Your First Look At Fable III In Action

The first episode of the second season of Lionhead's video diaries gives us our first look at Fable III in motion, showing off the combat, the weapons, and the extreme morals it takes to be a king.

Peter Molyneux sure gets excited about his creations, doesn't he? Look at him talking about the wing-sprouting expression about halfway through the video. He's like a kid at Christmas, all wide-eyed and ridiculously enthusiastic. Even if his games sometimes don't end up being what we've expected, you have to admire the guy's passion for what he does.

Be sure to read Crecente's interview with Molyneux for more innovation, more enthusiasm, and more exploration of the way Fable III is changing the game.


    "Even if his games sometimes don’t end up being what we’ve expected, you have to admire the guy’s passion for what he does."

    you can say that again, well except this guys passion.. now he is just a lieing money grubbing whore.

    Fable 2 sucks when it should of been awesome, Black and White 2 sucked when it should of been one of the best games ever. Lion Head started out well but fell hard.. pity

    Damn it... between this and the Reach video, I think I'm beginning to get excited for 2010. Very excited... I kind of liked Fable 1 as a solitary experience, but I'm coming around to the idea of it being more than just a straight roleplaying game. Why am I getting a strange urge to play Fable 2 again?

    The only thing I don't like about Molyneux and his games, is that... well, whenever he announces something, there's a shitstorm of people who try to make it out like he's some kind of babbling idiot who will never live up to his promises. It seems to me like everyone who says shit about him is just repeating what they heard somebody else say. Same with people who don't like Halo, you know... the ones who will put unrelaistic standards on games, and then wonder why they're disappointed.

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