A Side-Scrolling Team Fortress 2? Why, Yes, Please.

The creator of this side-scrolling interpretation of Team Fortress 2 intended to enter it in a map-modding contest last year but missed the deadline.

Steaky may have missed the cut (here's another top-flight entry in the contest) but he says he "plan(s) to finish and release a full version in the future." A quick Google search reveals the guy's built two maps already, (plus this one). I've no idea how far along the project is or how it would be implemented, but it is sure fun to look at, and think about what could be. Go for it, man.

Thanks to Gøran T. for spotting this and sending it along.


    I never knew it until now, but I've always wanted this.
    Could be sort of Soldat-ish.

      This would bring me back to TF2, back before the updates and before little kid mic spam.. Yes, this might jsut do it.

    Looks like a light version of Trine, with TF2 characters.


    That looks freaking awesome! Let us know when it is released Kotaku please!!

    Does anyone else think that from 0:55 to 1:00 it looks a bit copied from the lake in Shadow Complex?

    Or is it just me?

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