Windows 7 Overtakes Vista For Hardcore PC Users

Well, here's something we didn't notice last time we checked: It seems Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system has already overtaken Windows Vista as the hardcore PC gamer's operating system of choice.

28.53 per cent of Steam users report Windows 7 as their operating system, while Vista users represent 27.91 per cent of the platform's userbase. For the record, Windows Vista was released to retail in January 2007. Windows 7, on the other hand, was released to retail in October 2009, meaning it's overtaken its predecessor in record time. At least, among hardcore PC gamers. And seeing as many games demand the use of Steam these days, I think it's safe to assume Steam users are an almost perfect representation of hardcore PC games.

Sure, Vista had its critics early in the day, but it quickly settled down; I've been running it since April 2008 on my gaming PC with no hassles whatsoever. I guess Windows 7 is just... better. Anyone who's made the upgrade care to elaborate on just why that is?

Steam Hardware Survey: January 2010 [Valve, via Ars Technica]


    I was fortunate enough to score an upgrade version of Windows 7 for a good price. I've found performance to be pretty much on par with XP, as it's no longer bloated with the useless background programs that plagued Vista. Overall I've had a smooth and reliable experience with Windows 7.

    It's not really all that much better than Vista, but my guess is that Vista had such a bad reputation initially, that a lot of people were put off by it and never upgraded from XP. So now Windows 7 comes out and the verdict is mostly positive, so everybody's just catching up. XP is almost 9 years old after all!

    My guess would be because Windows 7 is pretty much Vista with the fat cut out. I recon it runs faster and smoother, without the need for so much background work like Vista has.....It's just overall a better system and it's no wonder MS don't really ever mention Vista anymore, they just want to forget it ever happened haha

      7 is Vista relaunched at a time that the standard new PC build can comfortably run it. Vista's base spec at launch wasn't realistic.

    I've been W7 since the beta and Vista for some time before that and the view of it being a leaner version of Vista is certainly the way I would describe it. I've certainly had less trouble with W7 than I did with Vista at least.

    I won't bother upgrading from Vista to 7 until I feel that 64bit is ready. Considering half the Steam forums I read say that 64bit games have problems (if they run at all), I don't think I'll make the jump just yet...

      Most of my gaming is done via steam with a catalogue of around 40 games or so and I am yet to have a single problem with any of them since upgrading to Win7 64 bit. That's including old dos titles like doom and quake...

      You are right though its probably not worth upgrading from Vista, only reason I did was because I was buying a new pc at the time.

    Lucky that most of you seemed to run Vista without any problems. With Vista I could guarentee you a blue screen at least once a month, not including all other technical issues I suffered just in the general day to day work. I wasn't even running any super high tech games with Vista.

    Since moving to W7, I have disk space, free ram, and next to no crashes. Honestly speaking, XP is probably still the better option though.

      "Since moving to W7, I have disk space, free ram, and next to no crashes. Honestly speaking, XP is probably still the better option though."

      If stuff like free ram and disk space were problems for you with vista and you still see XP as better then it's not vista/7 that's your problem.

    Even so, according to that link it's less than half the number of steam users on XP - 42%. I like that we've all resisted MS's bullying attempts to make us "upgrade".

    I will say that running MassEffect 1 on my PC seems to struggle a lot more with Windows 7 than with Windows XP but that could be because of Steam running as an overhead on Windows 7.

    Also, I probably need to upgrade my E6600 CPU and add another couple of gigs of memory...

      Thats Steam. I bought ME1 on steam as I lost my key for it. Found it a month later reinstalled in on disc and it ran 100x smoother.

    I got the sweet upgrade deal as well, and changed from XP to 7.. I never considered vista, as I'd just hear too many bad things about it. 7, on the other hand, has been rock solid since the day I installed it (pro 64 bit) and every game i've played has worked flawlessy..

    It just works I guess

    "Hardcore PC users" "Vista"


    But really, I upgraded to Windows 7 64x from Windows XP 32x last year and I have experienced no problems what so ever and it's faster and better than XP.

    Also it's just plain better than Vista, so there's no reason not to upgrade.

    Can't complain about my Win 7 experience so far.

    Still on XP and I really don't plan to change anytime soon.

    On Win7 x64 and loving it. It's stable (mostly, I've had a few weird BSOD), user-friendly and just plain works. About time M$ did something right.

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