A Frank And Funny Hour With Red Steel 2's Top Man

Would you like to hear a developer speak freely about making a sequel to a game that was panned? Red Steel 2's Jason VandenBerghe did that today, from Paris. You can download one of our best hours of audio now.

This week's episode of Kotaku Talk Radio features frank discussion between Jason, us and some of the callers on everything from the pluses and minuses of all three consoles; motion control systems to the challenges of making a good sequel to Red Steel 2.

Why doesn't Red Steel 2 have multiplayer? Which movies inspired the game's unusual art-direction? Which feature of Red Steel 2 does Jason himself consider "half-assed"? What is the distinctly French style of making video games? Which sharp objects was Jason playing with at age eight? And just how hard has he pushed his Ubisoft bosses to make Beyond Good & Evil 2?

All that and more in today's instalment of Kotaku Talk Radio.

Hosts: Brian Crecente, Stephen Totilo

Guest: Jason VandenBerghe, Ubisoft Paris

Ranter: Owen Good

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    Panned? The game has gotten either 7 or mostly 8 out in most reviews. Over all critic reviews are 8.2 so um... I dont think it got panned, didn't you like it? I cant wait to get it! I *enjoyed* the first one.

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