Your R18+ Rating Submissions

Your R18+ Rating Submissions

The period of public consultation on the issue of whether Australia should have an R18+ rating for videogames is drawing to a close. You have until February 28 to make a submission. Many Kotaku readers already have, and we’re going to share them with you.

Last week we asked you to send us your submission to encourage your fellow Kotaku readers to have their say as well. We said we’d publish your closing 250-word comments. So for the rest of the week we’ll be highlighting some of the best in individual posts.

This submission comes from Bruce Abdul-Raouf, who writes:

My understanding after reading and consultation is that this can be summarised as a compromise between 1) an adults right to view Adult material versus 2) the need to prevent access of Adult Only material from minors.

As Adult only material is already on sale in Australia in the form of R18 and X18 classified movies I do not see a reason not to allow it R18 Games. This is not about what is higher impact, games or movies, this is about Adult ONLY content and should it be allowed. Adult material is adult material because it is not suitable for minors and not because of the medium.

To say Games are somehow different is absurd, I would prefer to catch my child with a violent game than an adult soft porn movie. The farce is that the soft porn IS available today and the game is not. There needs to be a consistent approach to classification that allows for Adults to be Adults and does not hold the entire population to the level of a 15 year old.

There are many things in life not suitable for minors. I will leave you with 2 examples, alcohol and sex. Just because these 2 things are not suitable for minors is not a reason to prevent adults from participating and enjoying them.

Which one would YOU give up to prevent a child from having it?

In case you’re yet to state your case, here’s how to do it.

The call for public consultation ( The Bond University Interactive Australia report (for helpful research insights)


  • Thats an interesting look at the topic and i actually agree. It would discard many other submissions concidering that the main point is against the medium itself.

  • I’m studying at Bond University doing a Bachelor of Computer Games, conducted by Dr Jeff Brand (who authored the Interactive Australia reports for 2005, 2007 and most recently in 2009).

    Here’s a link to the newest and more robust Interactive Australia report:

    Each student in our class has now submitted a 1500 word response to the R18+ discussion paper (regardless of the suggested 250 word limit).

    I encourage everyone to submit their thoughts after reading through the IA9 report.

    My submission shed light on the fact that many adult games (games that are rated 18+ in other countries) are being shoehorned into an MA15+ rating here. An R18+ rating would give parents appropriate information about games, instead of misleading them.

    Instead of the lack of an R18+ rating protecting children, we are making it legally available for children to obtain these inappropriate games earlier. The South Australia Attorney General’s decision to prevent such a classification is more harmful than he probably realises.

  • Short of the Federal AG overriding the state ones and saying “this goes ahead”, then Atkinson is not going to care about the results of this.

    My only hope is that the NSW or Vic AG (OR QLD’s even) descide to implement a state level R18 rating for games to supplement the federal classification. As long as ONE state (most likely QLD or Canberra, the latter being the only state in Australia that has an X rating for videos) has R rating, then anyone in Australia can get to them.

    Remember when QLD first started discussing this, someone on Kotaku asked Atkinson what would he do if another state got R rating. He said he’s vote FOR an R rating so that at the very least they could regulate it in SA, but he’ll be opposed to it until a state, ANY state adopts it first.

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