Actor Who Portrayed Half-Life 2's Villain Is Dead At 79

Robert Culp, known to some as the voice of Dr Wallace Breen of Half-Life 2, to others as FBI Agent Bill Maxwell on The Greatest American Hero, died today in Los Angeles. He was 79.

Significant though it was to gamers, Culp's role as the director of the doomed Black Mesa Research Facility was far outshone by other portrayals in his nearly 50-year television career, beginning alongside Bill Cosby in the barrier-breaking I Spy. But in Half Life 2, his monologues broadcast to City 17 helped sow the backstory of an overwhelmingly acclaimed video game, and give serious depth to an antagonist that most games would have treated one-dimensionally.

Culp's character was the administrator of the facility responsible for the "Black Mesa Incident" that begins the series' continuity. Culp played a character who negotiated a peace agreement with the invading Combine that saved humanity, but only by enslaving it. Breen then became a puppet governor who, while a formidable and ruthless opponent of the game's protagonist, Gordon Freeman, still believed that the choice he had made was best for mankind.

Culp died after falling on a footpath by a park in Los Angeles. He is survived by his wife, five children and five grandchildren.

Actor Robert Culp Dies After Fall [CNN, thanks hahnchen]


    :( He also played Debra's dad in Everybody Loves Raymond.

    That's so sad. I really liked him in Greatest American Hero!

    Lucky Breen's dead.

    Rest in Peace, sweet prince. You were credit to team.

    Well done Valve.

    I bet he wanted to see how the whole saga he was involved in ended. But no you had to draw it out so he will never know the conclusion of the Ep 3.

    What a selfish bunch of pricks Valve is delaying that game.
    Robert Culp R.I.P You're voice will be remembered by gamers everywhere I raise my glass to you.

      What the fuck is that? Jesus. Valve should have predicted this unfortunate passing, and have rushed forward Ep. 3? what the fuck are you, ten?

      I'm sorry to hear about Culp's passing, he was a legitimately good actor, both as a voice and a face.

        is breen not dead as such he isnt really pivotol to episode 3 anyways

        but RIP

    obviously mucking around, you ass hats.

    This guy played the best murderers on Columbo.

    "Tell me Doctor Freeman if you can. You have destroyed so much. What have you ever created? Can you name even one thing? I thought not."

    EP3 NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    This was one of my favorite games, and I believe the voice actor chosen for his role was perfect.


    Man, what a shame. Breen's lines in HL2 still stick in my head years after playing it.

    Dr. Breen is dead, he never made through the portal. Now Culp is dead. Rest In Peace!

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