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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I’ll be doing this every Wednesday.

Now, fire away with those questions.


    Quarter 1 of this year already down(!)... are there any big surprises/letdowns so far that you weren't expecting since the start of the year?

    Also, on a scale of 1 to poop-your-pants, how excited should be be about Red Dead Redemption? :)

      I've been surprised by:

      * How much more of a shooter than an RPG Mass Effect 2 was, and by how much I still enjoyed it.
      * 2K Marin proving how valuable a BioShock sequel could be, and by how much I enjoyed returning to Rapture.
      * The design decisions Square Enix made with Final Fantasy XIII, but not by how little I enjoyed it.
      * How intriguing I found both the Fallout New Vegas and Deus Ex: Human Revolution teaser trailers.
      * The much earlier than anticipated release dates for Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M.

      I've been letdown by:

      * The Assassin's Creed II DLC not adding anything worthwhile to the story of Desmond.
      * The number of awards won by Uncharted 2.
      * My Xbox 360 red-ringing last month.
      * Buying Vampire on Good Old Games before realising it was Redemption rather than Bloodlines.

      Oh, and Red Dead Redemption is tingling the same gamer sense in me that got such a kick out of Far Cry 2. On a scale of 1 to poop-your-pants excitement, I would love to tell you the tale of my Gizmodo colleague Nick and his encounter with a pack of cougars... but there's an embargo and I can't.

        Cool - much appreciated, cheers :)

    press X to David.. david david david david david...
    sorry this isn't really about the games industry, but do you know if heavy rain prizes from the competition earlier this month have been sent out yet?
    Just wondering if I'll be able to play it over Easter...

      That's one of the things I need to get done this week. Sorry for the delay.

        thanks david,
        I was a bit worried it might have gotten lost in the mail

    What old game would you consider insta-buy if it came out on Xbox Gameroom?

      Gauntlet, Robotron and Defender are the ones that immediately spring to mind, although it really depends on what publishers jump on board and even what systems Microsoft are able to draw from. One thing is for sure: I'd hold off on any purchase while they improve the dodgy emulation that's afflicting most of the games on there right now.

    not sure if it's 100% ture but FYI

      If your question is whether that story is legit, then yes, Rockstar issued a press release yesterday listing all the Red Dead achievements.

      Those (multiplayer) "Free Roam" sessions sound interesting - almost like it's an entire free-roam where you can be the good guys vs bad guys perhaps? Could have potential... :)

    Hey David, Have you heard if Splinter Cell Conviction might come to PS3, or will it remain a XBOX exclusive? Thanks :)

      Ubisoft has stated several times that Conviction is very much a 360 exclusive and the Splinter Cell series is very heavily associated with Microsoft's console. I haven't heard anything to the contrary.

      However, if Conviction doesn't sell in huge numbers, perhaps Ubisoft might be able to port it at a later date in the same way the original BioShock eventually made its way to the PS3. But I would be surprised.

    So David, you obviously felt comfortable sharing with Kotaku readers about the intimate issue of your father's death. So in light of your recent loss, do you find you have a new or changed perspective on death in videogames at all?

    ive heard that people who own the original street fighter iv will get some sort of bonus if they purchase super street fighter iv.

    do you know what said bonus is?

      I'm also interested to find out...
      Also, another note on the side, didn't you say the top posters of comments on this site, based on quality of their comments, would receive some kind of prize each month?
      It's just more for curiosity's sake, there are some pretty prevalent and interesting posters on here like Mr Waffle and Chuloopa and quite a few others and I reckon they'd deserve it with their quality posts.

        Funny you should mention this, I'll be posting about it tomorrow...

        i'd use the term "annoyingly persistant/obsessive compulsive poster" more than prevalent or interesting.

        I have an unnatural addiction to this site.

        I also worked out that as on early march, i have officially been stalking this site for a year :D


      You've heard correctly, but Capcom has yet to announce the details. Won't be long though!

    Do you think the next generation of consoles will be all about virtual reality?. With motion control here to stay and Nintendo recently announcing 3D content, do you think virtual reality games are a long way off?

    That’s surely were this is all heading right?.

      If by "virtual reality" you mean motion-sensing body suits, head trackers and whatever else we experimented with in the '90s, then no.

      If you mean exploring high-fidelity 3D worlds, then we're pretty much already there, aren't we?

    Do you wear a suit to work?

      If I ever worked in an office that required me to wear a suit, I would quit on the spot.

    When will you guys be hiring Junglist in a more permanent capacity?

      You never know what the future might hold...

    How does one end up writing for Kotaku, or a site like Kotaku and being paid for it?

    I always imagined it as some kind of secret society with hoods and paddles and things... where you have to be a member of some ancient bloodline of gaming journalists and pass a voodoo ritual initiation process...

    Um... what's it really like though? I bet you get asked all the time, but I've been writing in forums and blogs for years and I have no idea how to change it from being a hobby to a career.

      It's a bit like how you describe. It's a small, tight-knit industry; there are few jobs and people rarely leave, they just move around.

      Moving from hobbyist to professional games writing isn't easy, it's a mix of having the necessary talent and gaining a huge slice of luck somewhere along the line. My advice is to build a portfolio of published amateur writing and keep pitching smart ideas to editors.

    Have heard anything about The Last Guardian for PS3 in a while. Any news? Release dates?

      I doubt we'll see anything more on The Last Guardian until E3. I'd expect it to release early next year.

    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego

    So did Silent Hill: Shattered Memories finally come out in Australia? Did they find a distributor?

      April 22nd

      Mindscape distributing

        Choc is correct.

    Hi Dave, any more news on an Austrlalian release date for the Sith edition of The Force Unleashed?

    And if TFU2 is due for release this year... are there any more details about it?

    And finally, what are you most looking forward to at E3 this year?

      The Sith Edition is out in two weeks. It's an EB exclusive though.

      Look for more TFU2 news at E3, no sooner.

      I'm looking forward to not being able to sleep on the flight to LA, queueing for 30 minutes at the Starbucks at the convention centre, going deaf from the loud music blaring from the EA and Activision stands, losing my voice from trying to talk to developers over said loud music, and waking up every morning with some variety of hangover. I can't wait!

    Any idea when the winners of the FFXIII competition will be announced?

      At 4pm this afternoon!

    Sorry Dave, another dumb question:

    Any further word on that Mechwarrior game that Smith and Tinker were working on with Piranah games... that got sneak teased last year?

    What is happening with AFL 2010 from Big Ant studios? Is it actually gonna come out or was it all just a big tease.

    Just tweeted this to you, but not sure if you answer tweets often, so:

    Do you know if the Crystal Bearers prize packs from awhile back have been sent yet? Just making sure it hasn't been lost in the mail.

    Hi David, sorry late post. Just wondering if the Splinter Cell XBOX 306 is coming to Australia? Thanks :)

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