Your Final Shot At 100 Gamerscore Just For Showing Up

Friendly reminder that beginning in about 30 minutes, Xbox 360 is staging one last run on NBA Live 07's "Online with 1,000 People" achievement. This is the last chance to do it before EA shuts down the servers on Tuesday.

The boosting session starts at 1pm US Eastern/5am AEDT. said 217 people had joined the boosting session as of an hour ago. Basically, all you need to do is have a copy of NBA Live 07 and hang out in a lobby - not play an online game - the same time as 1000 other people are signed in. Specific instructions on what is required may be found here.

They tried this back in October but it didn't work, so it's now or never. I'll update this post with news of whether they pulled it off.

IMPORTANT Information For The 1000 People Online Event []


    We got it an hour early and managed to maintain it until the end of the scheduled hour (5am to 6am local, lots of fun. =P). It may not be as noble as the Penny Arcade's Child Play but its still good to see the gaming community come together for a change instead of just bitching and moaning.

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