Xbox Movies On Demand Brings More Movies, More Mel Gibson

We got around 100 films when the Movies On Demand channel launched on Xbox Live in Australia last November. After a bit of a lull, Microsoft has been busy recently adding new content. Like these.

In the past week, dozens of films have been added to the Movies On Demand selection. They're a mix of good, bad, old, new and almost everything Mel Gibson has ever made.

Take a look at the list below and let us know if you've been using the service and what you think of it so far.

* Alien Raiders * Any Given Sunday * Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever * Batman Forever * Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub Zero * Batman vs. Dracula, The * Batman Returns * Beetlejuice * Before Sunrise * Before Sunset * Blazing Saddles * Blood Work * Blue Collar Comedy Tour – The Movie * Caddyshack II * Chamber of Horrors * Child’s Play 2 * Child’s Play 3 * Clash of the Titans * Dave * Dead Calm * Devil’s Advocate, The * Dirty Harry * Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood * Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story * Executive Decision * Exorcist II: The Heretic * Falling Down * Fearless Vampire Killers * Frighteners, The * Fugitive, The * Full Metal Jacket * G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra * Goodfellas * Hard to Kill * Horror of Dracula * Hunger, The (1983) * Iron Giant, The * Jerk, The * Joe’s Apartment * Lethal Weapon * Lethal Weapon 2 * Lethal Weapon 3 * Lethal Weapon 4 * Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior * Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome * MARS ATTACKS! * Maverick * Miss Congeniality * My Blue Heaven * National Lampoon’s Vacation * National Lampoon’s Animal House * National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation * Omega Man, The * Outbreak * Out of Sight * Pale Rider * Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach * Police Academy 6: City Under Siege * Purple Rain * Rebel Without a Cause * Red Dragon * River Wild, The * Rocky II * Rocky III * Shaft * Shaft’s Big Score * Slap Shot * Space Jam * Spies Like Us * Strange Brew * Superman IV: The Quest for Peace * Swordfish * Tequila Sunrise * Terminal Man, The * Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride * Troy: The Director’s Cut * Uncle Buck * Unforgiven * V for Vendetta * Van Wilder: Freshman Year * Village of the Damned * Walking Tall (2004) * Waterworld * Weird Science * What a Girl Wants * Wild Wild West * Wyatt Earp



    ive hired a few movies but i think they need to make it alittle cheaper.

    eg:Hangover 480MSP for HD is nearly $8.

    They should be for new releases 400MSP for HD and 340MSP for SD and older movies 280HD 200SD. would hire out alot more.

    With a 20gb/month download quota, I don't think I'll be streaming any time soon.

    I see the rationale behind the choices match the insanity of the old Xbox Originals service. Exorcist II, Superman IV, Police Academy 5 & 6 - huh?

    In other news, I tried to download The Bourne Identity when the service first launched. I accidentally pressed DOWNLOAD instead of STREAM and it took like 36 hours to download half of it. I haven't tried it since then.

    Mel Gibson still looks like Saddam.

    As for the service, good to see more content added, even if it's countless sequels and forgettable trash. But as Odin said, the pricing needs some tweaking too.

    I downloaded The Watchmen at launch. The HD version was almost 12gb. I had to download over 2 nights just using my offpeak quota. I don't think I'll be using the service again - not at what they are wanting to charge anyway.

    I would use it, but it uses up far to much download quota. If it was put into the free zone on iiNet (the paid Xbox stuff apparently isn't free), I'd be all over it like a rash.

    Oh, and the fact I've got no HDD space really turns me off (I'm not paying $150 for a 120Gb hdd).

    In our household we've hired about 10 or so movies, in fact as it becomes more jam packed with titles, I'll be looking for an internet provider who doesn't calculate it towards usage... hint hint internode ;-)

    Paying stupid fees for the fastest speeds bigpond has to offer... and i STILL can't stream HD movies. I'll stick to renting from the video store i think

    I'ved watched a couple of movies in SD streamed and been fairly happy with it, will D/l some HD stuff when something like District 9 comes out. Prices seem inconsistent though. Something like the Odins recom would be good.

    I'll give MS credit for:

    Doing battle with the studios
    Reasonable prices

    It's still early days yet but the service looks promising.

    A lot of terrible movies there.

    Oh, and pro-tip. SD is just fine.

    When are we getting TV shows? Typical. Australia still gets hosed.

    Its not a bad service from what I've used, rented the new star trek film the other day and it was pretty good quality and download speed for a gig. I was going for the HD version but then I realised I was unlikely to get 8GB more quality out of it (and I didn't have the drive space thanks to the tiny drives they ship)

    I have to say that some of the films on there can only be there for the cheesy retro b-movie laughs, I mean Purple Rain?

    iiNet has free Xbox live quota, wonder if this is covered under that?

    * Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever


    I have used the service quite a few times now and will probably use it more and more (having just upgraded my monthly quota from 25GB to 50GB). Our family TV is still only a 27" so SD is just beautiful. We always use the download option - it is ready to begin watching after 2% down and guarantees full quality (The streaming will adjust as your bandwidth does). We are enjoying showing our teens some of the classics that they haven't seen yet - next up The Fugitive. It is just a shame that all new release DVDs aren't appearing on here.

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