WIN! Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles On Wii

Final Fantasy XIII isn't the only RPG Square Enix has been working on recently. The latest in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series is released on Wii today! And you could win it.

UPDATE: Due to exceptional circumstances, Thursday's draw was published later than anticipated. If you left an entry on Wednesday's post today, it will be eligible for Thursday's draw which will be held open until midday tomorrow.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is unlike previous Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles games. It's set in a huge open-world environment where you'll engage in adventure, exploration, puzzle solving and a dash of action-based mini-games.

Thanks to Square Enix's Aussie distributor Ubisoft, we've got five copies of The Crystal Bearers - plus five game soundtracks - to give away. Oh, and we'll be giving away one of each per day over the next five days - excluding the weekend.

To be in the running to win, all you need to do is come up with an alternative title for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers by making an anagram out of its preposterously long name.

Leave your anagram in the comments below. You must also include a valid email address or use Facebook Connect so we can contact you if you win. Entries close at midday EDT Friday and the winner will be announced tomorrow when the new draw opens.

And the winner of Wednesday's draw is MrTaco for this moment of genius:

Fast Acts I: Screech in faces. Slay thy tranny. Barrel roll.

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    A Carcass Story: The Fallen Cretin Ribs Lets Anarchy Fly

    Carcass blast lily of Era Yarn: Aftertaste Chronicles

    Final Fantasy Classy Crotch Liner: Rebel Yacht Arrests.

    Earth’s Last Rainfall: Any Scorch Cycle Sent by Star fire

    Enter thy Fantasy calls Rebar’s Crystal: Choices r Final

    Fantastic cynical hero rests fly crabs rash eternally

    A final nasty, shirtless cherry Calf canes Crab Lottery.

    (i had "canary sherbet" at one stage, but couldn't think of a way to use it)


      Mm hmm, well, that's... very good... for a first try. You know what? I have a ball. Perhaps you'd like to bounce it?

    Clearly, I am an idiot, I meant to post this here:

    Let’s Sin! A Rarer Tryst can be Fancy: Call of the Chrysalis

      You should win.

    My bad. I left my comment on the Wednesday post. it is again.

    In order to maintain some semblance of the original title, I’ve only actually changed the game’s subtitle.

    “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: A Heart’s Cry Trebles”

    Cynical tractor Stabs Fernen! “Sly Slasher!” his fatal cry!

    I'll Have a beer: hold on make that two.... f*** it... who wants another one?!


    I can't believe that actually worked! Thanks so much!

    Canticle-of-canticles: Shy Fraternal Slashers - Barry & Ty

    Ballerina Boys: Search for Testosterone

      To quote David: "Ummm..."

    A Flat Fanny Scarcely Scorn, Till Shit Breaches Rear Sty

    Facially Hairless Teen Starts To Cry: Fans Clench Barry

    Fatal Tales in Searr: Cabal Sentry Cries For Lynch Scythe

    Charlie's fancy style crab yeast! Scan for a stern thrill!

    Rectal Abyss Stain Orchestra: Infernal Flycatchers YL

    Can't flash real breasts at cars sonny: if they're C, I'll cry!

    Caterer Frys Nasal Colic?!? Satan Lets Cry, he thinly Barfs

    Scary Honey Recall Casts Net: All Frantic Bears Try Fish

    Fall Far n Cry: Chance to be sissy in the Starry Lar Castle.

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