A Bizarre Expansion To The Blur Beta

Activision and Bizarre Creations continue to refine the online experience of upcoming combat racer Blur, increasing the rank cap and allowing testers to unlock new cars, challenges and mods.

I don't know about you, but I'm used to a multiplayer beta test for a console game that starts, stops and is finished. That's not the case with Activision's Blur beta, however, as the racer will be getting an update on March 25, allowing players to rank up to level 15. That means more cars, more challenges and two more mods - Iron Fist and Last Gasp.

While my initial impression of Blur wasn't too favourable, it's heartening me to see Bizarre Creations working so hard to make sure the game is good prior to release.

Interested players can still sign up for the beta by visiting http://www.blurgame.com/.


    Brilliant game. Mario Kart for adults.

      No blue shell though?

      are you seriously saying mario kart IS NOT for adults?

        Since Nintendo removed speed boosting (aka Drifting), No it isn't.

    I grabbed the BETA but haven't bothered to load it up - might have to put the effort in now if the developer is going to make an effort to give us more.

    i have to say i quite enjoy this... which i didn't expect to... its kinda like mario kart/pgr/cod...

    yes... i just said cod... but i only mean it from the leveling/challenges point of view... which for a racing game seems pretty unique!

    the beta has made it go from a game a didn't care about to something that i'll definitely be keeping an eye on!

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