2010, The Year Of Tron Legacy Billboards

Tron Legacy won't be out until this December, meaning there's plenty of time for Disney to promote the crud out of the flick. Know what that calls for? Giant billboards.


According to /Film, Disney bought the billboard at Santa Monica/Westwood in LA for the whole year. Since last December, Disney has been rotating out the Tron billboards every month and a half. Disney plans continue to do this right up until the movie's release.

The Joseph Kosinski-directed flick is a sequel to the 1982 computer generated landmark film Tron. Tron Legacy follows Sam Flynn as he tries to track the disappearance of his father, played by Jeff Bridges.

Tron Legacy Billboard #3 | /Film [/Film]


    And what prettiness they are!
    I think the 3D will be quite amazing...

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