Aliens Vs. Predator Gets Its First Map Pack March 18

The four multiplayer maps released in Aliens vs Predator's Special Edition will be available to the general public as DLC beginning next Thursday, March 18. The Swarm Map Pack will run you $US7.

The DLC delivers four maps, two for the game's competitive multiplayer and two for its cooperative modes. "Docks" and "Machine" are available for the six competitive modes (Deathmatch, Predator Hunt, Infestation, Species Deathmatch, Mixed Species Deathmatch and Domination).

"Outpost" and "Hive" pit the humans, working cooperatively, against Aliens in a survival match set in an abandoned colony overrun by Aliens, and then an Alien breeding ground, respectively.


    Maybe they should fix the spawning system first.

    I pretty much don't play anything other than infestation because you just get spawned in between 2-3 players from the other team. If you are a marine, you are dead within seconds.

    Even infestation goes downhill once there are only 4-5 guys left. Aliens just run in and rape. There are no tactics, no intimidation, nothing.

    Depends on the level, but most of the time you are given the short straw.

    Sega seems to have made a mistake in that press release. "Outpost" is an MP map, while "Machine" is a Survivor one...

    This is quite unforgivable. I really wanted AvP To be good, i REALLY did. I enjoyed the SP, despite it being riddled with enough bugs to put it on par with S.T.A.L.K.E.R at release, but the MP is just unplayable.

    The worst part is, i paid $120 AUD to BETA TEST their dedicated servers, something that should have been ready at launch.

    Now, instead of fixing their horribly lazy game, they want to hit people for another $7? Fuck you rebellion, fuck you. You've been in obscurity since AvP 1, and i think it's time you go back.

      I agree with this entirely. I was willing to overlook *so many* flaws and bugs, but the lack of respect and dedication Rebellion has shown to the community is really insulting. I'll never give them money again.

    I'm yet to play this game, I was surfing the web for reviews before I buy it, so what do you guys/gals think ?

    hmm, they're getting more money and i'm getting more frustrated.... i guess thats fair.

    might i suggest dedicated ranked servers already Rebellion? you know so people can, erm, rank up more than 1 level every 6 or so hours- jesus.

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