WIN! Bioshock 2 Game and Prize Packs

WIN! Bioshock 2 Game and Prize Packs

Bioshock 2 will be grabbing a massive CPU load in consoles and PCs across the world in coming days. All this week we have games and prize packs to giveaway. 2 x 360, 2 x PS3, 1 x PC. Xbox 360 owners have their first chance today.

Bioshock 2 places you back in the undersea dystopia of Rapture, 10 years after the events of the original game. Only this time you’re a Big Daddy. Actually, you’re THE Big Daddy. The first. But there’s a new regime in the house, and even tougher forces at play under the sea. Get ready to grab all the Adam you can.

Thanks to 2K Games we have five prize packs to give away, one each day this week. Each Bioshock 2 prize pack contains a copy of the game, a Bioshock 2 hoodie, a big Bioshock 2 artbook, a Little Sister figurine, a Bioshock 2 pen, a Bioshock 2 keyring, a plasmid badge, and a vinyl copy of the soundtrack. Total value runs to $274.65 per pack.

All you have to do is tell us in the comments what your version of Utopia would look like. What extreme regime would you introduce? Where would you build it? How quickly do you expect it will devolve into chaos? Most entertaining concept wins the pack. You must also include a valid email address or use Facebook Connect so we can contact you if you win. Entries close midnight EDT and the winner will be announced tomorrow when the new draw opens.

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  • To the tune of NOFX’s Anarchy Camp and totally plagiarised:

    “I got an invitation to go to anarchy camp
    There will be twistin’, fistin’, biting, fighting all in an evening
    The soundtrack will go multi platinum,
    Barbecue a boca while the effigies burn
    You may not wanna stay to see how we take care of a turncoat
    Christiania’s kinda far away so come along with me
    We can dance and trip and be anarchists
    We gotta get the manual and put it in the oven ’til it cooks
    Then we’re gonna take the ashes to the wassail
    And use them to spike the punch

    Rules of anarchy camp: reckless abandonment,
    Random acts of dumbness will be rewarded
    If you see somebody taking charge,
    You’ll be expected to beat them
    Cause everyone who’s no one, will be participating
    No one who is someone, will ever get to know
    The joys of anarchism, destruction of the system, yeah!

    So come along with us,
    Salad days and nights on the anarchaic bus
    We’re gonna pick up indigents and crusties and a half a dozen nuts
    And we’re never coming home

    Underwater basket-weaving (we got some arts and crafts)
    Meth-amphetamine symposiums (they last a couple days)
    African killer spelling bees (you better get it right)
    Bowling in ice hockey rinks (of course checking is allowed)
    Anarchy camp’s never inert (you think we don’t know that it’s)
    Not much fun ’til someone gets hurt (our only motto)
    So we’re greasing up the rusty vert ramp
    Time to make some reservations for next years anarchy camp”

  • My Utopia would be on an island that is shielded with an invisibility field so that it cannot be seen, It would be somewhere in the middle of Antarctica and Australia. Trees cover the island with large towers in the center housing the residents and shops. Small planes would bring supplies that may be needed from outside the utopia in, everything else is artificially made or grown on the island.

    Everyone on the island would be limited to one child of either gender, and every person will be required to have a job, qualifications and a purpose on the island otherwise they are of no use to the community, and will instead ‘vanish’. Crime is punishable by public execution, spreading the ideas that crime is not worth the risk.

    The island would take a few years to drown in chaos, the people would start going back to primal instincts, starting war and panic among the people. The people will be forced to take sides on being peaceful or aggressive.

  • Because I’ve just finished Mass Effect 2… My version of utopia would be very similar to The Citadel. There would be citizens of every corner of the galaxy. But no n00bs. That means no “gamers4croydon” supporters. No ‘shippers (X-Files fans know what I’m talking about) My own custom regime would be supported. It’s a lot like democracy… But with hilariously-themed robots as the upholders of the law. Imagine. You’d just pirated a game… AND YOUR DOOR IS BUSTED OUT BY A SCUBA-DIVER ROBOT!!!
    It wouldn’t delve into chaos. Because of the cool robots. And HK-47 (SW: KotoR) would be the head robot… And he would be dressed as a cowboy.
    But, if it was, for the sake of this argument, it would be precipitated by a dodgy B-movie style group of engineers with no military skill breaking into a top secret, max security robot server room that shuts down al the robots.
    This sounds like Bioshock 3..
    For the sake of 2K possibly wanting to take the plot… Lets say the robots are powered by water pipes so they can still be hack-able a’la Bioshock 1


  • My ultimate utopia

    some generic Micronesian island that resembles the one in Lost, massive treetop village similar to Endor… Discrete Chocolate Chip cookie factory to house enough nuclear warheads to conquer the world,
    all staff and inhabitants are required to dress as telletubbies
    PS:you may own one ewok as a pet.
    applicants apply via email to


  • At Utopia technically means ‘no place’ I would have to advertise very carefully.

    I would promise Utopia to people, “just beyond this door” and charge them a lot of money to pass through. They will give me this money as I will tell them that “money doesn’t exist in Utopia.”

    Utopians are denied contact with the outside world. This is logical, because the outside world is corrupt and dirty, and would taint Utopia instantly.

    Once my subjects give me all their money, I allow them access to the door to Utopia, which in reality is a dark, empty abyss (essentially a bottomless pit).

    Not only would I have advertised my Utopia accurately, but I would be rich and no one would ever find out (as they cannot contact the newly-anointed Utopians).

    In essence, my Utopia is like a cult, except I don’t have to waste resources feeding, clothing and brainwashing my cultists.

  • I’d have to go with a floating city in the clouds, that runs entirely on renewable energy and collects water from the clouds it passes through, everything is made out of carbon fibre (so it’s ultra light & ultra strong) as for an extreme regime… I have no idea but there would be an R18+ rating for games

  • My Utopia Would Be On The Moon big Towers Staring Into Space a 1955 theme setting with a twist powered by the sun and moon rocks. With a Space Suits Like The Big Daddys Walk Across the moon fight new kinds of aliens and Find New Types of weapons Gold And Plasmids the City Will Be build To Be The
    Best Taking On Ryan’s fallen city. far away from laws and the crushing hands of the government it will be
    Paradise too all hell breaks loose I would Run The City As A tight Unit as Much As I Can Kill Off The Rejects that Fall Behind with the finest alien research labs weapons and plasmids development
    But I would not walk outside of the city unless your all geared up like a junkie

  • My utopia would be a faux democracy.

    Inhabitants would have their minds conditioned upon entry to subconsciously vote for me in all elections and agree with any decrees laid forth. Thoughts to the contrary would cause them to act like a chicken for the rest of their lives, whereupon they would be dumped outside Eddie Maguire’s home to catch his reaction on CCTV for the entertainment of dinner guests.

    The location would not be disclosed to potential inhabitants for privacy and security reasons. Once selected, they would be incapacitated and dragged over a very bumpy road in a burlap sack for my amusement and left outside the golden arches signifying the entrance to the hidden utopia. They would then be brainwa- I mean, ‘conditioned’ before starting their new life of servitude.

    Inhabitants of this utopia would be working toward a common goal; to unravel the mystery of the Colonel’s eleven secret herbs and spices for the benefit of all mankind. A noble goal if ever there was one.

    The downfall would come upon the unravelling of the recipe. When it’s discovered that ten of the eleven secret herbs and spices are in fact salt variants (with the remaining ‘herb’ being common lawn grass) there will be a simultaneous facepalm amongst the researchers, the sudden jolt snapping them out of their long-term enslavement and causing total abandonment of the facility.

  • My utopia would be built on the coast line of Australia, it would be protected by massive man made walls all the way around and pertroled by awesome war ship run by cyborgs. As the army on cyborg grew over the next several months they would develope the ability to think for themsevles and become racist killing cyborgs that preyed upon the human race wanting to wipe them all of the world. As they still look very much like the people they would blend in with the society slowy killing of families all through the day and night.
    This being the case it will create mass choas with the human knowing that so many of them are dying. People not being to sure of what or who is killing of man kind. Some people start an uprise blaming it on the govenment only to fuel the choas even more and before too long people dont trust each other and armies start to form all around the country it becomes a fight for survival and also a fight of the fitest against the cyborg regime.

    One army becomes one man in a battle against all odds and you are in control………

  • My Utopia would be built inside of the then hollowed out Ayers Rock. The plan would be for humans to get back to bare essentials, living off the land and through living inside of a dark underground rock, they would slowly become nocturnal like the wild life and evolve their eye sight to include mild levels of night vision.
    The chaos begins when the inhabitants realise there is a world beyond the rock and cross back over to the rest of humanity, labelled outcasts for their reclusive hiding habits during the day light. Only to come out at night with honed skills and brutally murdering those who oppose them like the animals they fought back in the desert.

    That went further than I had originally planned….

  • But It Would Not Be Long before All Hell Brake Lose after People scared out of Their Brains For Aliens are out there to kill them and Adam Does Not Help but to Push them Over The limit with heaps of 50 type items with an alien technologic laying around to play with and hack but be beware of big momma nah jokz of Alien Hunters They Want Something That You got The key To Adam

  • I would have it built inside the Centre of Mount Everest where everything only comes in the colour Black except the walls which are super high resolution Screens that continually plays Footage of cascading Waterfalls 24/7 to the world’s Love songs

    My Utopia would be a Technological utopia where you upload yourself into a digital universe of my creation that forces you to play out everyone evil thoughts and desire, My extreme regime change that i would introduce is once you enter the Digiverse you cannot leave till all you think of when you see another person is how to ruin them, afterwards i would place them in Cryostasis so that when i have enough Technopaths i can release them on the unsuspecting populous of the known world.

    How quickly would this ‘Utopia’ devolve that all depends it could be as soon as one of many Technopaths escaped or released by anyone of residents not in the Digiverse in a misguided attempt to save them from the constant pressure to destroy.

  • My utopia would be built on fiji and it would be a flying island being able to fly around the whole galaxy.
    It would be run by some crazed plastic surgeyns who would kidnap all the woman who had small breast on earth only to takew them far away into the galaxy and give them huge breast implant and lots of collogen trying to make them all look like Pamela Anderson Lee.
    At first the women would be scared then after they recovered from there operations they would get together and have little tea parties, until they come up with a plan of galaxy domonation!!!!
    For starters they would kill all the plastic surgeyns & take over the island utopia, only to head back to there home planet and world chaos starting with all the people that gave them a hard time growing up for having small boobies. They would use weapons that only shot jelly or custard, and also used hand to hand combat. This would make many of the men around the galaxy very happy and it soon became the only sport of the whole galaxy and the women were worshipped like goods for it.

  • My Utopia would be somewhere that Michael Atkinson doesn’t exist…or that at least democracy is actually upheld & one man can’t hold a section of the population to ransom based on his own views!

    Oh and all women like games…so you never have to fight over who wants to use the tv (cop that ex-wife…no more Desperate Housewives for you!! :P).

    Throw in an R18+ rating, HDTVs for all (so no more small text issues), maybe some world peace…geez I’m starting to sound like KRudd here.

  • Does a utopia have to be a city?

    If not, my ideal place would be a large house. It would be made to look very art-deco on the outside, not tacky or anything, though.

    Upon approaching the front door, you will come across a welcome mat which asks ‘Would you kindly knock?’.

    Inside the house will be a main hall, with a marble floor and staircase. On the walls will be large framed game posters/art.

    To the left will be an Xbox 360 room. A large tv will dominate the wall, as well as cinematic surround-sound speakers, a mini bar sits to the side of the room, with many refreshments. 😀

    To the right of the main hall will be a PS3 room. Much like the X360 room, it will have its own bar, couches, etc.

    Next to that room will be a PC room, with hmm… 10 Alienware computers (just because they’re fancy and incredibly expensive).

    As for a Wii room… What was that? Okay, there won’t be a Wii room.

    Upstairs will be deluxe bedrooms, like you’d see in some crazy expensive hotel. Private bathroom, Jacuzzi, minibar (I’m not an alcoholic, don’t give me that look), king-size beds, and of course, wall-mounted LED TVs with a console of choice.

    As for regime… Well, there wouldn’t be many people around to set rules. No breaking my house!

    The house would be built somewhere quiet, where the weather doesn’t get too extreme, but close to a major city so I don’t get too alienated from society.

    How quickly would it devolve into chaos? Well, there is the off chance of a fanboy war breaking out, it could happen straight away.
    Person1: Xbox 360 room is pro!
    Person2: Uh, no. PS3 room is better

    Never actually seen a fanboy war irl, though. I guess that could be chaos.

    Although small, I think this would be many gamer’s idea of a Utopia.

  • My utopia would be constructed underground. Entrances, ventilation, some lightning and other resources will be fed into the facility via Mine shafts. Why mine shafts? It’s cheap, we can’t go building a utopia willy nilly with no concerns for a budget.

    The system of government I have chosen will be a Dictatorship led by me or my insane cousin Ted when I get tired of ruling. There will be a very simple set of rules each citizen will have to follow. Not following these laws will result in harsh punishments. Examples of such punishments;

    1. A flogging.
    2. A bloody great flogging.

    In the worst cases such as murder.

    3. Exile. We put you and your belongings and family if any into a cannon on ground level and fire you into something solid. If you’re still alive we send you on your merry way, after our resident surgeon fixes you up to the best of his ability. He’s not a real doctor.

    Day to day activities can include whatever a citizen wishes to do except on Drunk Arse Fridays. Getting drunk on Fridays is mandatory and those caught not getting drunk will be fired from a cannon as above. Serious offences are not tolerated.

    From the grand opening on a Saturday I predict complete social collapse by Drunk Arse Friday. The alternative is I wake up one morning to find Ted has eaten everybody. Did I mention he was a cannibal?

  • Here I Even Got a Song I Wrote to Promote it Take Notice 2k 😛

    life like this long rhyme that seem to play over in mind everytime i find a key to a new destiny it seems to flee me faster the grass at last i find my self talking ridles as the night fades away i am talking in touges whats does say about my mental health using stealth to stalk my victims using this knife to %#&@$!ing ……stick em!! What have i become a bum living on street killing to eating torso and feet

    (Time After Time Life Leaves Us behind its Why We Stay High And Our Mothers Cry Into The Night Pray That There sons are going to be alright Time After Time Life Leaves Us behind its Why We Stay High And Our Mothers Cry Into The Night Pray That There sons are going to be alright )

    Yo I Am Uncureable Like Aids These Juggalo Thang Is Here To Stay i am like a raid of rage Hitting the stage %#&@$!ing Up Your Beats while your looking like you got mage and you call me strange man i am just doing my thang and if you get in my way and the Hatchet will say if you live or die

    I Come To Bring The Pain but Blades And Knifes Arnt My Thang and it seems to be the same old %#&@$! chainsaw in my hand and in the other your mumma tit opps i am not Crazy I am Just Lazy Thats Why I Use a Power tool to finnish you off fool
    Hey Call Me The Reaper Of The Night I Always Ready For A Fight Guided By The Light Ready To Kill Or Be Killed Thats Whats Up C.S.N Dont Give A %#&@$! Punk As %#&@$!!!! Acting Like A Snitch Walking Around My Hood When I Get My Time I Am Taking His Life

    (Time After Time Life Leaves Us behind its Why We Stay High And Our Mothers Cry Into The Night Pray That There sons are going to be alright Time After Time Life Leaves Us behind its Why We Stay High And Our Mothers Cry Into The Night Pray That There sons are going to be alright )

    time after time i find my self in a maze of no return where the earth burns and the walls are made of ash friends and family of the past come to huant you back running down a path to hell the smell of the dead is getting to my head dont know how long i can last in this dread its raining blood i am slipping in the mud face of death looking right at me saying it time to be free and i say %#&@$! thee and suck these and walk the other way so death stalks ever other day
    while i still stuck in this maze

    By Nemesisevil Of C.S.N Also Psn Username

  • I’m in my Utopia a 4×3 office space shared with 2 other people, It’s not hell on earth but hell with fluroescent lighting, Tell me again how lucky i am to work here.

  • I’d imagine my city being in some remote mountain area which neither man nor machine can see (with the added help of my Utopia’s technology, of course).

    It would be a city that would offer everything: several theaters for all kinds of plays; several dozen massive libraries with copies of books from all cultures and eras; beautiful gardens and forests to explore and tend; dozens of schools of philosophy, art, and science; and the best food and drink that Earth can offer.

    The only thing my Utopia, my Community would ask in return is that each member of the Community, from the age 16 till they are physically unable to, will work in what I would label a “Small Job.” For example, being part of the janitorial team in you local living quarters, or tending a small plot in the gardens.

    The big “regime” that I would have followed is that everyone has their own choice, that they control their lives fully. They may choose what to do, where to live, and who to marry. They may pursue a quest to discover Truth or Beauty, to invent the Ultimate Invention, or to simply spend their lives with their singular job. No one will be above the other because everyone will be provided with equal amounts of food, supplies, and living arraignments.

    The only obligation is that they help in some small way with the Community, mostly through the “Small Jobs”. Those that refuse to work, or worse, try to find some way to subjugate others, will be forcefully dealt with. Banishment from the Community will be the most prominent punishment.

    I suspect my Utopia will fall because of one or many reasons: A), much like Rapture, the advance thought and un-restricted research will eventually bring about some form of unchecked technology that will doom the Community;
    B)Some people will get it in their heads that they, having studied a lot longer and being much “wiser” then those that choose to do simple work all their lives, deserve more then the rest. Someday, then, they will rise as one and demand new rules, and I will be powerless to stop them for fear of breaking my own rule against subjugating the masses;
    C)Their will be to many opposing living styles (inter-racial, multiple spouse, small vs large family, “average Joe” vs “the intellectual,” etc) for them all to be living in one place. A small event will more then likely spark some kind of civil war for a group to become the Dominant one. Once again, I must choose to either let this happen for fear of breaking my own moral ruling, or simply go nuts and dominate my once perfect Community.

    So in short, it’ll be a combo of Ryan’s and Lamb’s visions of Rapture: Where everyone can do as they please, as long as they take a little time out of their own schedule to keep the whole thing running smoothly.

  • My Utopia would be carved into Monte Generoso (longitude: 45.93, latitude: 9.02), a mountain in Italy. The mountain would be hollow, containing my city. The city would be built in the gothic style, with multiple apartment complexes. The center of the city would be like a town square and consist of general stores, and a hospital. The surrounding area would have no idea of our existence.

    My utopia would be called Avidita. Avidita would contain the most talented artists of the modern day, as well as the most talented scientists. I would be the only type of leader for Avidita, and the inhabitants would have to be invited to live in the city. There would be no set religion for my inhabitants, but they may practice what they wish in their own homes, religion should not be discussed in public areas.

    We would get our food from an indoor “greenhouse system”, similar to aqueducts. Medicines would be developed by our top notch scientists. Avidita would have no currency, and would use a barter system, trading for goods and services.

    The people of Avidita may live in whichever vacant apartment they choose, and may run any shop they want (either out of their homes, an open shop in the town square, or a cart in the town square). There would be no restrictions on anything the artists want to create, or any type of experiment the scientists want to do.

    When entering Avidita, you must let go of any of your outside world contacts, you may never leave Avidita, or contact anyone outside of Avidita. All of your money and possessions must be given to me, to ensure you are starting fresh in Avidita and not tainted by the outside world.

    I would expect Avidita to last no longer than 10 years. Due to the barter system, many people would be killed for what they own. An artist would create a piece that offended many people, or a scientist would perform experiments that many did not agree with. Because of so many talented people living in close quarters, people would clash, ideas and values would tear people into groups which would eventually turn into war.

    While the people of Avidita are consumed in their civil war of religion, territories, values and personal belongings, I would make my escape with everyone’s money and possessions that they gave me when they first came to Avidita. People will always fight, its human nature.

    English translation:
    Mount Generoso- Mount Generous
    Avidita- Greed

  • My utopia would be in the air. A monstrous airship supported by gigantic balloons. It would be a safe haven,freeing its inhabitants from the chaos and uncertainty of earth. A literal heaven. That is until 10 years later. The current air captain suffering from acute paranoia and psychopathy charges the denizens of the ship with high treason. Believing that their is a plot to overthrow him, he orders the denizens of the ship overboard. His family and friends being the first to walk the plank. As one of the last prisoners, You must rebel and challenge the self proclaimed “king of heaven”.

  • My Utopia would be “beyond the rabbit hole”, so to speak. A series of caves, accessible all throughout the world, would lead to a large underground society. The world beneath would have all the basics that we have now; homes, heating and cooling — but instead of relying on the good ol’ fossil fuels we know and love, the populace would concoct a kind of energy from a giant scientifically engineered, regenerating plant (one located in every city).

    For food, residents would need to harvest their crops or purchase from street vendors. The populace itself is made up of people from the “above” who find their way to the caves and wish to stay. Those who do not wish to stay have their memories wiped by utilising the power of the very same plant used to keep up with technology. To make sure that there are no “visitors” who go unnoticed by the residents of each city, an intricate security system made up of hidden cameras and watchmen is in effect 24/7 for every entrance. Children who find the caves have their memories wiped automatically and are imprinted with the desire to take their parents and other siblings to the area near the cave, even though they have no idea why they wish to go there.

    The likes of scientists are of course enlisted to join the underground, however the scientists are the only ones who are initially aware of the new world.

    As time carries on, new uses for the “miracle plant” are incorporated into its genome. People see the plant as their God — eventually it can produce clean drinking water, ward away the rather large insects threatening not only crops, but the people themselves, and even cure some types of cancer. Unfortunately, scientists get too carried away with their research, and the plants scattered all throughout the underground world are eventually “overloaded” with technology and produce a dangerous gas. Residents are overcome, and turn on one another. Chaos ensues, and if anyone were to find this underground world… well, they wouldn’t be able to leave ever.

  • Starting in the far future mans new utopia is that of beer, and meaties ribs, the hunger crusher, for when you need to slam and pulverise that cramp in your stomach.

    Located worldwide this all inclusive utopias government will have good meaning policies but its reach wont extend outside the capitals walls against desert raiders. People will revel in the anarchy but eventually they’ll all die of hunger as social decay sets into education, agriculture, medicine etc.

  • My utopia – A world where everything (and everyone) is made of chocolate and candy.

    It’s a dangerous world for Hybrid Candy Humans and animals as everything can be eaten in Candy Land. However, there are 3 simple rules to follow

    1. Do not eat or harm other Candy Hybrid humans or animals
    2. Only registered Candy Land candy, approved by the elders, may be consumed.
    3. Residents must always brush their teeth after every meal, dental hygiene is of the upmost importance.

    Those who do not follow the simple rules will be used as the ‘Temptation’ offerings on the latest season of ‘The Biggest Loser’, cowering in fear at the chance of being scoffed by one of the contestants. Only the lucky will survive this horror, clinging to the hope that the contestant is not tempted.

    Candy Land can only be accessed by a secret portal, hidden on Earth, in a location that cannot be revealed. The only way to enter Candy Land is to be chosen by the elders. When the decision is made to bring another into Candy Land, one of the elders makes the discreet trip, disguised as a normal human, to retrieve the chosen.

  • I wouldn’t try to “build” a Utopia as such. Rather, my intention is to create Utopia on Earth by showing people just how good we have it.

    To do this, the “Convergence Device” is created. A neural memory interface, the Convergence Device places the subject into a comatose state, while collating all their memories accumulated during their lifetime to that point.

    From here, the subject is forced repeat every action of their life, this time segmented into carefully categorised experiences. They’ll watch themselves sleep for years without a break. Then spend weeks showering. Hours simply changing the channel on the TV remote.

    If the person is an office worker, they’ll spend over a year just sitting at their desk, typing. If they were a bully, they might spend two or three days beating people up without respite.

    After their whole life has played out before their eyes in segments far too long and uncomfortable to bear, they’ll wake up and leave the Convergence Device, safe in the knowledge that it was a manufactured experience. All the same, their outlook will be vastly different – living their lives in a world where they’ll strive for happiness, savouring each fleeting moment as it comes.

    A true Utopia.

  • My utopia would be situated on a level teetering above our earth’s atmosphere positioned on the brink of space.

    An intergalactic space station equipped with all the glorious splendors and amenities of Earth. The station will house natural environments such as rivers and snow covered peaks and all manner of new and wondrous technology. The ship would be lead by an idealistic young captain willing to prove himself as a bold and fearless leader.

    The captain quickly expands the continuously populating ship until the colony has developed its own fluid systems of currency, government and moralistic ideals.
    Life on the ship truly does seem like paradise; however the captain has failed to take one precaution to ensure the safety of his crew. Equipining the ship with measures to deal with alien life forms.
    A strange alien bacterium is able to seep its way into the ship’s hull, slowly infecting its denizens. With a result seeming pulled out of a B grade Sci Fi film the infected citizens slowly begin to mutate and are thus quarantined. The captain warns his crew not to interfere or agitate the quarantined members however, due to his age and lack of experience his senior medical staff insist on studying the infected and performing tests.
    The tests however turn horribly wrong as the medical staff is attacked, bitten, infected and some even devoured by the strange beast like creatures the contaminated have become. The quarantined escape and the infection spreads throughout the ship in an increasingly rapid rate and soon anarchy results. The captain eager to prove his mettle removes his weapon from his holster, and proceeds to save the remaining members of his once awe-inspiring Utopia.

  • Q. What your version of Utopia would look like?

    A. My Utopia would be a virtual world one that would change to whatever thought you had. You want islands BAM! You’re on an island; you want hot babes BAM! There’s Susan Boyal…no wait I said hot BAM! There’s Jessica Alba. OK so there are still a few bugs. Ultimately it would be a place where you don’t work and eat candy and watch little people dance and sing…damn no wait you can have that too 😛

    Q. What extreme regime would you introduce?

    A. Hmmm this is tough I would like people to do whatever they want really, it’s their world. BUT if I had to enforce something, it would be that people have to play Bioshock 2 multiplayer with me…I know, I know it will be tough but this is my Utopia after all 😛

    Q. Where would you build it?

    A. This is the sweet bit, I’ve been talking to a few scientist, nice chaps from some underwater city (face is a bit f**ked up though, who am I to judge) and they seem to think I should be able to just cut into people’s heads and insert a chip. Sounded a bit freaky I must admit, but it is cost effective.

    Q. How quickly do you expect it will devolve into chaos?

    A. Well a few test subjects have had to be put down, shame really. But I have been assured that once all the bugs are ironed out, people should get a good couple of minutes before either their head explodes or I have to shoot them. I would have to say this is the future 😛

    Any questions?

  • My utopia would be situated on a large blue cube up and to the left.

    There would be no normal buildings as such: each citizen will create an incarnation of thought expressed in any way the see fit. The more imaginative and original the thought the more influence the individual has on the course of the cube.
    The incarnations may encompass as much of the cube’s surface as they wish, however the larger and more complex the thought, the harder it is to maintain and if one lets their mind wander, the forgotten space may be claimed by another.

    The goal if the society is the pursuit of enlightenment.
    Powered by the resonance of the citizens creativity; the cube travels the depths of subconscious imagination usually tapped briefly during dreams.
    In this realm there is no limits or laws, even comprehension is not necessary – just possibility. The direction the cube takes is dictated by the direction, form and influence of each persons creation.

    Enlightenment is however is a personal goal and with infinite possibilities the chance of traveling a path of universal appeal is quite possibly impossible.

    As the cube begins to transcend into realms befitting that of the most influential denizens, the others will band together to overthrow the dominant manifestations and pull the cube towards their own personal nirvana. Others shall disagree in turn and an ideological attrition shall ensue.
    From this crucible shall arise two opposing pinnacles of theology, pulling against each other for all eternity.

    Down through the eons scraps of imagination escape into the body of the cube; forgotten in the eternal struggle.
    These stray thoughts take form of their own, exploding into a unique reality where life begins and forms thoughts of their own.
    These beings shall live and learn and try to seek their own enlightenment but will forever be torn between the ideals of the last great denizens of a cube beyond their comprehension.

  • Name: Marvelton D.C.

    Purpose: The floating city of Marvelton D.C. is one that will allow the barriers of science to be obliterated, without interruption. The once oppressed mad scientists of the world will now have a new home, one where the PC term for their kind is the “intellectually liberated creators”. Up here they would have the freedom to conduct their research, and create wondrous leaps in technology, under the watchful eye of the Justicars! Super-human protectors from another world, who embrace our core ideas and values, whilst maintaining law and order with the powers of flight, super-speed, super-strength, blah blah blah. By working together, the Justicars can ensure that the super-science being created in my city will be used responsibly, and by the appropriate officials.

    Location: Hovering above the world’s most populated cities. As a floating city, it would be able to move around whenever business dictated, and so be able to trade directly with it’s partner cities. This movement allows the Justicars to spread their net” as it were and help out in the surface cities. This movement would enable the city to remain outside of the domestic laws that countries may have, and also ensure perfect weather at all times. Selling the technology they create, and patenting it’s use would fund the upkeep of the city, and amass in private fortunes, of course.

    Governing Body: The Justicars are the law enforcement elite. Like a police force of Supermen, but without the slow, country-boy personality.

    Devolution: Sooner or later the Justicars are going to twig that they are the top of the heap, and no one can threaten that. They’ll start strong-arming the scientists into NOT creating super-science, and so the really cool tech will go underground. Err, ground-side. This isn’t going to go down well, and martial law will become the norm, but Super-style. If you are caught committing a felony, you will receive the sentence of expulsion from my city, as performed by the Justicars – ie, they will bodily throw you off the city. This will usually result in death, but that’s all the mad scientists’ fault for not being able to withstand the fall.

    For major felony’s (or defying the Justicars), the punishment is similar, except you are thrown into space. Things begin to fall apart around now.

  • My utopia would simply be a true democracy, not a republic. There would be no guns, only weapons that require a skill. It would exist in a fruitful 4 seasoned environment and flourish for a generation or two until its size became its downfall. For greed would start to overrun as it always does, and jealously would set it. The town would dissolve from the inside and few would survive the overall destruction. It would be, Allocation.

  • Writing A Song Called My Utopia
    about the idea i wrote before

    My Utopia my city aside from the dead with one wrong move you will your last breathe
    Death of a hater in a world among the living but feeling so dead full of adam the Power Is
    going to My Head my state of mental of half has gone south for the winter too bad the moons
    A cold place where most people have tearing of their face these walls are beautiful but
    They hold much sin for any man to lose your mind is sane for every move I do I feel
    Like I benign watched

    • Opps
      My Utopia my city aside from the dead with one wrong move you will your last breathe
      Death of a hater in a world among the living but feeling so dead full of adam the Power Is
      going to My Head my state of mental health has gone south for the winter too bad the moons
      A cold place where most people have tearing of their face these walls are beautiful but
      They hold much sin for any man to lose your mind is sane for every move I do I feel
      Like I benign watched

  • A French based Utopia, we eat cheese, we live in a grape vine covered hilltop. it would never break down, cause the French are lovers, not fighters and would just surrender anywho…..

  • My version of utopia would be a large island in the middle of the sea completely made of pudding.
    As leader of Puddin’ Island I would not let any of my subordinates eat my pudding, only feed it to me via giant pudding shovels.
    While this may seem like a flawed concept, I believe that if we all come together to create this incredible island that we can probably make history.

    To be honest if I hog all the pudding people may revolt rather quickly. This is when I’d implement pudding rations to make everyone calm down, it would work because seriously, who doesn’t love pudding?

  • My idea of a utopia came to me in a dream. I don’t know what inspired it – perhaps some kind of inner genius I always suspected of existing.

    Far away from the known universe is a lush, green luminescent world called Mandora, inhabited by spectacular wildlife, floating mountains, wild plants and populated by native inhabitants called the Ma’vi. The Ma’vi, unlike humanity, are in sync with their world, they live off the land, are deeply spiritual and co-exist with the mighty animals of Mandora in perfect harmony.

    In this utopia I get to go and learn the ways of the Ma’vi. I become one of the tribe, I tame great beasts of the sky, surrender myself to the preservation of the world and also get to bonk a confusingly hot cat-girl blue-man-group chick. It’s awesome.

    But all goes awry when humanity catches up with me, sending in their stereotypically evil military forces to annihilate the peaceful Ma’vi to steal from them some retarded-sounding natural element found on Mandora. I must become a leader of the Ma’vi, put aside my old ways and rouse to tribes to fight back, working with the natives and the spirit of Mandora to drive away the invading…

    ..wait a minute. I know where I got this idea from. It’s Pocahontas!

  • Hidden just behind the veil of reality, viewable only from the corner of your eye, lies the realm of my Utopia, the city of Belief.

    Founded upon the idea of thought, this place of pure contemplation is home to the dreamers, those willing to take their inspirations and expand them into new consciousness.

    Slipping into Belief, newcomers are greeted at the Gates of Conjecture, by our Lady of Assumption the fair maiden Constants, whose beauty is beyond beholding, with her flowing golden locks, and her skin as smooth as silk. Constants offers those seeking entrance into Belief, a warm welcome, a friendly smile, and leaves them in a state of emotional complacence.

    From the towering Spires of Cognition through the long winding streets of Persuasion, all the way to the Cerebral Offices of the Imagination district, every resident of the grand city of Belief wants for nothing more than to engage in the exchange of intellectual opinion.

    Children play in the Fountain of Ideology at the centre of Belief, while other citizens enjoy the consumption of Pi at the local Café de Mathematic. Some seek only to mediate in the Gardens of Absence, while others prefer to engage in the lively sport of Ethical Philosophy.

    Our glorious benefactor Maximal Mentation, holds together the threads of thinking, and is the city’s most conscientious and reasoned individual. Max overseas the will of the city, laying down the undeniable facts that make up the laws of Belief.

    Enforcing these facts are the hard working men and women of the Department of Tautology. Any member of the public caught riffling through the thought processing plants without the proper permutations, for example, will find themselves confined to a single brain cell, or worse, placed inside a repeating meme.

    No unauthorised nonsense is tolerated outside the Festival of the Ridiculous. Such disruptions caused by last cycle’s Perpetual Notion machine highlighted the need for tighter regulatory restrictions on free thinking.

    Recent incursions by the terrorist group known only as Dogma have necessitated the introduction of new thought revoking counter measures.

    Similarly anyone engaging in unlicensed religious discourse within the city of Belief will be dealt with harshly but fairly, as any cult like behaviour must be purged from the streets of our proud community.

    This includes constructive conceptualisation without due illustration of said constructs as being intangible in nature and devoid of meaning or purpose, as well as non-canonical fictional representation of paradoxical agents or indeed undefined variable usage.

    The sudden outbreak of irrational hypothesis within the city of Belief has meant we will be going into platonic lock-down. Belief will be engaging in transcendental secularism during this period and all thought processes shall be routed through the central tenet building.

    We must maintain logical order at all costs.

    Maximal Mentation has recently decreed there must be one agreement to every argument, a unifying single idea must be adhered to if we are to resist the temptations of impressionable objectivism.

    Madness has gripped Belief, and at this time our temporal chronology shall not be lost within recursive in-fighting.

    There is no sense to this lunacy. The facts must not be brought into doubt. Every duck can take its hammer into sovereignty.

    Left, the widow can’t pretentiously mask when there are no turnips in my ear bed.

    Fools! Fools us everyone?

    The stinge.

  • In my Utopia, everyone would be free to do what they want. They can play games all day without fear of having to do the laundry or wash the dishes. They will be free from the repressive shackles of the vacuum cleaner and would never ever have to scrub another toilet bowl again!

    I am currently building this Utopia in my living room and I have erected a pillow fort to protect it. Alas, my wife has vowed to topple my regime, using her inscrutable logic, saying that “the dishes won’t wash themselves”. Bah! In my Utopia we eat take out every day!

    If we cannot reach a diplomatic agreement I feel my Utopia is doomed. Her nookie sanctions are really starting to hurt and I fear this Utopia may be destroyed by bedtime.

  • My utopia is Xanadu (i.e. the 1980s film), with roller skating and lycra aplenty. Disco would reign supreme in a society built inside a gigantic roller-cade amphitheater, where the only travel ordained is by blessed roller-skate (walking is outlawed).

    All would worship effigies of Olivia Newton John, and endorsements for handheld gaming consoles for use by senior citizens would play in public gathering places 24/7.

    This perfect civilization would prosper until the invasion of Delta Goodrem (the ‘Promotions-Harlot’) and her invading PR-forces. Delta’s quest is to consume all endorsement deals throughout the galaxy, and be the promotional face for all products in existence. She would assimilate Olivier Newton John’s divine image and transend through the endorsement deal for hand-held gaming console. From then forth she would pedal silly image and vocal filters for all gaming systems.

    * either PS3 version or Xbox version

  • Utopia would look like Earth circa 2010, and everyone would have free will, to create their own unenforceable extreme regime, situated here (Earth).

    Estimated time til chaos: well it’s been 200,000 years, with a population of 6.9 billion, and we’re still here and peaceful enough, well most of us.

  • Hmm, my utopia would be a reflection of my rather disturbed personality. It’d be a dark and cold orbiting space station full to the brim with the most sophisticated technology and the brightest minds of the planet with which I intend to build a new human race after the destruction of the old one (yes, I’m a fan of moonraker). The selected few would be of no more than 40 years but obvious exception will be made for Christopher Lee because he’s made of awesome and would be a brilliant announcer for my public address system. In addition, each member would have a cybernetic implant that permits information sharing, a form of on-demand technological telepathy which also houses a secret behavioural modifier that subtly directs them to act in a way I would approve of. Not so much a borg collective, more of a “don’t be a dickhead” chip which would actively override the user’s higher brain fucntions in cases involving the more heinous of crimes such as murder, vetoing an R18+ classification or finishing the last of the milk without making sure I’ve had my coffee.

    I imagine the division and dissolution into chaos would happen fairly rapidly and come down to a fight between the forces embodying my arrogance and the forces embodying my depression whilst the forces embodying my irrepressible smartarse nature heckled both from the sidelines

    In short, a repressive dictatorial regime helmed by a power crazed lunatic but damnit it’d be one where an adult could play an R rated game!

    As a side thought, can you actually post comments without an email? I always figured that the email field being compulsory would have covered that but if its posted in the article body, it implies otherwise. Just in case thats not valid, my email is my username

  • My utopia would be a free-floating island the size of Tasmania with a island-wide high-capacity fibre-optic network and eco-friendly cities. I would create an atheist theocracy as a haven for all people who are sick of churches, mosques and the all-pervading influence of religion on government and culture.
    The inflow of intelligent, independant and free-thinking people would make the island financially strong.
    Becoming the first truly independant nation, the society would eventually break down after repeated terrorist attcks from every mainstream religion against “the godless masses” and the strain placed on the island by the constant stream of immigrants.

  • My Utopia would be set in an alternate timeline of the current world, with a few important changes.
    Sega are still in business as a console maker and release the “Master Dream Drive” a high def console that kicks the competitions arse.
    Nintendo still release the Wii but make some actual good games for the system and care about their fanbase.
    Manglobe finally get around to releasing a second season of Samurai Champloo, Microsoft never release Vista and the Power Rangers franchise is revived in the same vein as Transformers.
    Lastly, I wake up one day as Wolverine, real Pokemon are discovered by explorers and all the cows in the world start making chocolate flavoured milk.

  • The Doorway to Aipotu!!

    In a far distant future, the planet Earth has decayed into a hellish dystopia, and for the inhabitants life is nothing but an agonising struggle towards the inevitability of horrific death. There is but one hope for happiness – To earn a pass to enter the fabulous Doorway to Aipotu!!! Earning such a privilege can take a lifetime, and is not always guaranteed. The only constant of entry is the massive amount of cash that will be paid to The Keepers of The Door! (Some manner of private corporation which has achieved that highest of corporate goals – pure cash profit from the purest of human suffering). Indeed, this society has progressed to the point that the Keepers sit atop thrones and rule over the entire world. There is no more technological, artistic, athletic or any other form of progress to be made – as all of humanity lives only to gain entry to the door.

    Few can look up from their own toiling long enough to notice one simple fact. Never has a Keeper entered the doorway. There is the flimsy pretext of lifelong sacrifice to allow others the chance of entry (so-called ‘sacrifice’ spent in more lavish comfort than ever before known on the planet), but indeed it is for another, much darker reason. Only they know that the door is a simple teleportation device, the destination of which is the uninhabitated, unoxygenated, entirely unlivable surface of the moon.

    Entrants enjoy a brief second of the purest joy before they suffocate, then explode.

  • In keeping with every little kid’s (supposed) dream, my utopia would be running away to the circus. I shall create my world in an enormous three ring tent.

    It will be glorious. Every man will be the strongest-man-on-earth ™, every woman will be a contortionist, bearded, or joined at the hip. I will be king, known as the Ringmaster, and my queen(s) will be (a) bendy, bearded siamese twin(s). But she only gets one crown, I’m not made of money.

    My empire (or kingdom, I suppose) shall reign supreme, until the sad day that digital entertainment becomes cheap and realistic enough that no one wants to go to the circus anymore. But I won’t give up, until finally I’ll be old, and all but alone, sitting on my throne (circuses have thrones, right?) yelling at my last clown, “He’s behind you!”…

    But there’ll be no-one behind him. (fade to black, wipe tear)

    Valid email adullard at gmail dot com

  • My utopia will lye in the himalayas, deep within them were there is no exit or entrance.No Man’s Land. Consisting of tunnels within the mountains and underground.
    The facility will powered by square miles of solar panels well camouflaged on the mountains to recieve all the sunlight possible.
    Food is not limited, indoor farms, and gardens keep a continuous flow of food.
    But a place so unforgiving can have its drawbacks…
    in a place like this, all people can see is snow, and feel cold just by looking at it. Sure at first this is a paradise within hell, but the more time spent, the more dreaded the thought becomes.
    Everyone will lose their mind, and there is no doubt of that fact. The smart will look for ways to enhance positive thought, but will only lead to more corruption for power, setting anarchy, splitting into groups of different beliefs, and then… BIG YETTIS!
    When this happens, everyone looks out for their own ass.

  • My utopia would be one where I have the game won from the kotaku comp and playing it without any disturbance so for this to be an eligible entry I have to win 😛

  • My utopia would be the only free country on Earth. No need to fear getting arrested over a political statement, no need to fear Michael Atkinsons, no need to fear internet filters.
    And high speed connections for all!

  • My version of Utopia is… Australia

    Extreme Regime is small breasts are BANNED! and 18+ games classification is introduced finally.

    My castle would be built in the middle of the Gold Coast Theme parks – Dreamworld, Sea world, Movie world and the Wet ‘n’ Wild Water world.

    Kangaroos and Koalas will be mass produced and exported to fund my utopia.

    I expect the whole place to devolve into chaos within the first week, because the Polar bears will be the bid daddies and penguins will be the little sisters – they will wear goth dresses and directly extract ADAM with their beaks!

  • Think of all the disenfranchised hardcore raiders out there that have put their blood, sweat and tears (and coke and pizza) into their characters; acquiring the most wealth, the highest level of social status, the best equipment, and nobody appreciates them! All they get is a reprimand at work for turning up late after a hard night of Icecrown attempts, or friends who give them grief for cancelling on a night out so they can farm Ulduar. They’re alienated by a world that does not respect or understand their achievements.

    Well now they can have a place where they truly fit in, a place where they can live amongst their own kind, where their social status and position within the community will be directly influenced by the standing within their MMO of choice; the first ever MMU (Massively Multiplayer Utopia). A true Utopia, where it is possible for anyone, even the smallest level 45 druid to rise to the dizzying heights of true power and status, all it takes is a few months of sleepness nights and a steady supply of caffeine and anybody can turn their dreams into a reality. One world-first hard mode boss down is all that stands between you and all the fame, power and status you have ever dreamed of.

    But this is not some elitist, exclusive club. This is a Utopia for the everyman too, we love the casual carebears as much as we do the hardcore elite. Every city, every civilisation, while ruled over by the power hungry, corrupt elite, is built on the backs of the hardworking people, the tradesmen, the engineers, the gold farmers. So you’re just a casual player and you like leveling up your Blacksmithing? Thats fine, not everyone has what it takes to actually achieve something worthwhile, at least in the MMU you will still be appreciated for the contributions you do make while at the same time you get the unparelleled opportunity to admire and be inspired by those who rise to greater heights.

    Of course, I’m sure it wouldn’t last long, its only a matter of time until the Knights of the Old Republic MMO comes out, and then I’m sure it will be civil war. Thats probably when I retire to a far away country with no extradition laws and live off the ill-gotten gains I fleeced from those poor saps. Oh shit, is this thing still on? Can we edit that last bit out in post?

  • My utopia is one where i am sitting at work, tomorrow morning/afternoon and browsing to find the results of the Bioshock 2 competition. I click the link and read the text that follows to find, to my amazement that i am in fact the winner of such a wonderful prize.

    I then bounce around my tiny office screaming like a little girl, yelling “i won, i effing won!” over and over again until Ben, the guy in the storeroom, gives me a high five (or knuckles) and Mell, the accounts lady, gives me a concerned look. I eventually calm down slightly and return to my work, however extra giddy for the remainder of the day. Customers are concerned for my mental well being when i answer the phone still squeaking.

    Now, here’s the clincher – Unlike all the other entries that have been placed here during the day, and surely later this evening, my Utopia is much easier to achieve. Whilst a lot of other people’s ideas of their utopia may indeed be completely achievable with very little effort, mine can be granted with one simple post from a friendly Kotaku editor. Imagine how that would feel for that editor? Being able to grant one person their utopia, possibly even bringing themselves closer to utopia from karmic alignment.

    I’d say that my idea for my personal utopia is by far the most beneficial to more parties. In a way it’s almost selfless…. almost…

  • My Utopia is a world where colour does not exist. Everything is either black or white.

    My Utopia is a world where shapes are simplified and objects are less detailed.

    In short, when you enter my Utopia, my newly invented “Reverse Evolution” machine will strip your brain of its ability to differentiate between colours, and simplify any shape and object you see to its bare essentials.

    My Utopia will then be a world where there is no such thing as racism or discrimination, for everyone is of the same colour. The difference between beauty and ugly will be small, for people look more alike.

    My Utopia will then be an asylum for the oppressed, and victims of racial hatred.

    My Utopia will then be a haven for the mentally talented, but phsyically disadvantaged, for your worth is more heavily measured by your Intelligence and not looks.


    In time, My Utopia will be cursed with boredom. People will strive to be different, and begin wearing oversized and ridiculously shaped clothing to compensate for the lack of detail in their vision.

    In time, My Utopia will parent the creation of a single people, because there is no diversity. Languages start to meld and cultures dissapear.

    In time, My Utopia will see the people yearn for the days of Red, Blue and Yellow. Where no two oak trees looked alike. The people will quickly be separated into those who wish to revert back to the old days and those who do not.

    At that time, My Utopia falls apart. War will break out because of clashes between the desperation for change and the desperation for no change.

    At that time, there is no place for a middle stance in My Utopia. Only the two extremes exist and there is no choice but to choose a side. There is no neutrality and no escape because you were part of a SINGLE people who split into TWO.

    At that time, My Utopia fails. People become as miserable as they were before, if not more so. There is no middle ground or compromise, not until one side is completely wiped out.

  • my utopia would be metal island that is off the coast of australia. it is a complete island dedicated to rock and metal, in honour of the greats of the history of earth.all over the island are shrines and stages.

    the island is inhabited by metal heads and rockers. till one day one man decides to sail the globe searching for more land, that man, is none other than, soljia boy. this throws the metal head into a rage as they prepare to wage war against the hip-hop hooligans. a portion of the island becomes inhabited by the hip-hop hooligans as the war continues.

    the island becomes somewhat of a legend and secret portals left by the rock gods themselfs are scattered around the world. the portals can only be found by metal heads. will more metal heads find the portals to help rock prevail? or will hip-hop taint the land?

    there, thats mine… hell yeah.

  • CODEX: 71.077699.827
    EPOCH: E2-31.88 (REL. ‘2097AD. August 29’)
    LOCTN: SOL-3(X) (REL. ‘EARTH’)

  • Ever wondered where that badass citadel portal thing goes in HL2? Welcome to my Utopia!
    The government would be a loving trio of gamers4croydon, Michael Atkinson and Stephen Conroy.
    Why go to a retirement village when you can live next door to Altair and enjoy complimentary 24/7 face warming by head crabs or hangout by the pool and go swimming with big sisters and big daddies!
    My Utopia has everything you will ever need, but what really keeps it alive is it’s fun and friendly citizens like the combine, splicers and even the flood – it’s like a real life cosplay!

    And no, unlike rapture my Utopia will never falter thanks to it’s wonderful people and amazingly stable government.


  • My utopia. A free, open city with advanced technology, no gates, no doors, no rules, no laws, no restrictions, and pack after pack of genetically modified, fast-adapting carnivorous creatures. The presence of these creatures would enforce cooperation between the inhabitants, as these creatures cannot be eradicates, only endured.

    The end will come when one day, the creatures’ evolution outstrips the innovation, skill and even the desperate drive to survive of the human inhabitants and then shall the city fall.

    Still, with the constant stress of living with an all consuming enemy, technology and even social interactiveness would advance in great strides. For a while, anyway.

  • Uultak. The centre city of a world already devoured by corruption and chaos. The only city to still contain life… at least life of mankind. The beings of Uultak are now the only thing to be considered “sane” as the creatures, both Earthly and Demonic, arise from the fissures encrusting the surface of a damned planet. As the world fell deeper into the abyss of despair, Uultak was the only civilized refuge for people to turn.
    Some say it will bring about a new beginning for the superior beings… Others say it will be consumed by the hatred of the world around it.

    As years have passed, the humans of Uultak have become advanced in their knowledge. Their superiority was seen as their strength; but for every strength… must come a weakness.
    The Elite was imparted as a group of leaders that would restore balance and life to the rest of the world. As a member of the Elite, wisdom and knowledge had to be shown in all circumstances; otherwise the downfall of Uultak would become inevitable.
    Uultak, City of the Living, was developed among the very fabrics of imagination by the lead Elite. They built the grand infrastructure into the base of a crater, formed by a meteor impact centuries before. As the swirling spires stood high above the city, the Elite created a city that no human would have ever imagined.
    The wall of the city was built high, as humans aren’t trained within the realm of magicks to fend off the creatures of the netherworlds. Once the walls encased the race… they never saw the outside again. The humans that didn’t make it into the city in time were left to die in the rotting growth outside the vicinity.
    Twisting spires descend from the heavens, allowing sunlight to fall gently on the kingdom. A chapel – decorated and plated by a reinforced titanium, completely impenetrable by even the strongest of weapons – would be placed at the centre of the city; the living quarters for the Elite. Deformed and irregular shaped buildings made of stone and titanium would be placed in a spiral around the chapel, using only just enough material, as their resources are scarce.
    They harnessed the core of the Earth for energy, living off the very essence of life-force created by their planet.

    As life slowly dragged on for the developing refuge, the Elite formed The Law to be applied to all living beings. They debated the most useful Laws for the city, and amidst the frustration and anxiety of the Elite, three rules stood above them all.
    An Elite orders, you obey.
    Do not open the gate.

    Many years passed without the interference of the other-worlds. The ancestors of the race died out, leaving the city to the following generations.
    Present became myth, myth became legend.
    Still the Elite demanded control over the city, teaching the next generations The Law, and enforcing it throughout the land.
    However… throughout the years, the Beings of Uultak became ignorant and greedy. They brooded, day over day, about the world outside; for they did not know what had become of the Earth around them.
    One hundred and twenty-two years had passed since the city of Uultak had been established.
    It was exactly one hundred and twenty-two years until the remaining humans on Earth met their demise when the gate to the city… would finally open.

  • My Utopia will be located at a giant swimming pool in the middle of the simpson desert. It’ll probably all go to shambles when someone pees in the pool.

  • First rule of my utopia is that you don’t talk about my utopia. Second rule of my utopia is, you DON’T TALK about my utopia. Therefor I can’t talk about my utopia…. if it even exists….

  • My Utopia would be the greatest utopia of all, one that resides in the sky… on a ginormous blimp.

    On this blimp there are trees and parks and apartment complexes where only selected game designers and their consumers are chosen to stay. Yes, a society of gamers (see if you might predict where this one might end!)

    It would be a great Utopia filled with gamers old and young spending their down time playing games, and their up time selling oxygen masks, which we have become dependent on ever since we realized we’ve had to live further up the atmosphere, to avoid the spears of the ‘anti-R18+ rating’ bureaucrats, quite literally!

    These morlock-like creatures fly their own planes but never succeed in reaching our giant gamer blimp, and rely on primal tactics such as throwing spears in mid-flight in an attempt to burst our flying bubble of freedom. They speak gibberish and nonsense, to the degree at which no one could understand or even begin to comprehend, to lull their own kind into believing whatever they say, so they may enforce whatever it is they see fit.

    The purpose of the blimp’s sewerage system would be fulfilled, as it is designed to lay thematic justice onto the citizens below.

    But this gaming utopia would not last very long, as perfect an idea as it may have been. For soon, the gamer condition that develops into the disease called, “The Inner Fanboy” would ruin countless lives on the blimp, devolving them into a pack of clubbing, screaming, monkeys. Once again, this would be a literal representation, as they would scream and club anyone who did not agree with them.

    Eventually the disease devolves them into a specific breed which causes the monkey to preference pyrotechnics in lieu of clubbing. The Gamer Blimp (affectionately named, Cloud Gamers) would be felled in the massive fires of the “Great Flame War”, losing many of our greatest achievements and Trophies.

  • Now this is the story all about how
    I made, created my Utopia in thirty days
    And I’d like to take a minute, just hold your gaze
    I’ll tell you how my Utopia’s the new underwater craze

    In West Rapture born and raised
    In Fort Frolic where I spent most of my days
    Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
    And splicing some plasmids outside of the school
    When a couple of Splicers said “we’re up to no good”
    Started making trouble in my neighbourhood
    I killed them both, and then I said:
    “I’m making a new Rapture, this place is dead”

    I moved and walked out the next day
    Packed my suitcase, went on my way
    Killed some splicers, got my ticket
    Going up in the elevator, hell, I may as well kick it

    On the surface, yo this is bad,
    Walking on the beach, feet hurtin’ from broken glass
    Is this what the people of the surface livin’ like,
    Yo this is definitely not alright!

    So I started making my Utopia fresh,
    Got distracted to much from many a gaming sesh
    Had an idea in mind, a gamers’ retreat
    With my mind made up, started buildin’ on an empty street.

    After many months, yo it was done
    And I smiled and said “now, wait for the gamers to come”
    Looking at my Utopia, yo I was sure,
    That it wouldn’t be ruined by a fanboy war!

  • My Utopia would be a painfully luxurious mansion built within a hollowed out diamond as big as the Ritz. I’ll be the only human, everyone else will be the Muppets, plus one guest star per week (who will then have to be killed so as not to divulge the location of the diamond to the outside world, except for Peter Sellars and Bea Arthur, they can stay. Oh, and Rodney Dangerfield, he can be the third Prime Minister, along with Staedler and Waldorf (the two old guys who heckle from the balcony) who, with my ill-informed blessing, introduce a No Sucking law, which they enforce with zero tolerance).
    A utopia like this would very quickly devolve into chaos, musical riots, fish attacks, chicken coups (get it?), resistance factions spearheaded by guests who’ve escaped my clumsily put-together killing machines (why I thought you could tickle someone to death, I don’t know, but it sounded good at the time and it was the only way Fozzie would get any laughs). Eventually I would escape my gilded cage by flooding the pit where all the puppeteers live, only to be thrown back into the diamond by lawyers for the estate of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Peace will come only when the remaining muppets and I band together to fight the common enemy, ALF.
    Victorious, I open up the Diamond as big as the Ritz to the public to enjoy free of charge, letting everyone in the world enjoy the opulence but ultimately depriving myself of my Utopia until I die in a lonely veterans’ hospital with Gonzo the Great and the Swedish Chef by my side. Oh, and Rodney Dangerfield.

  • A choc-topia of sorts, made of chocolate and candy, People would live like human termites living in a huge mountain of chocolate, gummies and candy canes are used to hold up the tunnels.

    The chocolate mound is located high in the mountains where it stays cool and doesn’t melt.

    Chaos begins when people begin having sugar rushes, and because of the abundance of chocolate and candy, eventually everyone’ll be driving each other insane by running around hyper 😛

  • Utopia would be any place where a functioning Hover-Buffet exists, utilising ‘Back to the Future’ Hover-Board technology the Hover-Buffet floats along (making a whirrrring sound of course) with seating for all, and constantly replenishes itself with whatever snacks it users desire. Nom Nom.

  • The fabled land of SA

    In SA everyone is safe. Especially the children. You must always, always think of the children.

    In SA there is no depraved sex and violence. Everyone is happy and merry because we have our benevolent leader Chairman MA.

    Under the Guidance of MA information is filtered to perfection to insure that nothing unsavoury might harm the citizens of SA. Especially the children.

    SA has a great team of virtual bowlers and tennis players. Some of the best in the world. We don’t have any army or police because nothing bad ever happens. Everyone gets along really well.

    If someone wishes to question MA they must give all their details to the authorities. This is only to make sure that they really exists and that they are not malicious lies planted by the enemies of MA and SA. They are always attacking SA with their criminal activities and dirty tricks.

    So please, come to SA where nothing bad ever happens!!(and if they said it does that person doesn’t exist!)

  • With the wonders of scientific break though I would create ‘Nosh’ a magical nirvana of delicious cuisine and edible wonders. Stashed secretly in the hills of France my secret society would enjoy the finest foods the world has to offer all sprinkled with my secret herbs and spices.

    In ‘Nosh’ you see the more you eat the more athletic and attractive you become to the opposite sex, in Nosh the Hobbit meal times are legendary and all seven known as breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper are taken at the very minimum.

    In ‘Nosh’ the entire year is a festival as what better excuse to eat, the only time the Noshie community ever have to worry about is when the Tour de France rears its ugly head. Always a different route each year the community would need to hide its existence. To do this the community would annually invite the ‘overweight actors guild’ of both Europe and United States to counter balance is perfect human being specimens and divert any unwanted attention or visitors.

    The obvious de-evolution of such a wonderful place is of course when a young spoilt youngster falls in love with a fair but ‘non-nosh’ maiden in the neighbouring community. The elders aware that once starved of the secret herbs and spices the youths body would compensate, they banish the headstrong lad to the dungeons. The boy confused and hurt would rebel with a hunger strike and in doing so unleash the very beast the elders where so fearful of. With his no found body bulk the hideous boy would escape the clutches of his tyrants.

    His arrival on the doorstep of his horrified fair maiden would alert the world of something amiss …

  • My utopia will be a ‘happy place’, where the lawns are beautifully manicured and water fountains, flowers and trees are in abundance. It’ll probably be on a golf course. The girl of my dreams will accompany me, dressed in a white corset and white suspender stockings carrying jugs of beers for me. My grandma will be in the ‘happy place’, playing the slot machines and never losing. My midget friend will be riding a broomstick horse while my mentor, who in real life had his hands taken in a tragic crocodile accident, will be playing a beautiful white grand piano with the hands that God gave him.

    The only way I see this ‘happy place’ going to sh*t is if my arch enemy, Shooter, suddenly invades my ‘happy place’, stealing the girl of my dreams and my grandma…

  • My utopia would inherently be a dystopia. Every Utopian society fails right? Well why not turn the tables on everything and create a dystopia right off the bat.

    You might think this is crazy and wouldn’t work but I have more levels to my mad plan, just like Ogres have layers (not unlike the common onion).

    Now if I was to sprinkle in some of humanities more idealistic and romantic individuals amongst the chaos I fully believe that these people will begin in their own way fixing and righting the wrongs. Recruiting people to their cause and eventually turning things around.

    Thus by creating the eventual outcome of a utopia first, I am engineering an actual working society.

    Now please send the doctor back in, I have some things I’d like to discuss with him.

  • My version of utopia would be a faux democratic community in which I rule with an iron fist and an outdated conservative approach to all aspects of human (and in some cases animal) life. Although illusions of free speech and human rights would persist among it’s citizens I would slowly, surreptitiously introduce legislature which would ultimately undermine the very ideas of free will and accountability. I would deny responsible adults the privilege of choosing their own opinion and/or mature entertainment, forcing them instead to watch only reruns of Sesame Street whilst listening to “Peter and the Wolf”, wearing adult diapers and drinking weak decaffeinated tea. I would build this glorious bastion of contempt for my fellow man in the southern reaches of Australia. Although my apparent disregard for the public opinion would no doubt spurn discontent among the masses, ultimately resulting in chaos (ie. Parents raising their own children in the manner in which they see fit, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria), I would curb such dissent by preventing people commenting on elections anonymously.
    Pants would also be mandatory.
    I’ll have none of this “no pants” action in my utopia.

  • My Utopia would be a real-life society based on the community found at 4chan. True freedom and expression!

    It’s downfall would be that it would implode within minutes, akin to pissing in an ocean of piss. Everybody drowns in urine resulting in a BAD END.

  • my “utopia” would earth as it is but with more airships+flying cars.

    the next [insert]shock[#] should be set in a huxley-esque future with flying cars and hoverboards.

    *we need more hoverboards. in all aspects of all things.*

    then we could have like sky-splicers attacking airships. us trying to shoot them down with our plasmids. adam is no longer created by lil sisters but available from nanovendors.

    lil sisters turn out to be immortal after gov’t beta testing

    ever since we treat them like ghouls scaring children with stories of them sucking out the life+adam while they sleep.

    they still roam the place but since they can’t die the gov’t tried rounding them up but big daddies/sisters/brothers/mothers/aunts/uncles/nephews/nieces/cousins retaliated and was kinda liek a civil war that ended in stalemate.

    the big daddies have nearly died out but some still roam the place, upgraded with mini-mounted-turrents or their normal drills

    then like theres too much pollution, and parts of the world inhospitable to everyone but “miners”, people in daddy-o suits with the drillbit that don’t look like bomberman.

    so people have to go there to get notpossibletogetnium. which can power the nano generators which provide the life style everyone enjoys

    but the pollution is getting worse and miners have gone crazy due to plasmids needed to survive in dead zones, so people are starving and gov’t tries to help but epic fail and majority of armed forces become batshit crazy spilcers (at this point in time most ppl are normally human+, ppl with plasmids)

    leads to the world over run by splicers and survivors trying to live off adam resources, get food+drink, survive and half way through there’d be a love interest and especially important because u like company and are a bit of a shit person to hangout with.

    and theres like religious groups of non human+’s and they are out to kill everyone because it’s gods will etc etc. and they’ve got traps laid out all over to kill u.

    then shit hits the fan cause world crisis and gov’t are too weak, god-types think its rapture, splicers taking over world and we be running out of food.

    wait what was the competition?
    i <3 bioshock and i'm too poor for video games.

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