After Burner Climax Comes To Xbox Live, PlayStation Network In April

It's blue skies and barrel rolls for After Burner fans, as Sega puts a date and price on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network release of arcade dogfighter After Burner Climax.

On April 21, After Burner Climax touches down on XBLA for 800 Microsoft Points ($US10/$AU13.20). One day later, it does a fly by on PlayStation Network for exactly $US9.99/$AUTBC. And then it's just missiles and explosions everywhere, old school fire and forget action amidst tears of nostalgic joy.

With three plans to choose from and 20 stages worth of flying, shooting and time-slowing Climax action, this is starting to sound like ten bucks well spent.


    Been looking forward to this since they released the teaser video on the PSN a while back.

    I haven't got anything off the PSN for a few months, this will likely be my next purchase. I like the price point too.

    Damn, I wish this would come out on PC (STEAM Already publishes for SEGA). I don't want to have to use m y xbox ever again.

      I can take that off your hands if you like...

    With the advent of the USB sticks being allowed, possibly MS could put their Marketplace online and I could download games to my USB stick and then put them onto my "offline" 360? One could only hope!

    800 points? SOLD! I remember playing it in the arcade and whole the whole thing moved when you turned. LOVE IT.

    is that actually a screen-shot of the game? it looks terrible! Got Textures?

    Never heard of it, but I have yet to see a good dog-fighting game so I might check it out.

    matt Afterburner is an institution... who gives a floating Hanar what the textures look like, these games play for fun.

      Hehe, floating hanar

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