'Xbox Effect' Cited In Chick Flicks' Rise

This weekend The Sunday Telegraph noted that, for the past three months, the box office charts in the U.S. have been dominated by the, shall we say, estrogen-infused variety of movies.

It's not because more women are watching more movies, it's because more guys are watching fewer - and in fact, are assumed by Hollywood to be more interested in playing video games. So, more crap blowing up on the small screen = less crap blowing up, more talking about feelings on the big screen. Ergo, Modern Warfare 2 is the reason Twilight's such a big hit. Thanks, Infinity Ward!

OK, seriously. "A lot of young males are spending much more time on the internet, games and UFC [ultimate fighting] ," Peter Guber, chairman of Mandalay Pictures production company and former studio chief at Sony Pictures, told The Telegraph. "They have not abandoned movies but they have diminished as a target, while the female audience has remained robust."

The remainder of the story goes on to discuss the disparity in quality (as expressed by favourable reviews) of these films with their relative importance at the box office, and suggests that Hollywood has found a "winning formula apparently by accident." It sounds like another reason this could be a successful angle is because chick flicks, lacking CGI and special effects budgets, are muuuuuch less expensive to make.

'Chick flicks' Back in Fashion as Hollywood Cashes in on Girl Power [The Sunday Telegraph via VE3D]


    I dont know about chick flicks costing less money its just spent in different areas.
    100K to blow up a car vs. 100K in hair product to keep the vamps hair up in twilight.

    Well I'd go see more films if I wasn't constantly disappointed by the usual "safe" hollywood drivel. It'd be nice to walk out of a cinema thinking "Wow, can't wait till that comes out on bluray!" instead of "Yawn. Seen it all before."

      You couldn't have put it better. The day I saw District 9 in Kmart was the exact same day I got a copy on blu-ray. One of the best movies I've seen at the cinemas in a long time (looks great on a 40" Bravia too).

    Ahahaha, I like how our society is pitching it. I think it'd be great to go with a couple of friends to the Bad Company 2 BETA lan down at greater union for an hour or so than what have you.

    The article has a point, but its generalised enough that its hard for it to be wrong... yay modern journalism *pfft*.

    Hollywood, like every business in the world, is risk averse and when something works and rakes in the dough, it gets bled till that unlucky last movie or series kills the fad. The Male audience is getting tougher to please, and the budget of the films that have that "Broad Male Appeal" with some Splosions, Wow factor and a strong but sexy female love interest are getting blown out to the point it's almost not worth it. If there is a slight chance it will bomb or more accurately, not make 20% - it won't get made. It's a cycle; Movies that 'Men' want to see cost more so they don't get made because its risky, 'Men' thus don't go to the cinema as much, thus the Studio system is less inclined to spend money on that market. I put 'Men' in quotes because you can replace that with Women, Children, Couples and Geeks etc.

    Studio Suits like to place blame for failures and see patterns that let them rationalise a bad choice. Common excuses fall right into what the article addresses, "It's not the movie was bad, it just failed to find an audience." or "Oh, Games and the Net took all our target market, it's not that we need to get better to win them back."

    Is the gaming and net culture partly to blame for losing aspects of the male audiences? Absolutely, but no more then a market share based scenario. Films and Games compete for peoples time, it's not mutually exclusive. Note to the Film industry... GET BETTER, WIN US BACK.

    Always thought UFC was stupid, is it such a big thing in america that its up there with games and the internet?

    Gamers don't sit in front of the TV 24 hours a day. Last i re-called Avatar has owned the box office til like last week since early December. Avatar - a film that has reached a variety of audiences, is still probably more a guys film compared the Cameron's last effort which has a more female appeal.

    I think they meant New Moon not Twilight cause Twilight didn't gross that much to warrant it a place in the record books.

    Did these journalists fail to see the shitty chick flicks and children movies that girls go see anyway. Valentines Days, Tooth Fairy, that stupid one with the chick from sex & the city, The Complicated one with Meryl Streep.

    Since this article speaks about the US Box Office - Sandra Bullock scored her most successful film in the US with The Blind Side. Judging by the trailer, it appeals to the woman who wanna cry at the end of a film because something happy and up-lifting occurs. Thats $200 million to the chicks. Princess & the frog = woman also.

    I really would not blame video games for making a guy not want to see a movie theatre covered in chick flicks. Blame the film industry itself. Oh but hey - we have the second Sex & the city movie to look forward to this year. Guess we better go back to out video games.

    This is an article written a few months ago which pretty much says the same thing (except without the video game part): http://www.pajiba.com/seriously_random_lists/how-twilight-doesnt-signal-the-end-of-cultural-civilization.php

    Essentially this phenomenon has been occuring for decades. We go through a period of macho/male appealing popular culture (think Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and anything by Arnie in the 80s, video games currently), so when a major female oriented movie or band appears (N*Sync anyone?) they manage to score this massive demographic that is being uncatered for.

    Actually, I don't watch movies nowadays cuz I think most of em are either shite or aren't worth paying to watch on the big screen. My ass may be planted in front of a computer or TV if I'm at home but if friends call me out for a good movie, I'll gladly go. But, if vampires continue to become PANSIES who DON'T FRIGGIN EXPLODE IN THE SUNLIGHT then I will stop watching movies on the big screen for good. That woman really destroyed the genre.

    Makes me think, when these people make social commentary like this, do they ever actually ask the people concerned?

    The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, The A-Team all say hello.

    Perhaps if the quality of all "Guy" movies was like The Dark Knight and Iron Man, then more guys would go to the movies...

    But these days, going to the movies is like having your wallet raped...its just not worth for most of the boring generic shit that they make.

    Is that pure conjecture? Or is there any basis of fact for what Mr. Gruber is saying?

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