AU Diary: Hospital Gets New Sony Xbox Before You

Picking on clueless mainstream media coverage of videogames isn't entirely fair. But it is often hilarious. As this story demonstrates.

The St George & Sutherland Shire Leader reports that "a young man from Bexley", a former patient at St George hospital, donated a games console to the ward where he was treated some eight years.

Which is nice.

What makes it funny is that not only did said boy find said games console while out "for a run", the reporter proceeds to refer to it as a "new Sony Xbox".

Also, the photo. Priceless.

And on that note, I'm off home!



    At least it won't RROD on them!!!!!!

    Nice gesture, but I no idea where they are going to get games for it. I guess game traders might have some second hand ones.

    what a tight arse
    they saved his life or something and he gives them an original xbox he found on the side of the road!

    Hey I guess its more convenient than making an appointment with the council to pick up ewaste - just dump it at your local hospital...

      I'm assuming he's run out of money, 8 years worth of treatment isn't cheap.

      I agree on one level, but there are a few things which contradict that level.

      Firstly, it's entirely possible he's from a poor family.

      Secondly, 8 years of hospital bills? That can cause the first point I made. Or it could be in conjunction with it, making the family even poorer.

      Even if neither is correct, it is a whole lot better than nothing.

    I thought they didn't accept that sort of thing? Used equipment etc? I recall it being brought up with the Child's Play charity, they specifically ask to give money since they need to buy the new stuff, or something.

    Her last name is Borg.

    How are those poor sick kids gonna get their hands around that controller?

    Great, can I donate them a NinSonSoft WiiBoxStation!?

    Lady "Do I point it at the screen and wave it round like this?"
    Boy "....sure. Remember to put the wrist strap on. You don't want it flying off and hitting anyone."

    He's probably thinhking "haha, b*tch, you're not playing anything without this controller... I guess the tables have finally turned now"

    Whilst this is funny to us, it's not at all funny a journalist and an editor can allow this type of error which is so easily fact checked to go to print, even in a pissweak newspaper such as the Leader.

    I don't want to see what'll happen when they try to hook Natal up to that thing.

    Or play Uncharted.

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