XBLA Perfect Dark Multiplayer Features GoldenEye Weapons, Levels

In March, a hi-def port of Perfect Dark will be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The port will feature much more than tarted up graphics.

Ken Lobb from Microsoft Game Studios has told Kotaku that players can use weapons from Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye 007. That game was developed by Rare, the same studio behind Perfect Dark, which has been called GoldenEye's "spiritual successor". GoldenEye 007-style weapons were also unlockable in Perfect Dark, but with slightly different names.

Lobb also confirmed to Kotaku that the upcoming Perfect Dark port will feature GoldenEye levels in the multiplayer.

Felicity, Temple and Complex, the GoldenEye levels that were in the original Perfect Dark have made the jump to the XBLA version as well.


    Everytime someone posts that boxart, I see his mouth creeping out the side of his face again and die a little inside. Damn you Shat Brix pictures.

      The internet is a cruel place indeed. I will never be able to see this boxart like I used to...

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Cant we get Bill Clinton to sit Rare and Ninty people at a table... and bash out a fair truce on Goldeneye DLC? Or even a hidef re-do? Perfect Dark was NEVER, and NEVER WILL BE, a true successor to Goldeneye. So stop shitting on Blocky Polygonic Pierce Brosnan's legacy.

    Hmmmm I wonder how they've managed to skirt around the legalities for this with Ninty?

    I know they had a fully working version of Goldeneye for the XboxLive service apparently ready to go, or near to fully working, then it got the banhammer slammed down on it... maybe they should just make a version for the Wii AND xbl and release it finally...

    rare...wahhhh why why why xbox???

    These mentioned levels were in Perfect Dark anyway. They were just remakes of 3 Goldeneye maps with new names and a makeover. The map 'Felicity' was just 'Facility' from Goldeneye with a coat of paint. So really all we are getting is the complete version of Perfect Dark. I was getting excited that there were more maps from Goldeneye :(.

    lol Felicity... Thats what me and the cousins used to call it back when we were in primary school.
    its facility, damn you!

    Felicity/Facility was in the original perfect dark game. Why wouldn't it be in this one? It was also made into DLC for Perfect Dark Zero and then it also made an appearance in Quantum of Solace. It was the best map ever.

    I never thought that it would be NEWS that it would be in this version of the same game... lol

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