Apple Adds Ability To Gift Apps, Games To iTunes

In the past 24 hours or so Apple added the ability to give iPod Touch and iPhone applications and games to other people via an email or a printed certificate.

The Give a Gift feature now pops up when you click on the arrow icon next to the App's price and select "Gift this App".

The option allows you to write a personal message of up to 500 characters. Unfortunately, gifts can only be redeemed in the store country from which they were originated, according to the site. You can also purchase the same app for multiple people at the same time just by entering multiple recipient email addresses. Of course you will be billed separately for each one.

What a great idea. I wonder why it was so long in coming?

Did this new ability arrive just in time for a friend or loved-one's birthday? Check out our sweet-sixteen list of games every iPhone or iPod Touch owner should buy.

[Via Alyssa Milano's Twitter... it was a retweet I swear]


    Have tried to gift an app to someone. Small print says you can only gift to recipients in same country as the app developer is registered. So unless my friends all move to Bulgaria or China I can't gift them an iphone app. :-(

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