Atkinson Gives Bad Company 2 The Horn

As seen in the credits for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

[Thanks Louie S!]


    lol french horn

    Best article ever.

    Bloke certainly has enough air for the job.

    And he certainly isn't averse to blowing his own trumpet...


    He blows. Hard.

    How unfortunate. I feel sorry for the poor French Horn player.

    makes sense why he was trying to get MW2 banned....

    Oh so Atkinson was behind the black weapon.

    For those who wondered why I actually bothered to watch the credits, I was trying to login. EA servers were down at the time >_>

      Everyone should watch the credits. Of every game they finish. And every movie they watch.

      Mostly because the music is often good. But also to show respect to everyone that helped craft the piece of entertainment you just enjoyed.

        Also, because developers like to keep stuff after the credits

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