AU Diary: Now, Where's My PSP Gone?

I took delivery of two new PSP releases this afternoon. Trouble is, I have no idea where my PSP actually is.

I have two PlayStation Portables: a silver Slim and a PSPgo. I have played a mere handful of games on the Slim - Castlevania, Resistance, Monster Hunter and Space Invaders Extreme are four I can actually remember off the top of my head. I've used the PSPgo once - yes, once - when I first got it, just to check it out and make sure it all worked.

So I know the last time I turned on my PSPgo was around the end of September. And I know where it is, sitting on the little shelf near my desk at home. Unfortunately this does me no good since the two games I received today - Silent Hill: Shatter Memories (pictured) and Puzzle Chronicles - both came on UMD.

I think the last time I used my PSP Slim would have been around June, maybe? Sometime fairly soon after Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was released, I would guess. But where the hell is it?

I'll be turning the house upside down tonight in an effort to find it. I'd quite like to play both games, to be honest.

When was the last time you saw - or perhaps turned on - your PSP?


    Mines in a draw somewhere in the house. Probably be longer since I've used mine.

    Last week, i got stuck into some Dynasty warriors . Its a much better game that i thought it would be

    This morning on the train while I was playing Prinny: Can I really be the Hero? Before that, it was on my plane home Sunday night playing some Final Fantasy 8 (Loving the PS3 copy/play functionality might I add. Just a shame you can't copy save games back across). Also saw another one this afternoon when I put a new LCD into a mate's PSP Slim :)

    Guess it's telling when the two games getting most playtime of late are more than 12 months old, isn't it?

      Actually, you can copy PS1 save files both ways

    I charged and took mine with me while house hunting on Saturday, of course I never took it out of the glove box as the "Super Saturday" horse racing was on the radio and that coupled with sportsbet on the iPhone was enough to trump any PSP gaming I might have snuck in while killing time between House inspections.

    The time before that was about a fortnight ago as I tried to watch a video in bed via a - new to my household - PS3 but it didn't work out that well.

    I did finish Need for Speed Shift on it late last year on the train but currently drive to work at the moment.

    I've also finished Puzzle Quest on it so will look forward to your Puzzle Chronicles thoughts...

    Daivd - you know when (or if its has already) Shattered Memories actually comes out in Aus? I can't find it listed on EB/JB Hifi's websites and I'm sure it was there a couple months ago.

      From memory (no pun intended), it's either March 18 or 25. EB are definitely not stocking it. Not sure about JB.

        So far nothing listed in our system at JB. Not happy!

    Two days ago. Not only turned on, but played!

    it's actually in the glovebox of my car with monster hunter freedom unite in it - both of which i won here.
    It still gets the occasional use whne i'm stuck in my car and waiting for my gf or family lol

    I only use my psp for emulators and retro games! Unfortunately it has only a few good games a year. Besides Lunar and kingdom hearts I don't know any other good game that is coming for the psp this year

    around last year december with littlebigplanet on psp
    but with so many great games coming out on pc/ps3 and iphone i've neglected for a bit too long maybe the new metal gear solid psp game will bring my psp back into the spotlight

    Maybe its because you secretly dont care about it? :P I had a 1000 and upgraded it to a 3000 in hopes of getting more interest in the console but i never did. Sold it late last year. I dont regret it. PSP is the most worthless console to me this generation.

    If im going to get Shattered Memories its going to be for the Wii.

    Played Half-Minute Hero about a week ago. Side-note, how sexy are the silver slims!

    I lose my PSP (around the house) all the freakin time.
    Mostly due to the whole "PSP has no gaems" thing. Sure, Disgaea 2 comes out, and I play it for a week or two, and then I set it down somewhere because something new on PC or DS is out. The DS itself usually occupies most of my time with new releases, and I still have a bunch of PC games I need to catch up on when it's a slow period (finally got around to starting GTA 4 last week).
    By the time something noteworthy on the PSP comes out, I find it somewhere, but the battery has run out, and when I start it up, I have to go do all the system settings (name, time, etc) again.
    I don't even remember how long it's been. Haven't used it in the new year though.

    I actually use my PSP all the time...

    ...In the car as a MP3 player.

    More then 4+ months, ever since I bought the PS3 I have rarely touched my PSP. Its the Original PSP1000 ;)

    Good luck finding your PSP though, Tell me what you think of Silent Hill:Shatter Memories is like ^_^

    I don't use my PSP much, as i have a PS3, but it really comes in handy on holidays away

    5 Minutes ago, I take my PSP to work so that on fridays if I want to start downloading my games on my ps3 for when I get home I can do it via remote play.

    There isn't many decent games for PSP, other than the PSOne classics anyway.

    I turned my old PSP 1000 brick on just last night...for my 1 year old to watch a movie with and chew on in bed. Wouldn't have a clue where my 3000 is though. Please restore my enthusiam for this console Sony!

    The last time I turned on my PSP... Uhm.
    Last time I used it requently was October/November last year.. I think I might have turned it on in January for a brief hour or so. I know where it is though, sitting on my shelf with my other handhelds.

    Last week on the bus! Though this week I'm mostly playing Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth Investigations on my DS.

    My slim is in my draw, with the battery dead. Last time I used it was too play GTA Vice City Stories, which would be approaching at least a year.

    I use my PSP go frequently, i have a good ten games on it, and plenty of music, videos and pictures. Although i have misplaced my USB cable, the only way to charge it. :C

    Last time I used the psp was back in 2008, when I gave it to my bro who now still plays it during his commute.

    I stopped playing it cause it was always a pain in the arse to. After a while I'd have a sore neck/arms and the constant glare didn't help either.

    Haha yeah I reckon a lot of PSP owners are in the same boat.
    The only reason I have touched mine is because I decided to bring it overseasalong with my Laptop (ie gaming rig), DS and Game Boy Micro.

    I dunno what to even play on it. but there are a bunch of exciting games I play on DS (and link to the past on GBM)

    I got a PSPGo for xmas from my partner and I last used it to play GTA Chinatown Wars during my flight back from the states in Feb. Otherwise I am still waiting for Bloodbowl to be available for download on the PSN.

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