Advance Wars: The Board Game!

Advance Wars works well as a video game. But as a board game? Yeah, looks like it works pretty well as a board game, too.

First designed last year, "Skirmish Wars" is the creation of Andrew Tullsen, Matthew Kloth and Brandon Pennington. It's not trying anything fancy, which is a good thing: the beauty of Advance Wars is in its simplicity, not its 400-page rulebook.

It's content to simply transfer the video game to a board game setting, then, along with some beautiful new artwork and the promise of four-player scenarios.

Best part? Because all it needs is a board and some pieces, you can print it all off below and play yourselves.

Skirmish Wars: Advance Tactics [BOardgamegeek]


    I would play the hell out of that board game.

    good idea but will it sell
    doubt it

      it's not a game for sale, it's a free print and play game.

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