Yakuza 4 Will Pick Up A Scooter And Smash You In The Face

While us Westerners get ready to play Yakuza 3, Japan is about to start playing Yakuza 4. Here it is in action, with new face-punching, vespa-swinging and pachinko-playing action on display.


    oh baby oh yeah.

    Hot damn this looks great. Reminds me that I should finish the first two before 3 comes out.

    What DOESNT this game have?

    Truly impressed, this remind me of Shenmue, but mega evolved.

    I really wanna play this now, it looks like GTA made by SEGA, and thats a kick ass formula.

    I've already completed 1 and 2 cant wait but im just hoping 3 goes well so we will get 4 also cause Yakuza is one of my favorite game series.

    i've just been playing the demo for 3, and i was sceptical at first but the more i play the more i find to like.

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