Accused Game Cheater Gets Knife Through Head And Survives

An argument between Counter-Strike players at a Chinese net café over suspected use of a 'wallhack' cheat led to a 17-year-old boy being stabbed through the head with a 0.3m knife - and living to tell the tale.

Counter-Strike players in the Jilin province of China take cheating extremely seriously, as evidenced by the grievous wound suffered by one suspected cheater on March 16. The 17-year-old victim was suspected of using a hack that allowed him to see through walls, giving him an obvious benefit in the computerised game of hide and go kill each other.

A fight broke out outside the net café regarding the hack, and one assailant decided to do a little hacking of his own, stabbing large knife into the side of the cheater's head, the tip of the blade barely protruding from the other side.

Speaking for everyone reading this, ouch.

The boy, miraculously still conscious, was rushed to a nearby hospital. After around 10 hours of surgery, the knife was successful removed. The boy survived, but is under observation in case bits of rust - did we mention the blade was rusty? - flaked off inside his brain.

So how does someone survive a foot-long knife through the skull? According to doctors, the blade missed major arteries, which kept him from haemorrhaging, and managed to somehow avoid affecting motor skills even though the blade passed through areas that handle those functions.

The net café where the incident occurred was popular with local youths because it didn't require ID, a fact I'm sure some will consider to be a factor in the incident, but I've always believed that being an arsehole with a knife is an ageless thing.

I'm not sure how the law works in China regarding stabbings, but somewhere there's a Counter-Strike player just as relieved that the victim didn't die as the victim himself.

Physician Yan Shi-jun, who operated on the young man, said that the chances of surviving such a wound were one in ten thousand. Those are pretty steep odds.

I bet he cheated.

男孩玩游戏与人起争执被尖刀穿颅 大难不死(图) [ via Sankaku Complex]


    God hax

      HA! "Hax" was totally going to be my comment aswell.

    Ban all knives, right now.

    The knife was also 0.0003km long or more commonly refered to as 30cm.

    This is terrible and once again I can see the mainstream media circling above, only to pounce upon one single factor, Video Games and put it on display as the villain.

    There probably should be a warning for that sort of image.

    Thats some serious sh!t though. Wow... people get so serious over games. I was disgusted when I got a message on PSN by a player that didn't like the way I was playing with the tactical knife. "I hope you get cancer and die". Thanks for that mate.

    yeah, a warning is probably in order here.
    where is atkinson when ya need him? if he was still ag he'd be lapping this crap up. "this is the outcome of one childs gaming experience. do you want this to be your child?" blah blah blah. although he didnt deserve a knife in the head, i'm sure a beating was in order here ;)
    lesson? DONT CHEAT!

      I was just thinking that Atkinson couldn't have quit at a better time, as on the surface, this is evident to support the "games cause violence/confuse fantasy and reality" claim.

    Was this Source or 1.6? :P Can you even get a headshot with the tact knife in CS?

      you most definately CAN.

    Did they catch the guy that did it?

    He can't have run off too fast.. having left his knife behind and all..

    "pfft what ever dude, even if I wasn't hacking you'd never headshot me!"


    bloody unbeleivable!!!


    I knew CS(S) players were a serious bunch, but that's a whole new level.

    And a agree a warning at the top of the article may be in order. That pic will be a bit hard to unsee if your a bit squeemish, not to mention people's kids may be around when they're reading the article.

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