Aliens And Predators Invade PlayStation Home

Now here's a couple of virtual costume items that might be worth dropping a couple of bills on, if only to see an Alien and a Predator doing the running man in the lobbies of PlayStation Home.

Sega Europe announces official Aliens Vs Predator gear, coming tomorrow to the European PlayStation Home Thread Store. Choose from male and female versions of the Alien, Predator, or doomed Space Marine. €2.99 scores you a full costume, while €1.99 gets you pants and a shirt and €0.99 secures you a helmet or mask.

As of this writing, the new costumes have only been announced for Europe, so whether or not they come to North America as well is up in the air, though highly likely. Also, these items are only available until March 31 - after that, they're gone.

Gear Up For The Infestation Of Home [Sega Europe]


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