WIN! Bioshock 2 Game and Prize Pack (Xbox 360)

Bioshock 2 is in stores. Rapture is upon us. All this week we have games and prize packs to giveaway. Xbox 360 today, PS3 tomorrow. Get creative with your Utopian vision to win!

Bioshock 2 places you back in the undersea dystopia of Rapture, 10 years after the events of the original game. Only this time you're a Big Daddy. Actually, you're THE Big Daddy. The first. But there's a new regime in the house, and even tougher forces at play under the sea. Get ready to grab all the Adam you can.

Thanks to 2K Games we have five prize packs to give away, one each day this week. Each Bioshock 2 prize pack contains a copy of the game, a Bioshock 2 hoodie, a big Bioshock 2 artbook, a Little Sister figurine, a Bioshock 2 pen, a Bioshock 2 keyring, a plasmid badge, and a vinyl copy of the soundtrack. Total value runs to $274.65 per pack.

All you have to do is tell us in the comments what your version of Utopia would look like. Choose a creative way to describe your vision - haiku, limerick, sonnet... whatever you like. Make it the most entertaining and you'll have a shot at the prize.

You must also include a valid email address or use Facebook Connect so we can contact you if you win. Entries close midnight EDT and the winner will be announced tomorrow when the new draw opens.

Wednesday's PC prize pack draw had some of the best entries so far. But there can be only one, and the winner for the day was Mad Danny.

Good luck!

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    To all my good friends
    Hidden in the Sahara
    My land Oasis

    Hot women for all
    And that’s not just a bad pun
    Get a tan real quick

    My land is perfect…
    Water: $900?
    Oh dear god I’m screwed

    Utopia to me,
    Is a Place to be free,
    Water all around
    and only Triple A Title are found,
    The sand is white
    and the sun is bright,
    The only person is me,
    Not Big Daddy

    A king came to power - quite insane.
    His plan for world rule was so plain,
    either they loved to rock,
    or their heads 'On the Block!'
    Shmozzie Shmosbourne, rhymed with his name.

    His vision was a world quite impure,
    where his hardcore metal nature endured,
    There would be rock every night,
    with no thought for ear's plight,
    and the destruction of a mosh overture!

    Now, before they could let dust settle,
    with soon-ness that would their pride nettle,
    due to blood they had shed
    all the people had fled
    that terrible old King who loved metal.

    To a great cartoon
    I owe this mad idea

    Because I was mostly happy with my entry yesterday, I've decided to improve what I had and throw in a nod to yesterdays winning entry :) -

    Look up to my city in space
    It was a dream I chose to chase
    There was land to claim
    So the first people came
    They vanished without a trace

    Onlookers could not comprehend
    Why up there people met their end
    When they started to learn
    My city did burn
    My world I had to defend

    I fought for all I was worth
    To Utopia I had given birth
    It possessed no dragon
    But I had built a cannon
    One shot did away with the Earth

    My utopia:

    At home, playing bioshock 2, wearing a Bioshock 2 hoodie, on my coffee table the Bioshock 2 artbook, a Little Sister figurine sitting on my computer desk, a Bioshock 2 pen in my pen holder, an awesome Bioshock 2 keyring with keys to my new Ferrari on it, a plasmid badge that I earned shooting fire from my left hand and ice from my right, and a vinyl copy of the soundtrack - wait, scratch that last one, why do I want it in Vinyl again? :P

    Food is the theme of utopia
    It’s a veritable cornucopia
    There are feasts everywhere
    Eat as much as you dare
    It’s the opposite of Ethiopia (what, too soon?)

    All here can chow down with parity
    The food fights result in hilarity
    But we will become so dense
    A black hole will commence
    And we’ll end up as a singularity

    (This verse requires some, um, flexibility in pronunciation)

    To not win would be criminal
    My new turntable’s beggin’ for vinyl
    If the winner be me
    In my pants I will pee
    Cause I wonn’t make it to the urinal

    Gratuitous haiku:
    Thankyou for your time
    Kotaku comps are the best
    I am a big suck

    4th times the charm! This is getting harder every day :)

    Although this may make you start
    Utoptia begins with a fart
    The expulsion of air
    From your derriere
    Will cause everyone to depart

    Now that the room is all clear
    You can make any rules that you dare
    Optional pants!
    No stupid romance!
    And a fridge dedicated to beer!

    Alas, this state cannot last
    The room you are in is too vast
    The gas dissipates
    The room populates
    No pants, no beer, an outcast

    I already live my Utopia, so would you kindly send the prize to me?


    the utopia would be an airship, only visible to true peace holder, or those who belive in peace over war. Applications booths will be set up all over the planet for people who can see to apply to go to it.
    it is free to go there. nothing costs there and money is useless. peace prevails.
    research labs are researching secret projects on the airship to make pokemon a real part of life and not just a video game. scientists belive they've perfected it, and have produced many pokemon, even scaled down versions of bigger pokemon. pokemon battles are restricted to arenas, and their powers will not function outside of the arena.
    one day, someone requests a Mewtwo, it is done, but due to mewtwo having it's own mind and voice, chaos breaks loose. he destroys the power restrictors, and the pokemon go crazy and attack the residence.

    thats my submission, enjoy and good luck to all.

    In my utopia there would be no such thing as haikus, limricks or sonnets.... but there would be Miranda Kerr naked crab walking through my living room.

      And next on Seven News, we cut live to Matt's living room. Hmm, what's that in the background...?

    A place driven from man kind rejects of earth

    Home among the stars h.a.t.s Is my Utopia build
    Out of pain, love and anger my city was born
    My Home My Death awaits me
    Every day that goes by the air is getting thicker

    A Drug Name Maxinum has hit my city driving
    My people to kill their loved ones and very
    Over the violent to each other
    Never in my life have I seen so much pain
    God can only judge us now

    The only way out is the way you came in
    Haters and street thugs are everywhere
    Every day they get stronger learning new powers

    So to make it up here you need to learn
    The ways of shadow stay out of sight
    Attack in the darkness become more then yourself
    Redemption is Just Around The Bend
    So Come To My City My utopia will u love or hate

      Opps Very over violent.
      Its Prob Why I Keep Losing :P

    My utopia is being well kept,
    No work or rent, but time to reflect,
    I’d get free hot meals,
    Make shadowy deals,
    And at softball I’d become quite adept.

    I’d make friends who’re really into me,
    They’d offer me much of their company,
    We’d have lots of fun,
    And when all’s said and done,
    We’d retire for some pleasant recovery.

    And now I am living this fantasy,
    Though it isn’t as fun as I thought it’d be,
    I want to escape,
    This huge damn mistake,
    Doing 7-10 in a state penitentiary.

    We all fall victim to a mixture of elegance
    Guilty pleasure and hope
    To a new place I'd like to call home
    Not filled with the constant pressures of life
    The little things matter not in this new world
    There are no victims of expectations
    There is no need to keep up with the jones'
    People can just be themselves
    People can just enjoy life
    This is my utopia.

    I am Australian and I am here to ask you a question:
    Is a man not entitled to ‘Lamb’ Chops on the barbee?

    No, says the man in Washington; we prefer ‘Ronald’ Mac Donald.
    No, says the man in the Vatican; we prefer Aqua Vitae (The water of life)!
    No, says the man in Moscow; we prefer Smirnov… Vodka.

    I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something. I chose the impossible. I chose... LAMB, Sophia!

    In a country where the video games would ‘not’ fear the censor.
    Where the knifey/spooney would not be bound by the Simpsons.
    Where the mullet would not be constrained by outback folk.
    And with the sweet smell of Sophia ‘Lamb’ on the barbee,
    Australia can become your Utopia as well.
    — Sam Kekovich "Lambassador of Australia"

    No wait David Jones's Miranda Kerr, are you sure you want to make out with Grace Brothers's Jennifer Hawkins and make me watch??

    Oh man I get to write more limericks! :)

    “My utopia's just me,” I would yell,
    “and a thousand beautiful women as well”
    But when their cycles all synch
    Before I can blink
    For one week of each month I’m in hell

    My Naked World (Haiku)

    A World Without Clothes,
    So Beautiful We'd All Be,
    Naked. Happy. Free.

    Everyone Naked.
    Tall, short, fat, thin, young, old,
    embraced by world.

    Lost Sexual Desire,
    No more imagination.
    Where is the passion?

    From the Book of (sega) Genesis

    17.And the lord said unto him, blessed are the game companies who are game enough to release original IP, rather than flooding the market with sequels. 18.And man knew that it was good. 19.And the lord said unto him, and I command that any DLC available at launch should be included with original purchase. 20.And man knew that it was good. 20.And the lord said unto him, and all depictions of females in games should be realistic, with appropriate proportions and bodyweights, and all clothing worn by these characters should be functional rather than revealing. 21.And man started to get a bit concerned.

    22.So man created his own market, of original IP's, and sequels only to those that are critically acclaimed. 23.Man ruled that DLC should be provided freely, as encouragement to continue purchase late into the product cycle. 24.And man ruled that games should be priced reasonably, so as not to bankrupt the enthusiast, and for pirates to be dealt with to the full extent of the law, so as not to discourage the developers. 25.And man ruled that games should be classified in accordance with all ages of man, so that children are protected from the vices of man, but man can still indulge in these vices at his choosing. 26.And finally, man ruled that depictions of man and woman be highly stylised, unrealistic and borderline exploitative, but only where contextually appropriate, because who doesn’t like a bit of fun now and then?

    27.And the lord looked upon all that man had made and said, yes. 28.This truly is a Utopia of Gaming.

      Damn. Good entry. Why couldn't you have been a PS3er?

    my place of wonder gameconworldly would be a 60 foot building
    filled with the brim with 360 consoles with thousands of games being played system linked
    and all the players would be all cosplayers dressed
    up in there fav character's from video games and comics mostly hot female ones ;D there would be a waterfall of red bull in the middle of the party
    and wet t-shirt comps with the lovely lady cosplayers :D there also would be a giant projector screen on the 2nd floor screening all new games coming out in the new year also there would be a bioshock room up above that floor with giant big sister and big daddy statues hell I'm loving the sound of this place I'm going to try to get rich and build it who am I kidding I'll never get there please gimme the prize so I can get over never reaching my place of wonder.

    There once was a man in a small town
    who looked at his world with a great frown.

    Where good people suffered and idiots thrived,
    Where bad people profited while innocent died.

    He looked out at this and said he had enough
    So he packed up his bags and left with a huff.

    He kept on a driving without pause or rest
    till he found a spot to make his quiet nest.

    On a large sign he painted with glee
    "As long as you handle it, you'll be Free."

    Barely had he settled with his pipe and a snack
    when to his small spot came more in a pack.

    "We too tire of the world," they explained,
    "So let us join yours!" they exclaimed.

    So the man let them come and settle in
    and for a while they all were like kin.

    Then one day like most any other
    a couple came up with a big bother.

    "Our neighbors, oh vey, are loud and annoying,
    They need to be silenced or we'll get destroying"

    So with a heavy sigh the man went to see what was the matter
    But found that the neighbors had much more to say and chatter.

    "Those fellows? So mean! They won't stop complaining
    Even when were just doing something entertaining."

    So the man had a conundrum, a problem for sure,
    Should he find something democratic or something more pure?

    He fumbled and thought, he had a grumble and a moan,
    Till he said "F*ck it" and let them settle their own.

    He sat in his hut and ignored all the sound,
    Like the screams and the cries and the dogs unbound.

    In the morning he saw a terrible sight,
    Of bodies on fire, of bodies with bite.

    So with a soft smile he took a gun to his head,
    "I guess we weren't free from our demons we most dread."

    Here I Just Come up With This One I Put All My Heart Into it. its got to win after all the trys hahaha :P......

    I wanted to build a city based on trust but I was

    Dumb tothink the first years everything was okthen
    Redemption Kicked in the deserted wanted to clam
    Everything back sand covered my city my utopia
    A man once said to me to build suck beauty comes
    Much cost I did not think this was true

    Of course It Was People Started getting sick
    Fight each other stealing and looting

    The city went to hell cover by sand light is
    Hard to come by down here and its so hot
    Everything is going to hell hacked bots are

    Rebelling and killing off everybody
    Eve and ammo what u need to survive
    Down here and being able to hack does too
    Everything is not asit seems for there is a hidden
    Master Code between these walls that will hold
    Power that can crush
    The world or change mankind for the better
    I Made Science My Friend in the End it turned onme
    Outof anger I have grown to call this place home i
    Named it Redemption

      If there was a prize for enthusiasm, you would have won it a long time ago!

        Thankx Bra :D

    Yeah sorry I But Every so tight in there it because i wanted it to say on the side I Dream Of Redemption :D Cool Hun


    No country or person has succeeded
    In creating a Utopia needed.
    Not Moa, not Hitler, not Stalin
    Or even the Dark Lord Sauron.
    Have remotely come close to
    What they said they would do.
    But still with much death they preceded.

    But alas my good friends look no further,
    Not a single person shall I murder*.
    I’m not much of a long walker,
    And I’m not a great talker.
    I can’t grow a great stash
    And I’m not for equal cash.
    I have no desire
    To stop a ring from a fire.
    But I promise you all you’ll love her.

    She’ll be a great place
    Where all the girls will wear lace.
    And for all of you ladies,
    Your men shall bear babies.
    There will be steak and beer.
    But girls never fear.
    For there’s desserts for you all,
    Instead of fat, you’ll grow tall.
    For this is Utopia, a place I call Ace

    In Ace you can do
    What it is you want to
    You can be a great hero
    Or you can do nothing... zero.
    As no one will Judge
    Or hold any grudge
    To any other fellow
    White, black or yellow
    Because here we love you

    “So where is it you ask?
    Where in the sun I shall bask”
    Well my friend, the answer is final.
    And there shall be no denial.
    Just step right this way,
    Without a delay.
    Take this sweet pill,
    In this form you shall fill.
    This is your last task.

    Now that you’re asleep,
    Not making a peep.
    I shall tell you the truth
    for I have been quite uncouth.
    Utopia is not real
    but you signed the deal.
    To live it all in your head,
    as you sleep like you’re dead
    To never arise
    or open your eyes.
    Or find out I’m a money hungry creep.

    *The deaths that will occur will not be from my hands. Death will occur as a result from the pill administered by the practitioners of Utopia ®™

    Even though it is the same as my entry the other day, I'd still have to say somewhere with all my friends and family together, from all over the world.

    There once was a old man from Nantuckit..
    Holed up in his private oasis, thought he lucked it,
    As a harem arrived,
    And stripped down to their skin,
    His heart gave way, before he could .... .. he kicked the bucket!

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