Woman Loses 50kg, Thanks Wii Fit

Woman Loses 50kg, Thanks Wii Fit

A 38-year-old British woman, once so large she was afraid to have sex with her husband, now parades about her home in sexy lingerie after losing 50kg, a dramatic change in physique she credits to a Wii Fit regimen.

Lara Roberts specifically thanked the Wii for allowing her to work out in her home, because she was very self-conscious about visiting a gym or jogging in public. As a result, she went from 114kg to 63kg in a year.

Note: There absolutely was a dietary component to this change. British tab News of the World says she “ditched the comfort eating,” which had surged to nearly 4000 calories a day until a friend pointed out her nonstop consumption.

“I knew if I didn’t do something, chances are I wouldn’t live to see my girls grow up,” she said.

But while this sounds like the textbook definition of “results may vary,” I find it believable. First, it took a full year of getting up at 5am to work out. That’s not a quick-fix miracle program. Second, she recognised fully how her eating habits required a very disciplined change in behaviour. And third, she was motivated by concern for her children and she had the support of her family. Shame or embarrassment are powerful feelings, but they can’t motivate you without a support network, you’ll just give in to defeatism. I also buy the fact Wii Fit appealed to her because it allowed her to work out in private.

The benefits? Lara’s become quite the cougar. She says her daughter’s male friends have eyes for her, and an appearance on BBC 3’s “I’m Hotter Than My Daughter” backs it up.

I’m a Wii Bit Thinner [News of the World via Go Nintendo. Image by News of the World]


  • “she recognised fully how her eating habits required a very disciplined change in behaviour”

    Geee… I wonder if it was more to do with the Wii, or not stuffing her face with Fish n Chips and Yorkshire pudding 24-7…

    • FTA:

      “I’d have a cooked breakfast most days and cheese sandwiches and pizza for lunch,” Lara recalls.

      “And I snacked constantly on biscuits and crisps and cakes and got through litres of fizzy drinks a day. Nothing could fill me up.”

      Enough said 😉

  • Also i feel sorry for her husband, she is so gonna root around on him, then drop him like he’s hot.
    Yeah, he’s gonna regret getting her Wii-fit for christmas for sure.

  • @appearance on BBC 3’s “I’m Hotter Than My Daughter”

    Now she has to worry about her daughters self esteem plummeting, great parenting.

  • I see the Wii fit as a catalyst. On its own it won’t make you fit, but for many people who are too embarrassed to go to the gym, it is a great way to start in private, and is more fun than an exercise bike or a rowing machine or something and is about the same money or cheaper. I think for a lot of people using the wii fit regularly will make them more aware of how unfit they are and what they eat etc. and can really help them change.

    • On Nintendo’s payroll aswell, I see.
      I hope that thirty pieces of silver will get you a nice new game for your WII library, you b*stard!

  • What’s with all the negativity? The Wii is such an inspiration to so many people. 🙂 NOT a replacement for dieting and regular exercise but is definitely a great improvement.

    How critical have some people become? :O I damn the internet for bastardising the way people think and express themselves :O

    • I’m critical of the angle of articles such as these which say that “Hey look Wii Fit will make you skinny” whereas in reality it’s more down to the fact that these people have stopped drinking lard for breakfast and have realised that there’s more to the world than their ass being planted to a couch.

    • The wii fit is good as an aid. It gives you a nice weigh in place, and keeps track for you.

      My friend’s mum uses ours regulary now, and its helping her. She lost 3 KG last week, and seems to be comitted to it 🙂

    • It’s a higher tech version of Jane Fonda’s workout videos. In the end, all she did was exercise & eat better. That will work, whether you’re using the Wii or a VCR.
      People are just a tad sick of hearing about Wii Fit being touted as the Jesus of weight loss.

  • Wow, so much negativity. I say it’s admirable; for anyone loosing weigh for that matter.

    I come from a background on fitness and kettlebell training, and I’d just like to say that even if she was working out on a treadmill and not conforming to a caloric deficit diet she would not have lost all that weight.

    Dieting is more than 70%, and exercise amounts to 30% of the results. One could even loose heaps of weight by eating a caloric deficit diet while sitting around doing no exercises whatsoever.

    Good on her!! The Wii Fit, in a way was kinda like the placebo pill… but she had the right mind frame, in that she realized she had to change her lifestyle, which is the number one factor when it comes to loosing weight and keeping it off.

  • she could have lost weight the same way with out the wii fit, she only used it because nintendo have conquered the casual market with crap like this.

  • I know several people for whom WiiFit was the catalyst for their weightloss and healthier lifestyle. No one would claim that it is a miracleworker but if people are more comfortable ‘working out’ in their own loungeroom than elsewhere, or would rather take a WiiFit run than take on the effed-up suburban streets that we all dread in daylight never mind at dawn or dusk, then good on them. If WiiFit is their excuse to get healthy, why all the Nintybashing? I wonder if WhatevertheFrigProjectNatalWillEventuallyBeNamed will take the same pounding for its doing-things-by-proxy approach. If it doesnt fail 54% of the time, that is.

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