Windows Games On Demand Drastically Discounts Arkham Asylum

Every weekend in March, Microsoft will be discounting Games on Demand for Windows titles, kicking things off with 75% off the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum this Friday through Monday.

Perhaps Microsoft's Games on Demand program for Windows isn't getting as much attention as the company hoped, or maybe they just feel like passing out the savings. Either way, PC gamers win, unless of course they've already picked up Arkham Asylum at full price, in which case... oops.

Right now Batman: Arkham Asylum sells for $US49.99 via the service, but tomorrow through Monday, March 1, Games on Demand for Windows is discounting the title by 75%. By my calculations, that's somewhere around $US12.50. That's a damn fine discount.

After this weekend, Microsoft will be discounting a different Games on Demand title every weekend in March, so you might want to check your Games for Windows Live account every Friday, just in case you missed something.

Batman: Arkham Asylum 75% off sale [Major Nelson]



    Pop-ups of the gameing world.
    "get 10 kills and we'll send you a DVD with a 5 week training program for a bigger wang"

    FO of windows live.
    FO rockstar social club
    etc. etc.

    Steam is the only external app I want involved\running when I play games.

      you've clearly never used GfWL. its not an external app to manage your games. its just the marketplace, and it enables you to attach your xbox gamertag to the game so you can recieve achievements for it

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