A More Nutritious Way To Review God Of War III

A humorous Photoshop, or a look at how games would be labelled if the government handled ratings? As seen on Joystick Division.


    Oddly enough, this is something like what I propose in my Masters thesis; I want more consistent classifications, less political randomness and no censorship. Just a useful list of what's in the game written by actual gamers who've played the game, not the current mishmash we have with OLFC. We really don't need specific moves to ban offensive content as we have enough statutes covering child porn etc anyway.

    Don't be silly. If the government handled ratings then it would be rated suitable for a 15+ audience instead of the 17+ audience it deserves. Thanks Australia for showing us how to protect children from mature content!

    They're avoiding the whole mature rating issue by censoring the entire internet... Good with that luck K-Rudd

      I should post when I'm drunk...

    the government already does handle game ratings....

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