Add Tilt Control To Your PSP

Datel helps PSP users hop on the motion control bandwagon with the Tilt FX PSP, a device that adds accelerometer controls to your favourite games.

The Tilt FX PSP, available now for the PSP-1000 through 3000 (sorry, PSPgo, but no one loves you), is a device that plugs into the bottom of your handheld gaming machine, granting you accelerometer functions via software patches, effectively making your PSP a touchless iPod Touch, with buttons.

From what I am reading on the device's website, the Tilt FX requires custom profiles in order to work with your games, with new profiles promised as games are released. Profiles are added to your PSP via a special software program that requires you connect the handheld to your PC, which seems like a complicated way to add functionality to a game that may or may not enhance the experience.

Though, speaking of enhancing the experience, the software patching allows the device to make changes to how games function with it, meaning that some titles will allow the device to say, make jumps higher, or affect gravity to the player's benefit.

Let's just say it - it lets you cheat.

The Tilt FX PSP accelerometer/cheat device is now available for purchase for $US19.99 at the Codejunkies website, where you can also find videos and pictures of it in action.

If anything it seems like a fun toy to play with, as well as a good way to taunt your PSPgo-owning friends. *sighs and pokes his PSPgo with a stick*


    need hacked psp?

    ZOMG! its the kotaku censor fish :o

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