Yell And Scream For High Score

At the Game Jam Sydney over the weekend indie developers were tasked with creating a game in 48 hours. Designer Glen Forrester (aka Radix, aka the guy who let us see Zelda in first-person) won the award for Most Original Game and you can see/hear why in this clip.

Of his game, GNILLEY, Forrester says it was "originally supposed to be a game about pitch and colour [but]instead it became all about yelling at everything."

Looks like the ideal party game to me.

GNILLEY [Global Gam Jam, via TIGSource]


    Pure Awesome

    I want this game now O_o

      You can find it on the GGJ site, along with hundreds (almost a thousand(!) from what I can see) of others created over the weekend.

    What they said! Want!

    Although.. I guess I wouldn't get away with playing it during lunch at work :/

    I'd suggest they release it as an xbox live indie game but we still couldn't play it

    wouldn't that be the funnest to playtest

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