WIN! Dante’s Inferno PS3/360 Game And Book

Last chance to get your gluttonous hands on a copy of Dante's Inferno. All you have to do is describe to us your Seven Deadly Sins of Gaming.

Dante’s Inferno is the new action adventure from EA and Visceral Games, the guys responsible for Dead Space and The Godfather. It’s based on the Divine Comedy, the classic work of 14th century Italian literature written by Dante Alighieri depicting the poet’s journey into the afterlife and through the nine circles of Hell.

You can find out from producer Jonathan Knight just how Visceral reimagined Dante’s Inferno, from poetry to playability, in our interview.

We’ve got eight copies of Dante’s Inferno – four Xbox, four PS3 – and eight copies of the book to give away this week. Today is the last day we’ll be offloading two prize packs: one with the 360 version and book, the other with the PS3 version and book.

To win, we want to know your picks for the Seven Deadly Sins of Gaming. Dante’s description of Purgatory contained his interpretation: pride, envy, wrath, sloth, avarice, gluttony and lust.

But what for you are the most objectionable vices in video gaming? Don’t just give us a list, explain your choices.

Leave your entry in the comments below along with your console preference (don’t say both). You must also include a valid email address or use Facebook Connect. Entries close at midnight EDT tonight and the final two daily winners will be announced over the weekend.

And the winners of Thursday's draw were kingcong and Chuloopa.

Good luck!

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    My 7 Deadly Sins (things NOT to do) when it comes to gaming...

    Sin No.1: Moving on from a game that is only half finished, with the game waiting for you to 'complete it'...

    Sin No.2: Feeling pity for yourself when your Wii Fit assistant is telling you that you are getting a little fat...

    Sin No.3: Wear a Tshirt featuring an image of a 'teabag' to a LAN competition, and expect a positive reaction...

    Sin No.4: Accidently trade in a game at EB Games when you completely forgot that it actually belonged to your sister...

    Sin No.5: Accidently trade in a game at EB Games when you forgot that you rented it from a video store a few days before...

    Sin No.6: Own up to your parents that you were in fact the person that capped the internet for excessive downloading of Rock Band songs...

    Sin No.7: Move away from your computer during a Modern Warfare 2 match, only to drop a nuke of your own at a nearby bathroom...

    Xbox 360 preferred please :D

    1. Admitting you actually bought the game "Shaq Fu" when you had a Sega Geneis. KAZAAM BIZZATCH!

    2. Eating all the Roast Chicken whilst playing Streets of Rage, and leaving nothing for your partner. SHOTGUN AXEL!

    3. Selecting the character Oddjob when playing Multiplayer GoldenEye 64. ODDJOB, REALLY?

    4. Playing Leisure Suit Larry 7 as a young teen and actually getting excited by the sex scenes, or lack thereof. CAPTAIN THYGH!

    5. Having a nightmare and completly $hitting yourself because you stayed up all night playing Silent Hill 2. PYRAMID HEAD!

    6. Playing the Nintendo Wii with your parents...and actually have fun. HOLD IT LIKE THIS!

    and the biggest gaming sin of all...

    7. Borrowing a mate's game, only to keep it for so long that he forgets about it and it becomes yours...FOREVER! mwhahahaha


        I want my Bioshock back, I haven't forgotten.

    Bounching boobs, they always amuse,
    But while I was drooling, sitting there fooling,
    Rock bottom, I just hit LUST

    My treasured friends, reached to their ends,
    But EB beckons, how much for these seconds?
    I’m so poor, AVARICE says money, I needs more

    Ah, the friends list, gee, they must be pissed
    Look at my gamer score, more I have, more more!
    You may have tried, nothing conquers my PRIDE!

    I hate that Tony, he owns a Sony,
    Why should he get, what I haven’t yet?
    His parents money makes my ENVY not funny

    I have this thirst, I must be first!
    My mission: A copy of each and every edition -
    But all this hoarding is a recipe for GLUTTONY

    What? I am dead, the AI fled,
    The game I should be beating must be cheating,
    In my rage, the WRATH lowered my age.

    Why should I care what happens in that game there?
    Too much effort, I’ll just abort
    To complete I am loath, buried so in my SLOTH

    360 version please.

    Pride - God of War - when you finnaly pwn that overpowered n00b Ares after many failed attempts

    Envy - Fable 2 - When your character sleeps with over 50 (in game) girls in 5 hours, then wishing that real life was as easy as offering a fake ring and performing silly dances/emotions

    Wrath - Modern Warefare 2 - When you score 31 kills to 2 deaths and then overkill the n00bs with the nuke.

    Sloth - Fallout 3 - When a quest-giver gives you a quest thats on the other side of the world (omg cbf)

    Greed - Pokemon Red & Blue (originals) - gotta catch em all... EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM

    Gluttony - New Mario Bros Wii - Mario can never satisfy his hunger for mushrooms.

    Lust - Dead or Alive beach volleyball - nuff said

    PS3 Version thanks =D

    7 Sins of Entering Kotaku Competitions
    Greater Sins
    1. A great sin committed by many is entering you top quality material into the first round of entries. Divide and conquer and pull out your gem when others are scraping the bottom of the barrel.
    2. Pop culture references are playing with fire. Used with great care they can be ingenious but far too often we see contestants over using and getting caught in a very un funny place that is very hard to forgive.
    3. Although I do not know the editor personally I’m sure he has a good level of self esteem. Prizes are not awarded to those that feel making an effort to increase this self perception will yield positive results
    Lesser Sins
    4. Thou shall post thy platform preference in your original post. We all get wrapped up in our entries that this is an easy sin to commit.
    5. Thou shall not get mad at entrants who have used your idea and posted first.
    6. Thou shall not pester the editor once you win your prize. It will come be patient.
    7. Finally entering just because you can see there are not currently many quality entries is a sin but I see it more of a guilty pleasure.

    Xbox 360

      I would like to add that I am indeed guilty of the quick post before grammar and spell checking. The shame I feel.

    Sin 1 - Pre-ordering the deluxe collectors edition and also getting life time membership to an MMO that you've never played, and only went on the info from hype.

    Sin 2 - Hacking/Cheating/Exploiting in any game. No matter your reason, it is a major sin in online gaming.

    Sin 3 - Downloading MMOs through Steam! Stupid Steam ate my Star Trek Online client when head start started.

    Sin 4 - Stealing from guild/alliance/clan vaults/banks then leaving the guild.

    Sin 5 - Playing online with a crap computer and connection. Nothing annoys anyone online more then getting teamed with someone who can't even help due to lag and continually drops out.

    Sin 6 - Wiping your team due to pulling an immense amount of mobs on your team.

    Sin 7 - Being a jackass in an online game by purposefully making other people lose or just making their gaming experience horrible.

    1. Thou shall not release a game unto the world that shant live upto thine hype

    2. Thou shall not desecrate ones rivals corpse with thines testicles

    3. Speak not unto those of lesser skill like they are of lesser worth

    4. Thou shalt not place thine wrath upon others whose fault it is not.

    5. Victory shall be taketh away from those that choose to shun friends away for the sake of thine own pride and fortune.

    6. Thou shalt not exploit thine battle to obtain victory in unjust manners.

    7. Thou shalt not be ashamed of thine gaming, for God is but only a gamer.


    Sin 1:
    Maxing out all graphical settings, Tweaking absolutely everything, in order to get the game to look the prettiest it can, even if it only runs at 13fps

    Sin 2:
    Throwing controllers, Screaming like a 9 year old, yelling over Voice chat. accusing people of Hacking or cheating because they beat you, Blaming it on your controller not working.

    Sin 3:
    Eating over your keyboard, Going days without changing your clothes or a shower. Not wearing deodorant at a LAN. Stuffing your
    face with cheezeles and then grabbing the controller with your stained cheesy hands, passing the oily gross thing onto the next
    player when you die.

    Sin 4:
    I have a level 80 elven warlord firedancing sword eater with golden chrome shoulder pads of Plus 8 to melty marshmallow cooking
    goodness. Do you have any idea how retarded boasting about those things sound? We dont want to hear about how you Gank'd some
    noob down in basementville. It would be more entertaining if you just MADE UP a story on the spot. With plot form and story.
    You could keep me interested by leaving it at cliff hangers until next i meet,

    Sin 5:
    pwned, l33t, noob, owned, scrub, nub, lol, kik, ROFLMAO, ROFL, WOOT, FTW, GG, Ding, Gratz, WTG, WTF, FWIW, Tank, ROE, AGRO,
    DOTS, DPS, PUG, NERF, Buffs, d00d, lulz,
    Words such as these, should not be used in real life. ever.

    Sin 6:
    Claiming an old game is the greatest of all time, Its graphics are considered extremely out of date and like a blocky blob of
    pixels, Its storyline never really made that much sense, and its gameplay was unforgiving and a chore to play. But its
    fanatical following has earned it cult status.

    Sin 7:
    Hogging powerups and weapons in Co-op games. Striving to beat your partner. Grabbing the health packs when they are critical and you have near full health. Stealing their kills just to gain those extra points. In some cases not assisting them so they die and lose points.

    (PS3 Prefered)

    1) Addiction: staying awake past 2am playing a game because you just can't stop.

    2) Idiocy: Selling your games to EB via their preowned system. I got $1 for the original Halo.

    3) Rage: Yelling and jumping up and down when a game just doesn't go the way you want.

    4) Never-ending: Buying games and never finishing them.

    5) Team Killing: The idiots running around killing their own team and laughing. I'll also include using Martyrdom in Hardcore for MW2.

    6) Preordering: preordering any game, at any vendor.

    7) n00b-tubing: the sin of killing people with luck/ease.

    When it comes to having a sinfully tarnished soul, mine can be eternally damned to hell thanks to my gaming vices alone...

    1.Gluttony - As I find myself sitting in my room playing games for hours on end, I can't help to gorge and feast away on whatever edible products that are within arm's length until I get to the point where I have to pound my chest to get my heart started again.

    2.Greed (Avarice) - My PS3 has such a possessive grip over me that I and I ALONE am the only one who can play it. Nobody else is allowed near it.

    3.Sloth - It is safe to say that a vast majority of my free time is spent in a zombie like fashion starring away in a mesmerized state of mind drooling at the TV screen while playing PS3. So when it is all said and done years of my life will be sent in the same exact spot..

    4.Pride - I have reached the point that the ONLY thing I can brag about and look down upon others on in my life is my gaming accomplishments. Which I do quite frequently.

    5.Lust - I have become so enamored with my PS3 that I find myself becoming physically attracted to it, when I turn the power button on the sparks fly. The paddle just feels so smooth in my hand and I find myself tempted by the systems game slot..

    6.Envy - I'm so obsessed with games and their characters that I wish I was a video game character. I would rather live the life of any video game character then continue to live through my petty, pathetic existence.

    7.Wrath - Nothing, I mean NOTHING gets me more enraged and hostile then not being able to get past a part in a certain game. Even when I get past the part of the game that has caused my blood to boil uncontrollably I still find myself seething to the point where innocent objects begin to break and my TV receives an unholy verbal onslaught.

    In case you haven't notcied I would prefer the ps3 version! Hah, thanks for the chance, cool contest!

    The Seven Deadly Sins of Gaming -
    Every gamer experiences these 7 dangerous sensations. be in control, or your hobby will control you...

    Time -
    Gaming consumes time, watch the clock or risk getting carried away...

    Women -
    Don't forget to please, or your console WILL die and your gaming will END.

    Sleep Deprivation -
    Gaming can potentially destroy your work/schooling life. You have been warned. Sleep.

    Kleptomania -
    COLLECTING. Gamers turn to maniacs when collectible are mentioned. Multiple playthroughs, countless hours.

    Hype -
    Get sucked into raging fan-boy wars and so much anticipation for a mediocre experience.

    Money - Spend spend spend.

    PS3 version please. If the facebook thing doesnt work (just incase)
    email: [email protected]

      Kleptomania - an irresistible impulse to steal in the absence of any economic motive

      I like the way you collect things champ :D

        holy crap i just realised my 7th sin got cut out somehow Y____Y Fail..

    The misguided, marketing-driven practice of unnecessarily adding an online multiplayer component to predominantly a single player title, with little concern for how the mechanics will translate. Also known as Condemnedism.

    The horror of having a system's display settings not correctly aligned with a TV's native resolution.

    Playing a multi-platform release on any system other than an Xbox360.

    The act of a publisher spending the majority of their budget on purchasing the rights to a successful property (and, in turn, the title's success at market), then devoting limited time and resources to developing a software title based on said property.

    The common specialist retailer practice of selling used titles at the price point of $5 less than the RRP of a new copy, positioning the second hand product to customers that were intent on purchasing a new copy (often claiming to be "out of stock" of new copies), then attempting to upsell the customer with a $5 disc guarantee.

    Leaving one's romantic partner's sexual needs unfulfilled as a result of borderline obsessive compulsive behaviour and the growing length of games.

    The act/result of playing any fighting game using a joypad.

    1. Leaving an old game unfinished to play the latest one.

    2. Buying and hiring new games even if you have a few unfinished games.

    3. Not playing the exclusives you bought the console for!

    4. Forcing yourself to finish a game you absolutely hate.

    5. Taking help of online guides/walkthroughs and feeling guilty about it.

    6. Setting up a budget for gaming and spending over it.

    7. Ignoring all of the above and keep gaming!!

    Xbox 360 version preferred.

    1.Buying banjo kazooie nuts and bolts.Thinking it was going to be a revolutionary game.Only to find out that watching grass grow is more enjoyable.
    2.buying vampire reign.Only to find out that it would be alot more fun having my eyelids super glued open and being forced to watch episodes of the bold and the beautiful.
    3.Falling asleep while playing assassins creed 2 all night long.Only to wake up and find Ezio walking around with Florence upside down above his head due to a graphical glitch.
    4.Bringing home a copy of dead or alive extreme volleyball and some whipped cream while my girlfriends home.Giving her the wrong impression.
    5.Playing so much street fighter IV that i get major hand cramps.Yet again giving my girlfriend the wrong impression.
    6.Buying a WII.Nuff said.
    7.Buying lips in the hopes of getting my girlfriend to join in with my gaming.And hoping the title of the game might give her the right impression.Only to find her getting addicted to the game and wanting to play it all the time.Leaving me with nothing to play with.I can feel my hand cramps coming back.

    The 7 deadly sins of gaming;
    1. Thou shalt not discard the necessities of life - "I have $60, do I eat tonight or pre-order BC2?"
    2. Thou shalt not deprive oneself of sleep "just to finish this damn mission in Mass Effect 2"
    3. Thou shalt not spend more time with friends thou haft met online than those in reality
    4. Thou shalt not igonre thy spouse or thy spouse shalt spend a lot of time "by herself"
    5. Thou shalt save frequently and in multiple slots. Spening hours without saving on a mission just to get blasted by a freakin' Harbinger :(
    6. Thou shalt not put munitions to waste. Ignoring the temptation to give walls bullet-hole smiley faces could save you from the guy around the corner.
    7. Thou shalt not reload un-necessarily. Reloading takes time, incoming bullets are faster than you are at reloading. True story

    PS3 version please :D

    6 men enter thy confessional. Each one with sins to confess. Some of these men are video game visionaries. Others are of average gaming pedigree. But all are considered guilty before the eyes of their fellow faithful.

    Confessional 1 (Square Enix): Forgive me father for I have sinned. Our company have ignited the flames of a console war as we seek to release Final Fantasy XIII on both the Xbox360 and PS3. The armies of fanboys everywhere have been invigorated and are currently engaged in endless forum discussions on the superiority of their revered consoles. Our goals were pure but our methods were admittedly brutal. We wanted to share the Final Fantasy world with all gamers but there are some individuals who are inherently against our ideals. Still, our ultimate goal of higher profits has brought near damnation to relations between the PS3 and Xbox360 factions.

    Confessional 2 (Hideo Kojima): Forgive me father for I have sinned. With great vision, I set out to create a gaming experience that would be unlike no other. Instead, my Metal Gear Solid series have become nothing more than interactive movies. With regret, I have pushed gamers to the limits of their patience with nonstop cinematic cutscenes and endless codec conversations. I hope that they will forgive me but such forgiveness will need to wait until after my 1 hour long introductory sequence for MGS4.

    Confessional 3 (Bioware): Forgive me father for I have sinned. With relentless ambition, we have tempted our followers with the prospect of additional content for a hefty price. We name this sin ‘DLC’ and ‘preorder bonuses’ and as such, we test and judge our faithful by their willingness to attain them all within our various Limited and Collector Editions. We are guilty of the crime of extracting more credits from gamers due to the allure of completing our games with the utmost perfection. But utmost perfection will never exist so long as we continue to sin again coming this March with our latest Dragon Age: Origins expansion pack.

    Confessional 4 (Square Enix): Forgive me father for I have sinned yet again. We have committed the unspeakable act of intentionally rushing our products through development to consumer shelves. The evidence of our transgressions exists through our substandard Xbox360 RPG titles. Our heroes in The Last Remnant met their end from an abyssal frame rate. Infinite Undiscovery became Shallow Gameplay Experience and Star Ocean 4 was well and truly our Last Hope. We are beyond redemption.... Until 9th March when FFXIII is finally released.

    Confessional 5 (James Cameron): Forgive me father for I have sinned. I desperately tried to break the curse of movie-game mediocrity but my self-titled Avatar vanity project only became part of the trend. For years, I slaved away with cutting edge technology to bring the world of Avatar to the people. Yet never did I realise that my occupation as a film director should’ve never crossed into the realm of video games.

    Confessional 6 (Gamer 1): Forgive me father for I have sinned. I consider myself as small and weak in real life. Yet my Private Message persona has led me to be invincible. My relentless insults upon my fellow gamers have been met with indignation and disgust. However, I only wished I had the same level of gaming skills as I do with such wicked words.

    Confessional 7 (Gamer2): Forgive me father for I have sinned the most. I was granted judgment by the all-mighty Microsoft for the piracy of my gaming experiences. I am now in desperate straits as my console was subsequently banned for all eternity. My gateway to gaming heaven has been denied and thus I sentence myself to gaming hell.
    A hell none other than the one found in Dante’s Inferno (PS3).

    1. As a child I used to bite my SNES controller out of frustration, as well as throw it. When it came time to sell the SNES, the buyer asked "Where did all these bite marks come from..?" To my reply "AAh... it was the cat" I lied to sell my SNES.
    2. I shouldn't of sold my SNES
    3. I never finished Final Fantasy VII, but I love RPGS. It doesn't make sense, I even sold my copy.
    4. I've lost count of how many times I've made up an excuse to not see my girlfriend, and instead play games. I hope she doesn't read this site
    5. I've chucked quite a few sickies to play a game, instead of going to work.
    6. I'm at work doing this right now, and I tend to look at sites most of the day. I hope they don't read the site either.
    7. Back in the days of the Dreamcast, my first online experience with consoles. I stole Phantasy Star online Serial numbers from EB out of the cases to create multiple accounts. Oh snap!

    I feel better now

    PS3 Preference

    Acrostic Poem - Seven Deadly Gaming Sins style!

    Purchasing a $200 dollar Prestige Edition (I'll point no fingers *ahem*) for night-vision goggles.
    Realising that buying Ghostbusters 'just because you liked the movies' is not a reason.
    I know that you absolutely love watching your Naruto and Bleach, but did you really have to buy the video games?
    Dying on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 because refusing to use vehicles on the basis that 'they are for noobs'.
    Even when you realise that NO-ONE is going to play a game with you, you still spam game invites relentlessly.

    When you discover that everybody got the Mass Effect 2 DLC free - and you bought the Collector's Edition.
    Rage quit. Need I say more?
    All the times you've nearly gotten a killstreak, only to be targeted by a Predator Missile - among five other dots.
    Trying to get 100,000 Gamerscore, only to realise that nobody is impressed by boosters.
    Hoping that no sniper sees your oh-so-stealthy dash across that inconspicuous street - and getting sniped.

    Lying to your parents that DOA provides many fulfilling plot twists and an intelligent player demographic.
    Using your dad's credit card to order the appropriately-named Climax Edition of Bayonetta.
    Smooth, dude - listing Lara Croft as your favourite HISTORICAL female.
    Telling your teacher that 'Leisure Suit Larry' is a classic video game is not very smooth, however.

    Going out and buying a genuine ghillie suit just so you can play video games "like a real sniper".
    Returning your Xbox to the store just to buy one of the numerous package deals.
    Everybody loves it when games actually launch without glitches... and they fix them.
    Everybody also loves it when the author doesn't use a competition to try and force his opinions. My bad.
    Denying that you don't fix a game because you already made US$1billion from it. (Yeah, i did it again, sue me.)

    Every time you've bought a highly-expensive game - then you look at another, cheaper game and you want it.
    Never admitting that yes, you aren't as highly skilled as the player with a 30 k/d ratio.
    Voice chat spam whenever you lose. One of the most annoying things on game chat.
    You compare Gamerscore or Trophy count to your friend constantly, who always has more than you.

    Going to extreme lengths to get such Achievements as Seriously 2.0 (kill 100,000 enemies on GoW2).
    Lagswitches. They aren't common much anymore, and thankfully, neither are the users.
    Using glitches, just because you suck and you need points.
    Trying to force your opponent to quit by exploiting a never-ending selection screen.
    Telling your teammates to "stick together" right after you run off by yourself just to get more kills.
    Owning two consoles to boost with. Seriously.
    Never quitting a match and dragging it on (even if you've clearly no chance of winning) just for points.
    Yep, you need help - you do all of the above.

    Sitting in a vacant corner of the map in order to avoid exiting the game while you do something.
    Lacking the motivation to vote on Left 4 Dead, stalling progress annoyingly.
    Only getting enough points for a personal objective and then screwing the game up for everybody else.
    Team-killing because you can't be bothered to aim. Shelve the grenade mortar, jackass.
    Holding onto a game for a console you don't even own anymore - but are too lazy/sentimental to sell.

    Xbox 360.

    1: chewing, you shall not chew you controllers or headsets
    2:buying crap games (thou shalt not buy a crap game, no matter how cheap it may be)
    3: soilage: though shalt not soil ones self to extend gaming length
    4: swearing, though shalt not use sentences comprised primarily of swearing, even if it's directed towards a "stupid fucking camper"
    5: though shalt not be under the age of 10 (put bluntly, the kids on xbox live can be dicks, unless your a kid)
    6:though shalt not quit early, (we don't care if your kettles boiling, it will still be boiling in 10 minutes)
    and 7:Though shall not trade in, (3 brand new games for 1 aint value folks)
    id prefer xbox :D

    Dante came upon the gates of the Gamers’ Hell. He looked up, seeing an inscription, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” His guide, the Spectator hovered ghostly next to him. The Spectators were the souls of those that had committed neither sin, nor works of good. Instead, they preferred to live their lives watching other people play without joining the game. Dante moved through the gates, before him lay the infernal circles of Hell.

    The first circle was limbo. Here resided those who had never played video games, and those who only played Wii. Having never played games they were unable to commit virtuous acts, and thusly unable to ascend to the Gamers’ heaven.

    Coming upon the second circle, Dante discovered the first sin; not being a team player. Here souls are condemned to a never-ending darkness and forced to endure it alone. Dante’s eyes scanned the circle, as he walked through it, seeing such people as Leeroy Jenkins and James Bond. The Spectator guided him through the circle, taking him across a giant stone bridge to the next.

    The third circle represented the sin of sloth. Here, the souls that never played games on any other difficulty than easy suffered. In the afterlife they found themselves relentlessly chased and killed by only the most difficult bosses. Dante entered the circle and found himself face to face with a demon wearing a gas mask upon his face. “Psycho Mantis,” he exclaimed as he drew his sword. He swung, his blade slashing harmlessly through the figure. But in Dante’s past life, he had played Metal Gear Solid, and knew how to best his foe. He sheathed his sword, drawing another that operated on the second controller port. With a mighty slash, he slew the demon. Another figure appeared, an angelic figure with one wing; Sephiroth. Dante ran, guided by the Spectator and quickly escaped to the next circle.

    Spectator explained that the next two circles were entwined into one, catering to the antonymous sins of Pro and Noob. Dante listened as the Spectator explained that Pros were those who took every game much more seriously than was necessary. Instead of playing for a fun and honourable victory they sought to oppress other players and shout vulgarities over team speak when they lost. The Noobs on the other hand were players who were just plain rubbish, and didn’t care about the match, nor about improving their own skills. Dante smiled as he travelled through the circles. Each Pro’s punishment was to be placed on a team full of Noobs and play Modern Warfare 2 for all eternity. The Noobs punishment was to be forced to listen to an onslaught of insults and teabags from the Pro.

    Past the next checkpoint, the sixth circle waited. Inside Dante found the sin of Fraud. Spectator explained that this circle was reserved for developers and retailers who had exploited their video games to extort as much money as possible from the virtuous gamers. Spinning discs hacked limbs from the developers that removed content from games and then sold them as DLC. Just ahead giant soundtracks, figurines and other exclusive special editions were chasing an Electronics Boutique employee around in circles.

    Finally, Dante came upon the last circle; censorship. This circle was reserved for those who had committed far more insidious acts and crimes against the gaming community itself. The flaming chandeliers cast an unusual square shaped shadow over him. Quickly, he looked up, seeing the spiky stone Thwomp. He jumped forward as the giant stone block fell to the ground where had stood just seconds ago. More Thwomps fell and Dante jumped from place to place before reaching a safe checkpoint. Dante’s eyes filled with joy as he noticed Attorney-General Michael Atkinson being crushed by a giant Thwomp, his body regenerating soon after. Predators, bearing banners displaying a black symbol with the letters R18+, chased him as they hungered for his head as a trophy.


    This is a tale of seven friends and their fails.
    For each one holds a sin from hording to betrayals.
    The first friend is blighted, he does not move from his chair.
    No matter how much we scream for him to shower he seems not to care.
    The smell is beyond awful, it makes us gag up our lunch.
    And quite recently we are certain there’s fungus growing on his hunch.
    The second friend sits high above, looking down on us from his chair.
    Look how many trophies I have he will proclaim. Yet none of us really care.
    He plays his games through and through simply to proclaim.
    My score is higher than yours. You are all noobs and lame.
    The third friend sits hidden amongst his gear.
    Every single peripheral he owns. Why? It isn’t clear.
    For every game he buys, he buys the wand, the football, the racket.
    Even if he has bought them before and simply doesn’t realized they have been simply repackaged.
    We hope one day he will strike the idea.
    Its not what you own but who you play it with which is what us gamers hold dear.
    The forth friend is heard at every frag, every bit of lag.
    His thunderous exclamations send shivers down our spines for all every opponent he will slag.
    A thunderous blow sends tremors across his desk, for nothing more then one of us making a rocket connect with his chest.
    We wish he would simply enjoy himself, we wish he would play for fun.
    But if you make the mistake of killing his virtual life. He make sure he will kill your real one.
    The fifth friend sits there day after day. Farming mudkips for their gold and hording it away.
    We pleaded to his sanity, the poor things have family.
    Yet he gleefully killed them, wave after wave, till no more was their proud race and simply gold took their place
    Standing above their ruined village, he would simply ponder.
    I heard a moonkin vest would sell highly to those over yonder.
    The sixth friend, his individuality he has thrown away. To become mirrors of us in every way.
    Same controllers, same games, even his playing style is the same.
    He copies all around him for reasons we can not accept. Every trait which we could call his, he has thrown down the drain.
    Why do you wish to always be like us? Why do you have to be the same. It’s the individual perks of our opponents we relish.
    If we all played exactly alike, games would be mundane.
    Our last friend we find, has quite the perverted mind.
    Dating sims are his choice of game, but he claims even they are just too tame.
    Posters of every heroine from every game cover from wall to ceiling.
    If you ever looked inside his closet, the pictures there would have anyone reeling.
    Even with all these displays around him he claims all his intentions are from a pure heart.
    Yet when confronted on his tastes he would reply. Rape Play is not porn, it is art!
    So this is the tale of the seven friends, their lives full of sin.
    If I had a console of choice it would be the PS3 but that would only matter if I win.

    (i can't think of anything better then this answer)

    These sins number 7, no less. 7 is the number, one more than six, one less than eight. Whilst the sins number in the thousands, these are the 7 that stand above all other.

    Bullshot: If thou releaseth advertising with shots of gorgeously rendered scenes combined with use of words like "Jawdropping!", "Exquisite!" or even "Unrequented love giving amazingness", but they are in fact are nothing like what the actual game looks like or are from the higher powered platform, then thou shalt burn.

    Sandbox Envy: Enticing as it may be to paddeth out thou title by forcing players to travel through an open world between levels, this is but a crime. Thou shall be found especially sinful if your title is a dating or extreme cooking simulator.

    Unbound PR: Thou shalt not offer to advertise on gravestones, fake protests, create homophobic viral videos or indulge in any other behaviours thy Grandmother would disown thou for. Enticing the masses to do shameful acts upon babes of the booth shall also see punishment rendered.

    ZZzzzzzzZZzz: Even in the eyes of the wicked, grammar is holy. Should thou notion to abuse the letter "Z" by using it as a replacement for an "S" in a title, retribution shall be swift and horrific.

    DNF: Should thou hype your title for years but fail to achieve completion on it, then to the fiery pits of absolution thou shalt be cast. Cast along with thou shall be any sinners found misleading the masses about features that are in no way technically possible, despite promises that this will be a major feature.

    Daikatanaism: In the eyes of the Lord, thou shall not profane. Thus never boldly claim that gamers will be your bitch.

    Greed: There is but one final sin left that is most disgraceful, that of Greed. Should thou seek to use whimsical excuses for offering your title digitally at a price equal to or higher than a store, then thou shalt be cast into the pits of Abaddon to be strung up for all times and punished by means of watching Creatures of the Night sparkle. From this there is no escape, as the masses are not ignorant and are capable to see the lengths of thou's extortion, to which they will use their gift of free will to seek alternates.

    If chosen, a 360 copy I would take.

      I'll probably regret it.. but due to circumstances (namely parents buying me a PS3 for my bday.. don't ask), I'd prefer a copy on the PS3 so I'll have at least one game.

    Sitting there spawn killing in Halo 3 a brief lull gave me the opportunity to think about these so called deadly sins of gaming. As I lay a landmine under my teammate's warthog because he had stolen my kill I even entertained the thought that perhaps I had been guilty at one stage in my gaming career of committing a few.

    1. Split screen cheating - you aren't fooling anyone little brother, there is no way you could find me on top of that tower unless you looked at my screen!

    2. Pretending you don't know the controls in a game when playing with friends so it appears you are unbelievably skilled when you destroy them - makes you feel like all of those hours spent training were worth it while still keeping your 'cool' character untarnished.

    3. Buying your father/mother/sibling a game that they don't want (but you do) for their birthday - kill two birds with one stone, you get them a present and a new game for yourself. Just don't let them know that this was your plan because it is the thought that counts and in this case the thought isn't a very nice one.

    4. Using rare candies to get a lv. 100 Charizard - some people spend a lot of hours, sacrificing friends, hygiene and physical well being just to get that fiery lizard up to such a high level and you just come along with your fancy missing No cheat. Shame on you!

    5. Asking somebody on your xbox live friend list (who, to be honest, is a complete stranger) for microsoft points or xbox live months - who cares if you won't be able to play with me anymore? There are like a Bazillion other annoying, pre-pubescent, squeaky voiced kids with Ninja in their name, out there.

    6. Spending hours on create-a-character modes trying to recreate gaming, movie or TV icons - no wonder people say gamers have no imagination. I guess this is why we are getting so many remakes these days.

    7. Not releasing a new Jet Set Radio.

    The fact that these sins exist at all, let alone that people commit them, makes me sick. No wonder Christian avocation groups are always singing the dangers of gaming.

    Xbox 360 please!

    I went about this a different way, finding the greatest sinner ever to appear in a video game. At first it seemed farfetched that this would be Link, however, after reading this lost dialogue of Zelda it became crystal clear...

    The Legend of Zelda: Link’s [Rude] Awakening

    Link is sitting in the East Clocktown Milk Bar; he drains the remains of his sixth Romani milk, slams the empty bottle down on the counter and signals to the Bartender for two more. The bartender looks into Link’s blood shot eyes, “I think it’s time you left, son” he says sternly. Link stands, groggily throws a handful of green rupees at the bartender and staggers towards the door. “Wait a minute,” The bartender calls, picking up Link’s green hat from the bar, “take your stupid little hat with you!” He hurls the hat at Link, who picking it up, obnoxiously recites his winning catchphrase “Well, excuse me princess,” before opening the door and lurching into the night. Too drowsy to see straight, he stumbles out into Termina field where, succumbing to the influence of the milk, he collapses and falls into a fierce sleep…

    Link feels hot flames licking at his body, the smell of brimstone and sulfur fills his nostrils. He splutters and chokes into waking. Thick smoke stings his eyes and he can scarcely make out the form of a large horned beast, “Ganon…” he murmurs. Link draws his sword and rushes forward; flames erupt from nothingness blocking his path and illuminating the figure. “You’re not Ganon, so what are you?” Link asks forcefully.
    “Well, Link, I’m the Devil. I’m here to take your soul.” Link freezes with fear, his body slackens and his sword clangs dramatically as it hits to the floor. “My…soul” he manages. “Yes Link, your soul. Your countless sins have secured your fate - an eternity in Damnation!” Links wonders how this can be; he is, after all, The Hero of Time. The devil cackles horridly, “Hero of Time? Maybe so, but do you’re quick to forget the wrongs you’ve committed along the way shall I remind you? Number one, ignoring Navi: Although your faithful friend was only there to help you continually refused to listen to her. She meant only to advise you and yet you left her button un-pushed. Number two, assaulting the owner of the fishing-hole: you thought it was the ultimate gaming Easter egg to ‘catch’ the fisherman’s hat. You never stopped to ask yourself if there might be a reason he wore it and when you discovered what that reason was, an unflattering bald patch, it was all the better for your amusement. Number three, unlawful entry, vandalism and looting: It was your greed that drove you to this one, your addiction to wealth. You would sneak into the homes of Hyrule and Termina smashing any house hold pots, opening any chest in a rampant search for rupees. It didn’t matter if they were measly green or blue, you simply couldn’t help yourself to taking what wasn’t yours. Number four, the fraudulent acquisition of an inn room: You posed as that poor Goron, stole his inn room and left him to rot in the streets.”
    “Hey I undid that one; I went back in time after doing that. How can it count?” Cries Link. The Devil roars back, the force of his booming breath is enough to send Link crashing to the ground. “You may have undone the deed but you did not erase the tarnish upon your soul. Number five, failure to repair important notice boards with your magical melody: Sloth and wrath performed a duet here. First your untameable anger drove you decimate any sign you saw, there was no rhyme or reason but the ecstasy that the destruction provided. Then, even though all you had to do was play a single song on your ocarina, you neglected to repair the damage! You will never know how many travelers you sent to their graves, how many mailmen were late with their deliveries because of your disregard for council property.” Link Crumples to the floor as the weight of his sins comes crashing down upon him. The Devil Licks his lips and begins speaking once more. “Number six, the illegal and unsanitary confinement of magical creatures: Those pink fairies never had a chance with you, coming into their fountains thrashing around with your bottles. You would catch one; keep it in a bottle stewing in its own filth, with no air to breathe, no food or water – sometimes for months at a time. And only when you truly needed it you would release it and take all of its life force for yourself. Number 7 is perhaps your most heinous crime, the most temptuous of all your vices, the immoral use of gravity against domesticated fowls. You would grab those innocent white chickens and use them to leap across great gorges, tearing out feathers and hurling them off cliffs. You would ruin their wings over and over again, treating them no better than a dirty dish rag.” “ more..” he pitifully begs. “Oh no we can’t stop here, your list goes on!” The Devil whips out a large scroll and unravels the parchment revealing an endless catalog of Link’s sins. “Number eight…” The Devil begins.

    Sobbing, Link grabs hold of the devil’s robe and pleads with him. “No, no, I don’t want to hear anymore…No, no, David Wildgoose only wanted seven sins…Please stop I’ve learnt my lesson, have pity upon my soul, please just no more…plea….” Schlirp. Schlirp! Epona’s thick leathery tongue laps at Link’s face rousing him from his sleep; it was a very rude awakening!

    Xbox 360 please.

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