Alone In The Dark Creator Teasing New Game

Frenchman Frédérick Raynal, known to most as the creator of horror series Alone in the Dark but beloved by us for creating cult hit Little Big Adventure, has a new game due this year in the works for publisher Ubisoft.

What it is, exactly, we don't know. All we know from his chalkboard tease is that it's being published by Ubisoft, that it'll be out sometime this year and that it's not, sadly, Little Big Adventure 3.

Raynal has been toiling away on this secret project with the French publisher since 2006, so it's nice to finally see something come of it, even if it is just a reminder that he's still alive.

Précision [Ludoid, via NeoGAF]


    LITTLE BIG ADVENTURE! I havent thought about that game in YEARS! CLASSIC!

    Hehe funny, I was thinking about the Twinsen games just the other day.

    For anyone that still loves the LBA games there is a huge community still around making fan based content. The latest of which is a mmo based on the original release check it out at

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