Witness The Death Of The Lich King

World of Warcraft patch 3.3.2 brings with it the final wings of the Icecrown Citadel, and with it the final confrontation with Arthas of Menethil, the Lich King. Witness his final moments here, but be warned: spoilers abound.

Patch 3.3.2 is the culmination of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft, allowing players entry into Frostwing Halls, where the Lich King awaits. Should the players be triumphant, this is the cinematic they will witness. It's a touching scene between one of WoW's most tragic figures and his father, reunited after the son killed his sire so many years before. If you've been following the game's lore, it could bring a tear to your eye. If you haven't, it's just so much machinima.

Again, hit play at your own risk. I'd never see this content first-hand, so I don't mind being spoiled.

Patch 3.3.2 - The Fall of the Lich King [MMO Champion]


    I played Warcraft III, and learned the lore of that in some great detail.

    ...I know noone from this cutscene but Arthas and Menethil :\

    Guess it's time go to WoW-wikiing to figure out what the hell Blizzard have done to my story.

      I think you meant Terenas, not Menethil, as Menethil is the epithet given to both Arthas and Terenas (i.e. Arthas Menethil, Terenas Menethil II, etc). Terenas was Arthas' father, former King of Lordaeron, executed and deposed by Arthas upon his return from Northrend.

      Personally, I love the lore of the Warcraft games, but find large chunks of it inaccessible for play - partly because I will likely never be able to afford the time needed to raid 'seriously' and hence witness this content first hand, and also because WoW can only hold me for so long at a time. Hence I love watching all these spoiler videos.

    It's nice to see Arthas die after having played Warcraft 3 and getting no ending out of it =/

      Agreed, all old school Pc gamers always wanted to witness this moment, its a pitty it had to happen years later in a sub-par mmo.

    im a big fan of warcaft 3 but never played WOW so Arthas and his father cool who the hell are the other 2 guys

    soooo wotlk was pointless... yep all that just so they a new one is placed instead.

    I'm also a big time fan of Warcraft 3, the storyline at least, not so much the multiplayer. I don't like a lot of things about WoW, especially the subsciption fees, but if there's one thing I hate that I miss out on its the lore. I really would like to see the Arthas storyline it its entirety, but I will probably never play WoW and as Ben said, I wouldn't have the time or the enthusiasm to raid in order to see some of the content.

    On a different note, anyone remember when Warcraft cutscenes were impressive both in graphics and directing? I have to say that video wasn't very good in either respect.

      WoW also has fantastic cutscenes too - it's just that this video was done using the in-game engine hence why it doesn't look quite as good.

      Just wait till the cataclysm one comes out, it will have the awesome graphics and all that again. As hailphage said, this is just an in-game cutscene, like the wrathgate, so the graphics cant be expected to be crazy. Overall i was dissapointed in it though, doesnt feel like the whole think made sense with the earlier wrath content, only making sense since 3.3 was added. I do like the hint at the end of ner'zhul with bolvar's voice changing

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