WIN! Halo Legends DVD, Blu-ray And Poster

WIN! Halo Legends DVD, Blu-ray And Poster

Halo Legends is the brand new anime based on Bungie’s shooter series. It’s been put together by some of the biggest names in Japanese animation. How’d you like to win it?

Thanks to Madman Entertainment, we have TEN Halo Legends prize packs to give away, each containing a copy of Halo Legends on either Blu-ray or DVD (up to you!) and a limited edition Halo Legends poster.

As Mike wrote in his review, “Halo Legends is an animated anthology that gives five of Japan’s top animation studios a chance to expand on the fiction of Microsoft’s beloved franchise. Studio 4°C, Production I.G, Casio Entertainment, Toei Animation, and Bones have all had their way with the Master Chief, producing seven short animated features that explore everything from the Forerunners’ sacrifice to the shadowy nature of the original SPARTAN-II program.”

To enter the comp, we’ve got something a little bit different this time. We’ve lined up an interview for Kotaku readers with Halo Legends director and chief creative guy at Microsoft’s Halo studio Frank O’Connor. That’s right, you get to ask Frank the questions.

We want to hear your questions for Frank. The ten best will be answered by Frank and you’ll win the Halo Legends prize pack as well.

Leave your questions below. Just once question each, so think carefully. You’ve got until Friday Feb 26.

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  • Q: In a recent statement by the senior VP of Public relations for SCEA, Rob Dyer listed Microsofts’ very few first party studios and stated that Microsoft has been investing too much in third party studios such as Epic games and Bioware. One of these “few” first party studios is 343 industries who will be developing further Halo titles after Bungie finishes with the series. Is it likely that 343 industries will be investing their time in other projects?

  • Hi there. My question relates to the halo “brand”. What element(s) of the halo franchise do you see as being an integral part to the unity, cohesion and vibe of the series? Some other franchises I find to be more easily identifyable, for example, the Zelda franchise uses Link as a binding element, while final fantasy uses similar thematics and progression to bind it’s entries.
    The only real link I can see is the covenant, given the tonal shifts between halo3 and odst, and the change in lead role, yet all titles still seem to be fundamentally halo.

  • Q: This little project has the distinct smell of an ‘Anamatrix’ style spin off. With millions of fans around the world all wanting more and more from the Halo-universe (myself included), is there a potential to see a full animated series or even an animated Halo movie somewhere down the line?

  • Hello Frank! In an interview last year, you mentioned that despite most of the stories in Halo Legends should be considered canon, there were still some discrepancies that arose from the artistic interpretation of the Japanese animation studios.

    If this were the case, do you see any possibility of such artistic interpretation to have influenced you in a way regarding the future adventures of the Halo franchise?

  • What was the reasoning behind picking multiple studios to produce the shorts and did these studios control the story they were animating or was the story handed to them?

  • When people think of Halo they think “first-person-shooter.”

    The lore behind the Halo universe is rich with it’s own history and technology, and a shooter may not necessarily be the most fertile ground to explore the overarching fiction, due to the personal nature of embodying a single character.

    Halo Wars was an interesting departure from the norm. What other genre(s) of videogames do you think would facilitate the telling of an awesome Halo ‘story?’

  • It’s something that has been talked about a lot, but hey here it is anyway. Who do you think is under master chief’s helmet?

  • Q. Halo’s become one of the most iconic games in the industry, with five titles released, another title on the horizon, and now an Anime series. Where do you see the franchise heading next?

  • Halo has become somewhat of not only a gaming behemoth, but also cultural.

    Many see it as one of the greatest franchises of all time, if not the greatest.

    I’m not one of those people. I’m actually the complete opposite. I fail to understand to see how Halo has become the lumbering hulk it now is.

    So my question to you, Mr. O’Connor, is what makes the Halo franchise special in your eyes. Aside from the masses of hysterical fans, spin offs and mass market product placement, what sets the Halo franchise apart from the rest?
    Why does Halo stand out as “special”?
    Do you worry that the Halo franchise may someday become the proverbial “Dead Horse” being flogged repeatedly to milk out another expansion or spin off or toy line etc. causing people’s interest to eventually wain excepting of course the Halo die-hards?

    I’m fairly sure that constitutes as one broad question.. I don’t particularly care too much about the prize, i just wanted to get a question in that is hopefully not as “yay halo” biased as i’m fairly certain most of the others will be…

    • I like the first question you brought up more than the other questions in the thread… but considering your position, I don’t want you to get the prize 😛

      • lol. I do enjoy playing Halo. I just don’t think it’s that epic. Nor is the story line. I will admit that master chief is a cool character though. Also he looks the part. But aside from that he’s still your generic super soldier taking on aliens.

        As i said, i don’t really care too much about the prize – even though i’m sure the anime would be pretty bloody cool.

        My main intention here is to hopefully submit a question that has substance and differes from the rest of the “i love mster chief, can you please give him my phone number” style of questions. =)

        As i said, don’t get me wrong, Halo is GOOD.. it’s just not AMAZING. IMHO that is…

  • Will there be any more games based on John 117? After all…. he’s the one who made this series popular in the first place, seems only right to keep on with his story. I don’t really care for ODST’s or other spartans for that matter, especially if I know they’ll all get annihilated on Reach anyway. What’s the point?

  • How, do, you, value, your, what you contribute, of, to, at the work force? Ehh… second part: which, do you most, can’t, the least?

  • The anthology format naturally allows for a greater exploration and opening up of the Halo universe. Outside of each short’s distinctive animation style, can you discuss the effort that was put into the production of the stories to make each fresh and unique piece of fiction?

  • The Spartan vs Covenant ideologies broach the current debate of the science vs religion dichotomy from a very unusual angle with Humans doing the ethically questionable genetic tampering and the Covenant believing in their religious mandate. Were you aware when creating the Halo universe that you would be delving into a potential idealogical mindfield? And are there any plans to explore this further in future, post Human-Covenant war, games and literature?

  • Anime is clearly big business in the East.
    By creating an anime based on a popular western FPS, a genre not so popular there, how have you remained faithful to the fans in the west, and introduced the Halo franchise in Halo Legends?

  • Frank, be honest,
    Is it really Duke Nukem under that helmet?
    Or should we expect a younger Bruce Willis looking character, What do you think MasterCheif looks like? Is he likely to be unmasked or will he remain tall, dark and mysterious?

    • i think he should remain with no face, so that way non-christians won’t gets dissapointed when they find out that he’s jesus.

    • According to ‘The Fall of Reach’ novel, John has brown eyes, and as a child “had tousled brown hair and a sly grin that revealed a gap between his front teeth”, as well as a few freckles on his face. He was quite tall for his age, and physically stronger than most. He was said to have the body of an 18-year-old Olympic athlete at the age of 14 (before the Spartan augmentation).

      After augmentation, Master Chief could lift at least 3 times his body weight under normal conditions, which would indicate that he was extremely well-built, and he also towered over most humans at 6’10”. He was also unnaturally pale; a side effect of spending most of his time encased in Mjolnir armour.

      According to Bungie, any information from the books is canonical unless proven wrong by game canon. As none of the information from the books on John-117 contradicts game canon (currently, although there is an extremely small chance that Halo: Reach may change that), all this is considered true by Bungie until said otherwise.

  • Q: Did you find the current complexity of the Halo lore to be stifling when it came to creativity on the project? Or was it nice to have a set story, in which to help communicate with a new medium that is relatively new to the Halo franchise?

  • Q: Continuity of story is so important, especially with a franchise like Halo. How hard is it to make sure everything fits in with the established fiction when adding new weapons, characters, enemies and the like for new games such as Reach and ODST?

    • I like that one. I would like to hear how big a deal continuity is to them, as they do seem to care about their story a lot, but often weapons and items get updated between games, regardless if it makes sense or not.

  • Q: I see a lot of Japanese companies have been involved with this, but I can’t help but be careful with how the asian (Japanese) anime culture mixed with the western will turn out. I have seen some screenshots, small video clips, and noticed there was comedy (to a small extent) in it. Japanese comedy is quite different, as most would agree and sometimes isn’t appealing to western culture.

    TL:DR So, my question is: How are you tackling the cultural references on both sides so that it remains appealing to both western and asian culture.


  • The Halo franchise has expanded far outside of it’s original scope, we now have 3 pure ‘Halo’ FPSs, 1 RTS ‘Spinoff’, 1 FPS ‘Spinoff’ with abother one in the works, not to mention the many extra media material outside of video games. But in terms of video games, when do you feel you’ve exhausted a franchise, when will be the switching point where you say “That’s it, no more Halo games”?

  • Master Chief was set up in Halo:CE as the final surviving member of the Spartan-II program. This was supported by the novel “Fall of Reach” and then ammended in the novel “First Strike.” Now with Halo:Reach being a whole team of Spartan-III’s, was there a point when Bungie or Microsoft thought they had made a mistake of identifying the Chief as the last Spartan in the Halo games from a narrative perspective?

  • I can’t lie, i’m a die hard halo fan, but lately i feel like halo has gone down hill as off late, for example halo 3:ODST was still a good game, but it lacked the essence of the original halo trilogy, and Halo Wars didn’t really do much for the franchise either. so my question for you is do you think the halo franchise will survive and keep going after halo reach, or do you think that the concept of halo has been used too many times, and it’s no longer the unique revolutionary gaming experience it once was?

  • What were your first thoughts when thinking of bringing Halo into the Asian industry. Surely there must of been some difficulties but will “Legends” encourage alot of others who make Games in America to turn Japanese in the sense of anime.

    Thanks 😀

  • Q: Master Chief is a silent hero and arguably the most marketable element of the Halo brand. Why do you believe gamers identify so strongly with the Master Chief character in spite of the fact he has no catch phrase, battle cry or other identifiable elements (other than the uniform)?

    Blu-ray please!!!

  • Hi,

    How does Halo Legend convert the highly successful Halo games into a movie that will still appeal to gamers and other non-gamers alike?

  • Will Halo Reach be better than Halo 2 and 3? because I have to be honest I didn’t enjoy either anywhere near as much as the original

  • A good year ago now, Rooster Teeth of Red vs Blue fame showed an animated short showing their characters in the same anime style as Halo Legends. Is there any talk of the studios that did animation work for the DVD, picking up Red Vs. Blue the animated series as an ongoing project and would you want to be involved at all ?

  • Q: You are trapped on an island with 1 video game console and 3 games for the rest of eternity. What’s the console and what are the games?

    Don’t say an X-Box with Halo 1, 2 and 3 😛

  • Q. Halo Legends was a success with the gaming community and the general population, was your plan to pay tribute to the loyal gamers of Halo or to scale the movie for a larger audience and bring people who normally wouldn’t look at the series and bring them into the Halo universe?

    I hope this is answered not for the prize but to see Bungie and the Halo trademarks general direction for the series end.

  • As we all know, Halo is nothing short of a gaming phenomenon in that it singlehandedly sold an entire generation of gamers on the concept of the Xbox. What is it about Halo that you believe has made it so successful and how well has it been translated into animated features?

  • Anime has been known to be full of unreasonably long scenes where dust and smoke take minutes to settle after a battle, *cough* dragon ball *cough*…can we expect to see Halo Legends follow this trend?

  • Q: Was the idea of releasing a group of animated shorts set in the Halo universe done as a kind of testing grounds to see what style of story/storytelling works best and is most accepted by fans so that the next time that the possibility of a live action feature arises there is a known direction for it to take?

  • When working on this project, were there ever any requests or ideas revolving around the idea of Master Chief finally taking his helmet off in any of the episodes?

  • does Master Chief go clubbing on the weekends, If so what would he drink? Martini like Bond or whiskey like John Mclain, please elaborate.

  • Despite the negativity towards the Arbiter levels during Halo 2, I personally found it extremely refreshing to see the Halo universe from a completely different (non-human) perspective, and appreciated the insight it gave to the inner workings of the Covenant.
    Do you guys hope to, or have you ever considered, exploring the universe from a similarly different viewpoint? Whether it be in games or animated series or other mediums.

    I have always thought that the bond two Hunters share could make a very interesting story and have some potentially great gameplay.

  • Hi Frank

    Q: Are we likely to see any cool cross-overs between the existing Halo games, Halo Legends and Halo:Reach, given that they each explore a different aspect of the Halo timeline?

  • Frank: With Master Chief being a human in superpowered armor do you think the character inheriently lends itself well to japaniese popular culture such as anime, manga and the like? How great an effect do you feel works such as these episodes will have to further endear the Halo franchise to the modern japaniese gamer?

  • Q: As the Halo universe is relatively unexplored to the extent of the Starwars universe, Halo Legends evolves the mythology and origins of these much loved characters. Could you describe which ‘Earthly’ myths, societies, religions and historic periods influenced the story arcs for this animated feature and how did your team relate the stories these stories to future game instalments?

  • What is more important to you; A compelling story that affects the player long after the game has ended or strong visuals that take your breath away.

  • Q. Halo is very much the gaming industrys Star Wars, you have the heavy fan base, collectibles, soundtracks, books, games and the new Halo legends animation. What’s your opinion on bringing the franchise to the big screen in live action? It’s the one area you haven’t covered yet.

  • Frank- what comment do you have on the hi-def release of Halo Legends in a format that is only playable for the grand majority of people, on your main rival’s platform? Is this a roundabout way of admitting to the supreme benefits of BluRay, and will you be pulling a ‘James Cameron’ and bringing out the 3D version in another 6 months time?

  • For me halo has always been about the social element it brings: a few friends can come over and play anything from the story to online multiplayer without having so much as a silver xbox account themselves.
    It is also the carefully crafted gameplay that makes us choose halo over others.
    This is the case for just about everyone I know who plays halo.

    So my question is: should a franchise founded on a largely social gaming base stray too far from the tree? As one of the last bastions of split-screen co-op, might changing the core approach the the series in the future alienate those fans who are in love with the gameplay and not an iconic green helmet?

  • The Halo series is well known for having a strong storyline and a rich and well fleshed out game world. What other games do you admire/inspire you in regards to complex storylines and rich worlds?

  • Q: Halo has been entertaining us for almost a decade, I would like to ask what was your main source of inspartion when it came to developing such a successfull gaming franchise?

  • Many established and media-diverse universes, for one reason or another, inevitably enact the fan-dreaded ‘retcon solution’ to pave over previously established canon. For example, George Lucas’ Star Wars seems prone to this practice, often invoking die-hard fan ire (Greedo did what first?), and even at the cost of some tremendous talent, including Halo collaborator Karen Traviss; her recent departure from The Ranch due in part to the priority given to Clone Wars animated series story lines which contradicted her intricately woven and fanboy-acclaimed depiction of Mandalorian culture.

    As someone responsible for the creation of much of the Halo universe’s lore, how do you personally feel about maintaining established continuity and canon versus the desire to tell a good story unhindered?

  • How hard does it become during the hard crash periods and especially when dealing with the amount of hype halo games amass, to deal with all the stresses of game designing and fandom?

  • Hey Frank.

    Being director of Halo Legends and “chief creative guy” for Halo, it’s clear that you can see where you want Halo to really go.

    But can you see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

  • Q: I guess it used to happen more at the begining of the franchise, but how many people have ask you a question pronouncing Halo as Hello?

  • Do any of the anime stories detail Master Chief’s feelings? It seems he must be very alone, and I would think he used to have a wife.

  • Mine is a question of two parts.

    Firstly, given that Halo Wars was hugely succesful (for a console based RTS), at what point are we likely to see a sequel?

    And the second part of my question is this: Given that God is infinite, and that the universe is also infinite… would you like a toasted teacake?

  • With Master Chief approaching his tenth real world birthday is the Halo universe with is elaborate lore and deep back story now too complex to attract new comers?

  • Do you think that Halo would have been the cultural phenomenon it has become if it stayed as a Mac exclusive? Additionally, do you feel the original X Box would have had the success and market penetration it did without it’s “killer app” ?

    (Blu-Ray please!)

  • I would like to ask about future expansion of the series. After completing the new Mass Effect game, is there any chance of collaboration between studios for another release? The story, gameplay and thinking of the other studios could go on to make a unique and engaging new style of game for the Halo universe, exploring the stories that are occurring elsewhere in the galaxy while being influenced by the events of the main stream. What are your thoughts on having a Mass Effect or RPG style of game running parallel to the story of the original game?

  • As a means to reaching the mass-culture, an anime collection has nowhere near the penetration of a major Hollywood film. Does Halo need to grow beyond its videogame base for continued success? Why would a software company want to head in this direction?

  • Why is it that if you blow in a dogs face it goes mad, yet when you take him on a car ride he sticks his head straight out the window?

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