A Children’s Choir Sings Portal’s Closing Song "Still Alive"

A Children’s Choir Sings Portal’s Closing Song "Still Alive"

The end credits of first-person shooter Portal treated players to the song “Still Alive”. Wisconsin’s own Gifford Children’s Choir did the version of the tune.

Wonder how many of those kids have played the game?

Elementary School Choir sings ‘Still Alive’. [Reddit]


  • How many people in the audience would have understood that song. Half of the fun comes from understanding the reference.

  • Good job, but at the same time it was a weird choice.

    I loved ‘still alive’, however I’ve played portal and the HL series so I get it.

    Making a ‘neat’ gun, killing, dying, reference to imaginary companies… All good when aimed at gamers who know, but how many of their parents got it? :O


  • I think that if you didn’t know the context of the song it would come off as really creepy and quite disturbing for kids to be singing.

  • That was the awesome and insane thing I’ve seen in a while. Can you imagine what must have been going through the organizer’s head when they picked that song? Imagine the months of other teachers asking “What the hell is that song?”. I would love to know what the initial reaction was of all the kids when they first heard it. How crazy must it have been to have kids practice that awesome song night after night even though must of them are unlikely to have even heard of Portal, let alone played it. I wonder how many parents got what it was from and silently punched the air and how many were just left going “What the ****?”

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