A Second Look At The Art Of Last Story

A Second Look At The Art Of Last Story

The first round of artwork for Mistwalker’s Last Story was great, but there were two things that were missing: people and maps.

Those shortcomings have been rectified in this second round of artwork for the game, which reveal more of the game’s Mediterranean influence, along with teases that the game’s world , the island (and city) of Luli, will encourage the player to wander around, exploring every street..


  • I hate to sound naive, but this game is 3D right? And this 2D artwork is just that – artwork? Because they would be so, so, SO cool as iterations of the ACTUAL background art. Why don’t people realise how great 2D artwork is!? The thought of being able to run down the alley in the game (middle pic), as it is, is just… too exciting to ever be true.

    • From the first art work article – “this is game art and not game graphics”. Although I completely agree that it would look brilliant with that caliber of 2D artwork in the background.

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