A Real Xbox 360 Coffin

A Real Xbox 360 Coffin

When Xbox 360 conked out in the past, folks would send their Xbox 360s to Microsoft in cardboard boxes affectionately called “coffins”. Here is a real honest-to-goodness Xbox coffin.

Designed by designer Alexis Vanamois, this Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death coffin is a final resting place for a dearly departed console. There’s even a holder for a controller.

Xbox 360 died? Send it off in style with the RROD coffin accessory! [PC World via Hawty McBloggy]


  • I had my first 360 (launch) die on me. I waited patiently with my ps3 for a couple of years and i got an elite last year. No problems. Hopefully I wont need this coffin… although it would be awesome!

  • MS just announced that this is going to come packaged in with a new SKU.

    The Goffic SKU comes in the coffin, Cradle of Filths discography, rubber bats, and some black nail polish.

    HDD sold seperately.

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