Xbox 360 Controller Bundled With Arcade Games

A black Xbox 360 controller bundled with Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, Lumines Live!, Bomberman Live and Ms. Pac-Man will go on sale in Japan on March 11. But that's not all.

The controller bundle is priced at ¥5,775 (US$64)

That same day, the Xbox 360's Wireless LAN adaptor N is also going on sale for ¥8,925 as well as a 250GB Xbox 360 Hard Disc Drive.

Kotaku AU Note: This controller bundle went on sale in Australia in December while the new wireless adaptor went on sale in Australia in November. However, so far the only 250GB hard drives in Australia have been through the Modern Warfare 2 and Mass Effect 2 console bundles.


    So its a matter of time then that we receive a 250GB HDD for separate purchase. Hopefully it will be the price of what the 120GB is/was.

    I really DON'T know whats going on with MS and their Xbox 360 SKUs anymore.

    I understand that the Arcade is there for people to buy a cheap 360 without the HDD and it doesn't include one to get more sales and make people put the Elites or, before, the Pros.

    But maybe they should give Arcade users SOMETHING. Even if its a couple of GB of internal memory. I still think the 120GB should be sold separately but just make the Elites come with a 250GB instead, plus separate.

    Either way, i no doubt will need a new 360 controller soon. They dont seem to stay alive very long. Buttons begin to break or battery packs end up failing. Some require the play'n'charge as the only way to use it. AND i desperately want Geometry Wars 2 and i've never bothered getting MS Points, so worth it I believe.

      The Arcade comes with internal memory. 256mb from memory (pardon the pun)

    Any word on the estimated rape... er... price of the 250GB?

    lulz Someone traded in that disc at an EB and i scored it for 8 bucks. Lumines and Geo Wars 2 for 8 bucks!? Deal. Bomberman dont work if I update it and it woud cost me 8000msp to get the new version (if I wanted to play on LIVE)and it didnt come with Ms PAC MAN. (Came with a trial for it strangely enough).

    The new arcades have HDMI and 512 memory if i recall correctly. i was at a mates place the other night setting up the arcade and def had over 350mb still available with no HDD and no MU. Just FYI.

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