A New Marathon Trademark? What's That Pfhor?

One week ago Bungie filed a new trademark application for Marathon, the FPS superstar of Mac gaming's brief apogee during the mid- to late-1990s. There are few details beyond that but the paperwork's enough to stoke fantasies of a reboot.

It's definitely Bungie filing it, though the application notes the first use in commerce was January 1, 1995, so this could just be some housekeeping required to keep that mark fresh for the studio. Marathon, in addition to having bitchin' box art also during that period's heydey, released for the Mac in late Dec. 1994, and spawned a sequel in November 1995.

Xbox Live released a port of Marathon 2: Durandal in 2007, which is still available in Marketplace. That version is noted for its high framerate apparently eliciting so many motion sickness complaints that it comes with cautionary messages and had to be patched to allow players to change their field of view.

Marathon [US Patent and Trademark Office via Superannuation]



    Best FPS game series ever! the first FPS to actualy use mouse and keyboard for controlling your character, and the best Story any FPS has ever had! not to mention the weapons were shear awesome, the enemies were varied ( i loved my pet hulk physics mod) and it so gdarm easy to modify.

    I want my MA75B 52rnd Assault Rifle with its 40mm underslung grenade launcher which held 8rnds. Oh and my SPNKR SSM Launcher!


    If this turns out to be a reboot... yeah I'll be very happy. :P Some of the best looking aliens in a gaming IMO not to mention some great story telling for it's day.

    Growing up in a Mac household Marathon was a staple part of my gaming diet (along with Blizzard games), so I'm stoked to hear the possibility of another game :)

    I hope they retain the feel rather than make it Halothon. But on the other end of the spectrum I hope they don't make it too survival horror in space (like Doom 3 which tried to juggle both old school game play with horror settings).

    Might this have something to do with the secret ending to Halo 3?

      I think there would be many out there who would like this to be true but Bugie have stated that the two game universes are seperate. Also the timelines don't gel if I remember correctly.

      There would be legal implications as well, Microsoft still owns the rights to everything Halo. But Bungie specifically has held onto the rights to Marathon when they split.

    Sounds inieresttng….Let me know your findings, Schoolboy Beeer.I shall expect a report on my desk by this time next week or you be getting six of the best !

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