WIN! Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles On Wii

Final Fantasy XIII isn't the only RPG Square Enix has been working on recently. The latest in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series has just hit shelves! And now you could win a copy to call your very own.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is unlike previous Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles games. It's set in a huge open-world environment where you'll engage in adventure, exploration, puzzle solving and a dash of action-based mini-games.

Thanks to Square Enix's Aussie distributor Ubisoft, we've got five copies of The Crystal Bearers - plus five game soundtracks - to give away. Oh, and we'll be giving away one of each per day over the next five days - excluding the weekend.

To be in the running to win, all you need to do is come up with an alternative title for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers by making an anagram out of its preposterously long name.

Leave your anagram in the comments below. You must also include a valid email address or use Facebook Connect so we can contact you if you win. Entries close Midnight EDT Friday and the winner will be announced Monday when the new draw opens.

And the winner of Thursday's draw is Mark Tripodi for this stellar effort.

Let’s Sin! A Rarer Tryst can be Fancy: Call of the Chrysalis

Why did it make me think of having an affair with everybody's favourite Brood Queen?

[Terms and Conditions]


    SHERRY. F. CABLE - /
    Finaly casts her SCAT REIN TRY: Anal Clots./

      Bummer, my RPG text box didn't work!

    A game ripped from the headlines of the animal kingdom ->

    Honey Recall Casts Scary Net: All Frantic Bears Try Fish

    farcical story cycle stashes fresh rat ban internally

    Final try… can’t… sorry… fsalcniclesthecystalbearers ha!

    Trying to find words makes my brain hurt. Time to shuffle around words from my first entry! :D

    "Fry tells a richer Cab sternly, 'Another fantasy classic!'"

      The idea being that the new name was "Another Fantasy Classic", with Fry telling Cab that was the name of it... Ok, let's just say it's lame :D

    Silly Nanny's Elf Crotch Stab Rehearsal: Cry If Castrate

    The real Fantastic Tales of Sly Branch Cleric Ryan Syrs

    A Scarlet Be He Try: Fatal Rash Cyclic Non Transfer Is Sly


    Arson Calf, Cry Fire at thy Scary Barn: Let’s Satay in Calf Sect Hell!

    Inn: A crotchety bear snarls, a character yells; fists fly!

    Fall Far n Cry: Chance to be sissy in the Starry Lar Castle.

    A rat in hell scarcely farts consistency or breathily!

    Aftertaste Chronicles Era: Carcass blast of lily Yarn

    Nay Sin! Laser Crotch Scabs, Retry Inflate Shaft

    - Elizabethan penis pump help line

    A Carnally Tasty Sniff: Sneer Cabals Celery Torch Shirt

    Best I could do

    Classy Tyrants Ironic Fable Tales: The Sly Arch Prancer

    This is more of a news headline style:

    Fat ranch boss lies: her tasty fanny cells carry rat lice

    Hey barrel, a sly n' fancy act can score a title fer' a lass.

    A Trance. Fable clans Lyricise Thors Cry “A tyrants flesh!!!”

    Loyal Citizen: Whether or not to tell that person they have walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to their shoe.

    Clay Fanny Bells: Heroic Sir Larry Tests Ass, Cant Cheat

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