8-Bit New York City Maps For The Metropolitan Dragon Warrior

Regular maps too informative for you? Too lacking in colourful sprites? Retro cartographer Brett Camper has devised 8-bit NYC for the gaming crowd who can't make heads or tails of anything that doesn't look like a Dragon Warrior map.

Camper name-checks ye olde favourites like Milon's Secret Castle, Clash at Demonhead and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link as the inspiration behind the 8-bit NYC project, built upon the foundation of the indispensable Google Maps. "What would the city look like if it were a game like that?" Camper wonders in the video explaining the project.

He explains it, specifically, on the Kickstarter project page for 8-bit NYC. Camper's looking for a little monetary help from those who would like to see more cities, like Chicago, LA or, hell, anywhere else financial allies would like to see turned into an old-school map.

If you'd simply prefer to gaze upon his hard work on New York City, you can do that too. It's a little slow, underscoring Camper's case for financial aid that would go to a new host and better servers.

8-bit NYC [Official Site via Waxy]


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