A Bit More On That Halo Reach Multiplayer Vid

Last night we posted a version of the Halo: Reach multiplayer video that leaked out a tad early, but now that it's official Bungie has a few more details about it.

The trailer, they say, features a C Paul track originally orchestrated for the Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack. The studio brought in Ivan Ives to help them create a "high energy remix" of the music. Here's Ives' take on the process:

"I'm really honoured that Marty let me work on the remix of the Uphill, Both Ways track with C Paul. It was a great piece to begin with so we just wanted to put a different spin on it, which turned out really cool. Added in a really heavy dark bass and some lighter piano to contrast it and give it a really epic feeling to match the Multiplayer awesomesauce."

The video was, according to Microsoft, captures from the game's alpha build and the publisher and platform holder promises that more info is "coming down the line" as the launch of the public beta nears.


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