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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

Of course, were I to legally change my name to Goose, it wouldn't fool you. I'd smell far worse. But in the usual spirit of WWGD (What Would Goose Do), fire away with those burning questions.


    Games are an obvious interest but what else fills in your entertainment time?

      Other than gaming my passions are music and football. Specifically, Drum n Bass and FC Barcelona. I wake up at unholy hours to watch the La Liga matches, and stay up till the same hours keeping it liquid.

      Considering adding another one, since I just moved to an area which is in between an MMA gym and the only Aussie Jeet Kune Do place. Whaddya reckon, UFC style, or Bruce Lee style?

    Hey Jung, when I met you while shooting the Office Wars segments, you didn't wear makeup. Your counterpart was covered in the stuff. I have been curious since as to why you didn't.

      OMG if I were a brave man, I'd comment about real gamers not wearing make-up, but that would be in bad taste.

      Maybe because he's not a girly-man.

      Makeup apply the stubble.

      Probably would have drawn attention away from his awesome neck beard.

      Heheh, well we did all our own stuff, and I found it silly that after base (which makes you darker) and powder (which makes you lighter) you pretty much look the damn same. Sometimes I'd chuck on a bit of powder if I was sweating. It neutralises it, and you can really notice when someone is sweating under lights. But other than that, meh.

      As for him, well, what can I say, the guy likes a bit of makeup :P

      Hope all's well with you Zac :)

    Nintendo 3DS... whaddya thoughts?

    Yesterday, I jokingly asked if the Goose was dead, itching to hear about the Cocoon comp... My comment didn't go to print, which has made me rather worried! Now I'm actually really concerned if David is ok. :(
    I hope you can put me out of my misery and let me know if he's sipping cocktails on a remote beach somewheres, and not terribly ill....????

    Thanks Jung

      Yeah sorry, to clear that up - he's quite healthy (AFAIK), but being an international man of mystery I know he wouldn't want me posting his private business. We're expecting him back within a few days though :)

        Ok, I'll admit how lame I am for being worried about the old Goose. Afterall he just types game stuffs I read... But, I guess he's kinda like part of my little netty-family, he's my first click in the morning, and my last click at night (just to be clear, I'm not gay).
        So, I'm very relieved to know he's all well and good big thanks for that Jung! :)

      Yeah, i too am getting pretty worried.
      It's just so out of the ordinary for the Goose to just disappear. It's gotten to the point where my girlfriend is making fun of me because i keep saying "Goose hasn't come back yet, i hope he's ok"... Smart arse so and so...

        Ha!!! I somehow thinks this might lead to a pillow fight and a 3way Loopy! Bwhahahaha ;)

          hey, at least i'm not the one "clicking the goose morning and night" there ol' Q-bomb ;)

    I asked this last week, but it didn't get answered, so I'll try again.

    With the release of Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie and now Perfect Dark on XBox Live Arcade, do you think that Rare are going to bring any of their other franchises to XBLA like Battletoads, Killer Instinct etc?

    Also do you think an XBLA port of Goldeneye is more likely now than a few years ago? and I heard a rumour that 4J studios is doing a port of Jet Force Gemini for XBLA, is there any truth to that?


      I'd like to see a good, modern platformer from them. There aren't enough on the srs consoles.

    Also what are your thoughts on the XBox live Game Room?

    Only one question from me. . .

    FFXIII Postcard comp results?

    more news on the 40k space marine rpg/brawler? I'm hanging like mad for this game!!

    so much that it's destroyed all grammatical skills as you can see...

    Wait, I thought Thursday was the real Wednesday (well documented in research regarding the dating systems of indigenous races)?
    What is this mad modern system we are abiding by now?
    This is madness!

    I read in PCPP that you were once a competitive counter strike player.

    Is there good money to be made in something like that?

      I gotta say no, unless you're competing at the highest tier worldwide. I brought a team, f.Bang, to the #1 position on both Aussie ladders (at the time, there was only GameArena and GameSpace. No Gotgames or Cybergamer). But at the top of Aus, you'd be lucky to get a few bucks here and there just to cover your flights and accommodation getting to an event. Other than that, you'd get plenty of computer gear, as that's what tech sponsors typically offer up.

      We did have a team named Sydney Underground that went overseas to compete in the Championship Gaming Series, and they were paid yearly salaries. Their Counter-Strike: Source guys did quite well globally, and the Aussie Project Gotham team were title contenders. Like all comps it had its good and bad points, but DirecTV canned it after two seasons, which is a shame.

    Is it true that in Fable III trees will in fact bleed sap in real time?

      It would be great if they implemented that along with the individual AI and event memory for each of the 7 million mosquitos in the game.

      wow.. that sounds like the biggest waste of resources and time EVER - like seriously, who cares. I'd prefer that the trees bleed blood when i hit them with my sword. then their other tree family cry as they see their tree sibling topple over in slow motion..


      ...i need help...

    Why the move away from systemlink games on the 360. I was pissed that Forza 3 had no lan capability. Oddly, it was barely mentioned in reviews, whereas I thought it was a dealbreaker. They left the linkup to use 3x360s and 3 screens in, but took out linkplay.
    Is it getting harder to do for some reason, was there a technical issue, or is it just that they want to make you pay for live?

    Hey Jung,

    Any chance you are going to be revisiting the Mana Bar in the coming weeks? I'd love a chance to shake your hand and say hello, I had a few questions for you in regards to the current situation of media in video games here in Australia, seeing as you seem to have found yourself quite a nice little spot in it.

    I could do it online, but it'd be superior over a beer.

    When will Mana Bar open in Sydney?

    oh and do you know if Sega has mailed the Napoleon Total War prizes to the Kotaku winners yet? :)

      Probably never, given Yug, Yahtzee and the other guys all live in Brisbane :P

      Not sure about the Napoleon prizes, but I know the Mana Bar guys are happy to expand if it remains consistently successful. I wouldn't be surprised if their first expansion is to a larger venue. But in regards to going to another city, Melbourne would likely be next. I'm a Sydney-sider, but even I've gotta admit Melb is just a better city for that sorta thing.

      @ Ry, I don't think I will, I'll probably be very busy but I'd like to go back up sometime in the not-too-distant future. Happy to answer any questions but no idea when my next Brissy trip will be.

        *Drools over the thought of having a mana bar or byteside in Melbourne*

    Will you still post once David is back, Jung? It's been cool to see you writing for Kotaku.

    Also - this might be a bit personal - but I was interested to know if you still see Bajo at all.

    Hey junglist.

    My question relates to micro-transactions and DLC.

    Is the this relatively new practice (don't count shareware upgrades) benefiting or penalising the gaming community?

    As a more casual gamer (mostly 360) I'm becoming more frustrated by the model, but want to hear what those in the industry think about it.

    BTW - I do this Valve approach it with respect to their customers.

    Hey Jung, we never got to see you review Mass Effect 2 and I was just wondering how you rated it?

    Hey can you please give me list of game developers in Perth?

    Junglist I love you and I am glad that I can get some of you even though you are no longer on GG.
    My question is, will we ever get to see you on screen doing what you do? I really liked your presence on the screen more than your writing (not that your writing is bad, just that on TV you were reeealy good), will you ever appear with bajo again?

    and is there a place to find out what the eff happened with you and GG. I mean, I'm not angry at anyone, just that I cannot get a clear answer as to what happened. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

    How come some members' names are purple/pink and others are black?

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