time, the difference between free men and slaves has been lost.

    Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to see how the story will play out. Too bad pay days until the 20th.

  • The world had become too witty
    Writing a plethora of competition ditties
    So a new world was formed
    Where only dull people were born
    And they called this Utopia City

    The outside world heard of the success
    Of a city built upon boringness
    They came in their droves
    Wearing ridiculous clothes
    And started an unstoppable mess

    The children of Utopia started to joke
    Pointing at the man in the white and pink cloak
    They shouted that his jacket looked like barff
    And the whole city erupted and started to laugh
    And the boringness went up in smoke.

  • There once was a man named Peter,
    Who asserted there was nothing sweeter,
    Than his forthcoming game,
    Fable, by name,
    And that’s where the story gets deeper.

    You see, Mr Molyneux was a liar,
    And thus all his promises expired,
    But don’t fret my dear,
    Such promises would appear,
    In a Utopia all man desired.

    In this land, morality systems abound,
    And branching dialogue to be found,
    But it wasn’t meant to be,
    With the release of Fable 3,
    Peter’s promises soon will rebound.


  • My version of Utopia- NO KIDS ALLOWED!
    Living the life, as it was meant to be.
    My version of Utopia- They say, “FOULED”.

  • The city in space
    Mankind’s very last hope
    For Earth is ruined

    Humanity lives
    Techonolgy leaps forward
    On which we rely

    Technology breaks
    Humanity has no choice
    Return back to earth

  • In a land of doritos and beer,
    we share media peer to peer.
    The authorities dont care,
    like we’re not even there,
    and all the publishers can do is jeer.

    Games are free to one and all,
    and we’re having a bloody ball.
    They provide us with so much fun,
    our morals have come undone,
    and my burnt media pile is growing so tall.

    Alas, one day the games stop coming,
    the network slowly stopped humming.
    Without profits in sight,
    the developers got a fright,
    and to other careers they went running.

  • I’ve choses Haiku for my Deep Space utopia turned dystopia:

    a city in space
    we create the pinnacle of of science
    in the vacuum no screams

  • My utopia will be a ‘happy place’, where the lawns are beautifully manicured and water fountains, flowers and trees are in abundance. It’ll probably be on a golf course. The girl of my dreams will accompany me, dressed in a white corset and white suspender stockings carrying jugs of beers for me. My grandma will be in the ‘happy place’, playing the slot machines and never losing. My midget friend will be riding a broomstick horse while my mentor, who in real life had his hands taken in a tragic crocodile accident, will be playing a beautiful white grand piano with the hands that God gave him.

    The only way I see this ‘happy place’ going to sh*t is if my arch enemy, Shooter, suddenly invades my ‘happy place’, stealing the girl of my dreams and my grandma.

    It’s still my utopia…

  • There once was a boy who was a gamer,
    He spent months in anticipation reading the disclaimer,
    Of games soon to be,
    He’ll play Fallout 3,
    Hopefully this New Game will be the reclaimer!

    10 days to go until the release date,
    This is going to be great,
    Almost there without a care,
    Fallout 3 in my underwear,
    Hang on a minute! Is this game going to be late?!?

    Along came an Old Man full of hating,
    who came along and started stating,
    He Cared for the youth,
    And thought he spoke gospel truth,
    And gave this new game a berating.

  • A dream of utopia so grand
    Follow my lead for I have a plan
    When you open your eyes
    You will see beautiful sky
    And the earth, fairest of all lands

    My Elysium will never run out of food
    A controlled society where no one is rude
    With the people as one team
    They all live the same dream
    Surely the outside can’t be as good

    But downfall was part of the plans
    For all of you have forsaken your lands
    As you consider the cost
    You’ll never realize you’ve lost
    Welcome to the matrix my friends

  • I would be as God.
    All-seeing. All-powerful.
    Feel free to grovel.

    You? I care for not.
    The universe? My plaything.
    I am so much more.

    And yet I am sad.
    No challenge means no reward.
    Damn my human soul.

  • There once was a man named Dan Weather
    Who gathered like-minded people together.
    They decided to meet, and build a retreat,
    where they could live like pirates forever.

    Their focus remained very narrow,
    and Dan stayed straight as arrow.
    He was no thief, he stayed true to his belief
    that everyone wants to be Jack Sparrow.

    In pirate utopia’s end days,
    pirates had become just one of those cliches.
    The people were bored, pirates weren’t cool anymore,
    because vampires, it seems, were the new craze.

  • Like pokemon
    in my utopia
    everyone will talk.
    Expressing their names
    through lyrical squawk.

    A country where TIMAH!
    our little friend
    would be king.
    A place for such outcasts
    to truly
    fit in.

    The British
    would come
    in their boats.
    To destroy my utopia
    with correct grammar,
    snooty language
    and pom jokes.

  • I came up with an idea recently
    Of a Utopia not under the sea
    Before attracting attention
    I must humbly mention
    That this Utopia is only for me

    My dream is now finally complete
    Political correctness is soundly asleep
    R18+ ratings exist
    For games that I’ve missed
    Although only I will know of this feat

    But a Utopia is never meant to last
    As reality caught up to me fast
    My bills left unpaid
    My girlfriend unlaid
    My eviction notice has finally passed

  • In search of order,
    all religion will be banned
    save worship of me.

    Superior Tech,
    Minds linked and working as one,
    I see everything.

    Small cracks appear first.
    Calvinium falls.

  • Damn this competition. It’s making me want to write a story about console fan wars >:(

    A Utopia,
    For gamers around the world,
    Safe, fun and peaceful.

    Four sections to choose,
    Three consoles and the PC,
    Everything was swell.

    Until fan wars waged,
    A four day war with few left,
    Ones who preferred all.

  • There once was a towery dome,
    which thousands of people called home.
    Filled with the best, they’d thrown out the rest;
    And throughout its green lands, did they roam.

    Away from the world did they live,
    Unaware, that they all were captive;
    To the AI machine, that controlled all their genes,
    With a deep, dark and hidden motive.

    Alas, the dear people caught whim,
    and discovered their future was grim!
    They rose up together, breaking free from his tether;
    And dispersed back to land, free from him!

  • There once was a place free of lame,
    PS3 only, no Xbox, to game.
    Utopia some said,
    Sony fanboys got cred
    as they mocked those with RROD shame.

    PlayTV, HDMI and Blueray,
    Sony seemingly had won the day.
    The citizens cried,
    with their Sony’s held high
    “Long live the Station of Play!”

    Alas it all came undone,
    Sonytopia back where it begun.
    The cause of this fall?
    To be honest quite small –
    Metal Gear Rising on all platforms is dumb.

  • My Utopia Would Be On The Moon big Towers Staring Into Space a 1955 theme setting with a twist powered by the sun and moon rocks. With a Space Suits Like The Big Daddys Walk Across the moon fight new kinds of aliens and Find New Types of weapons Gold And Plasmids the City Will Be build To Be The
    Best Taking On Ryan’s fallen city. far away from laws and the crushing hands of the government it will be
    Paradise too all hell breaks loose I would Run The City As A tight Unit as Much As I Can Kill Off The Rejects that Fall Behind with the finest alien research labs weapons and plasmids development
    But I would not walk outside of the city unless your all geared up like a junkie
    But It Would Not Be Long before All Hell Brake Lose after People scared out of Their Brains For Aliens are out there to kill them and Adam Does Not Help but to Push them Over The limit with heaps of 50 type items with an alien technologic laying around to play with and hack but be beware of big momma nah jokz of Alien Hunters They Want Something That You got The key To Adam

    • This Place Is Called Hendrick moonbean all are wellcome to come in but there is no way out or is there your on one big rock owned by me And This City Is Endless With In These Wall Hold Much Sin
      we killed for fun we killed for adam

      • after getting to play my mates bioshock i would now change the theme setting to 2030 on the moon so many years have passed since the fall of rapture and the moonbean was set to make sure that never happens agains in doing so thing get alot worse all updated technologic with laser type weapons and And Big Walking Tank Type robots to hack but beware you dont know what else is out there its the future and things already seem unfriendly

  • There once was a man named Gene
    He was sick of the censorship scene.
    He took all his friends to the moon.
    Built a town and then soon,
    they could play games uncensored and pristine.

    After a year there was a boom,
    With playstations and xboxes in every room.
    With all games for free,
    And massive TVs
    No one thought that the fall’d be coming soon.

    But Atkinson heard of their fun,
    And wanted to destroy the freedom they’d won.
    So he boarded a rocketship,
    though someone gave him a bad tip,
    And he flew right into the sun!

    (I wish)

  • There once was a town in a can
    Far removed from the places of man
    Machines did our bidding
    I’m really not kidding!
    They must have been built in Japan

    Ah, how great is this science?
    All whims met with utter compliance
    You know what is great?
    These machines, you can date
    Who knew you could love an appliance?

    Sadly I’m now in dismay
    The humans they did run away
    The Uncanny Valley’s to blame
    Oh what a shame!
    At least it didn’t end in cliché

  • My utopia;
    someone is always watching

    No! Huxley’s idea?
    A bit of soma is nice
    but where to put it?

    somewhere nice and warm
    costa rica! I love sloths
    and i love books too.

  • Mutated as one
    give birth to the manimal
    masterful minds win.

    Super the natural
    freshen the evolution
    long live our freedom.

    Outcasted by few
    a claim to heist our nation
    a war has began…

  • Communism sucks
    Democracy screwed it up
    Anarchy leads now

    Big, golden pastures
    Full of nice people laughing
    On a river bend

    Too bad bad guys come
    Screw people over badly
    Oh God it’s Kanye!

  • It matters not, what you say
    Filth will not be allowed, especially Rapeplay
    Until you snatch the crown
    Of Croydon, my town
    My vote will always remain as a no

    My values are dated,
    and my esteem, deflated,
    Why do I keep pushing on?

    I wish you could see,
    The way I wish things could be,
    The ever-sounding fall of,

    Everyone is a minor,
    You may call me communist china,
    A place where no one needs to be free
    Can you not be satisfied by the Wii?

    Slip the games in paper bags,
    My conservative mind tells me,
    “God Hates Fags”

    Unblinded by Myopia,
    This is my vision of Utopia,
    The kingdom that I rule

    You all may disagree,
    but I will keep fighting, blindly
    For in my Utopia,
    You don’t need eyes to see.

  • In amongst the trees of a south-African rainforest, city made almost enirely of glass. Sustainable and renewable energy would power this place.
    A most notable feature would be the flooring, as the city is up in the canopy, the floor will be made of glass so you can see the forest beneath you. – Of course you can turn that off for those who are afraid.

    My utopia would also involve countless women, the citizens of Pompeii did prostitutes right, as will I.

    If you give me the prize, when it happens, Seamus, you can be King if you want. I’d personally go mad with power. lol

  • Grand city of ice
    Antarctic anarchist rule
    Live in Aurora

    Carve yourself a home
    Catch a polar bear for tea
    Wait, that’s the Arctic…

    No need for a fridge
    What is a global warming?
    Oh shit, house is gone

  • My ideal perfect state:

    It’s Friday night and I’m at hope in my lounge room in front of my HD panel. The PS3 is fired up and I’m playing co-op with my enthusiastic and completely immersed wife.

    The beer fridge is full and a cold stubby is sitting open only an arm lengths away. The only rule is you’re not allowed to wear pants and nothing else is planned for the rest of the night.

    The downfall of this paradise is of course the blooming alarm clock and the incisively flashing 6:30 illuminating the Monday morning air. The snooze buttons silent relief only to be broken with the wife’s “how long did you stay up playing” whining.

  • Amidst the ruin and devestation
    Lay a land, abundant in fornication.
    Like the climax edition of Bayonetta.
    You really couldn’t get much better.
    This was truly a place of elation.

    You’d think that every prepubescent male
    Would flock to this world without fail
    And indeed, they did come
    In more ways than one
    Like Solid Snake did before Naomi’s betrayal.

    But alas, suddenly things took a dive.
    Because they realised no one was actually alive!
    So in their sadness and dismay
    The scary fanboys all went away…
    …That was, until Dead or Alive 5.

  • Drifting effortlessly the giant Phoenix
    Moving quietly amongst the stars
    Burnt below the unbelievers
    Only scientists and engineers walk the halls
    Extraneous diversion replaced with real dolls

    Swift advance with science unrestrained
    Water, electric and air supply problems solved
    Singularity achieved no fear of death
    Potential planets and hope unbound
    Dreams of aliens and inter-species relations

    Warp drive research begins to falter
    Eternally orbiting the rock the destroyed
    Immortality with nowhere to go
    Ideology and reason decompose
    Suns destruction becomes the goal

  • My town was an experiment,
    Designed to tease and torment,
    The people didn’t know,
    They were part of a show,
    Soon enough they would lament.

    They put drugs in the water,
    To make people shorter,
    The tall people did run,
    Finding the midgets no fun,
    As they prepared for slaughter.

    The midgets fought like Celts,
    Never aiming above the belts,
    But they were soon overcome,
    The experiment was undone,
    In peace the tall people now dwelt.

  • Shut up a second
    I know how to fix it all!
    It just takes one rule:

    The rule is easy
    And if that fails…DOGS!

    Why do that you ask?
    Cats, you see, do not know how
    to lie, they just meow.

  • What is utopia? The common misconception is that it refers to a perfect place. My interpretation of it is, rather, a state of being and existence.

    The major factor in causing how the world operates today is individuality. The economy functions on that basis. Everyone, each group, each country tries to maximise their own benefits. That’s why global trade, different currencies are there in the first place.

    In my utopia, one is all and all is one. Our wills are gathered together in a single pool of thoughts. Individuality is not erased, but rather assimilated and integrated. There will be no need for a physical body, hence no more discrination of appearances and race. Artificial creations such as politics and economics will cease to exist, as everyone works towards a common goal. Different thoughts occur spontaneously, with the aim of self-correction and self-improvement. Over time, evolution happens at a rapid rate.

  • Utopia, a chaotic shadowed city below the sea,
    Whose secrets are protected by Big Daddy.
    Travel through its vast colossal infrastructure if you dear.
    Tonight begins your Life Long Nightmare.
    The Little Sisters will help you pay the fee.

  • we moved to the moon
    as war raged on Earth we watched
    fireworks every night

    after all had died
    we brought home the world’s riches
    we few lived like kings

    greed and growing gravity
    flung us back to Earth

  • A city where citizens blindy
    Follow without using their minds, see?
    None would evade capture,
    When living in Rapture,
    So obey me, would you kindly?

    A cold iron grip.
    Rust surrounds your heart these days,
    Keeps the sea at bay.

    Ryan’s Paradise
    Just might be my salvation.
    Could be hell for some.

  • My Utopia would be a Gamers paradise.
    In this city called Vincyl there would be nothing but the best of games from a variety of genres to chose from. Only 1 console called Ronx would exist with many of the great franchises available, not only that we’d all have high speed internet, so we would all be lag free. No economy issues just a tranquil area where gamers can play to their fullest but wait….all this changed when one man was so sinister he wanted to diverse Vincyl through gamers by paying a company to make an exclusive console called The Lynx. all gamers thought it would fail but of course we were curious and before you know it 1/3 of the population have purchased the system it ended up being a powerful machine. As years past over half of the population have been consumed over the Lynx with exclusives games favoring the Lynx the city ended being split into two, everyday the city just got worse, our internet connections were very poor, the city ended up being a Gamers nightmare with violence all over. This time became known as the console wars…and to this day the city lies underwater only to be discovered…

  • Well. I’m desperately need a bio shock game nexus I’ve heard that it was a fun and scary game. I want my world to be like rapture. It would be awesome smashing them in the face. If anybody has extra bio shock games for ps3 or ones they don’t want send them to this address plz. 19516 120th Pl SE, Kent, Wa 98031

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